Monday, July 22, 2019

Summer Adventure

Lolly by Nocturne found here
 Claiming the Sea by Pink Paradox Productions found here

 Mask - Rachel Designs mask set 150 mask 4
Font- Acherone
Canvas 800 by 800
 Tube 50% reduction
Reduce element 89 by 65% and rotate it 15 to the left
 Click inside the photo and copy /paste paper of choice. I used paper 3
All elements were drop shadowed  with these settings except for the photo and tube
Tube and photo I used a filter. Perspective shadow found in  Eye Candy 5 Impact
my version is older  . But you can alter your selections to match the shadow I used.
Elements used in the tag and reductions percentages are below:
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sleeping Beauty

Napping Lady by Roman Zaric found here
 Carmine Kiss by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Font- Achiela Monoline

 Canvas 800 by 800
 Tube 35%
 Frame 10  50%
Paper- 26
Place frame on to canvas
Place paper as frame background
Place el 85 reduced by 60% and rotated 35 to the right behind the frame back ground
Place el 140 behind the rotated element
Place el 139 rotated 35 to the right twice behind the broken glass
Reduce the following elements:
20%- 70
35%- el 128( greyscaled)
40%- el 125,117, 69( rotated 35 to the left)
50% -11,53,122(flipped rotate 35 to the right), 124( rotate 35 to the left )
Duplicate some elements to fill the tag

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Paris Flower

Amina by Verymany
found here

FTU kit by Mizteeque called
Champagne in Paris Found here

 Mask by Rachel Designs Mask set 62 mask 4

Reduce the tube by 45%
Create a rectangle using your selection tool .
 Then add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 12 into selections
Reduce el 25 by 65% then free rotate it 15 to the left.
 Click inside the frame and expand your selections by 2.
 Add a new raster layer, then copy paste paper 2 into selections.
Add Texture Effects - weave- settings 2.6.1 white , white and fill gaps checked.
Place el 50 behind the rectangle layer
Reduce the following elements:
For placement see tag above or design you wish
15%-el 67
20%-el 10,17
25%- el 2, 15, 30
30%-el `12
35%- el 11
45%-el 23
50%-el 13,66
65%-el 18(mirrored)
Duplicate the greenery we placed before and reduce by 50%
Place at the bottom of the tag. Then duplicate it again and rotate it 15 to the left.
 Place to the left. Duplicate it twice and place both on the right top and bottom of the tag.
For the masked layer add paper 2 again then apply Adjust- Blur- Motion blur settings at  88,100
Then add your close up tube to the right and change the blend to overlay
 Apply your mask to the close up tube and the paper layer
 Add your name in script, Your CR,Tube URL and license number if you use a PTU tube.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Steampunk At Sea

Elvina by Verymany found here
FTU kit by Mizteeque called Steam Shore found here

Gradient used for the name is by Elven sword chic 14

 Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 45%
Reduce el 39 by 65% and rotate it 110 degrees to the left
 Place paper 20 as the frame's background
Reduce el 17 by 50% and place to the top right and bottom left. Merge them together then duplicate and change the blend to the top element to multiply then merge and drop shadow.
 Place el 16 to the left and el 45 reduced by 95% on the right under the gears layer.Reduce the foliage 76  by 25% and 77 by 45%
Reduce the following elements:
 45%- 48,59
Place el 53 to the right 
Add el 81 reduce by 50% and place behind the tube above the frame layer
 Then duplicate it and move to the top left and again to the bottom right, merge and move as the last layer . This will act as your mask layer.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number( if using a PTU tube)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hello Spring

 Hello Spring by Nocturne found here
 Sugar Bunny by Pink Paradox productions found here

 Mask by Mizteeque mask 123
 and splatter mask of choice( only use this mask at the end)
Font used Northern Europe

 Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube reduced by  35%
 Used the pink layer for this tag
Reduce paper 22 by65% and apply your mask. Merge group, duplicate and merge both masks
Apply the mask to your tube layer as well. Duplicate the tube three times to darken to original opacity.
Place el 112 twice. One element  rotate 90 to the left. Match the bottom edge of the trunk to the top edge of the tube swing.  Erase any part of the tree the fall past the top edge of the swing and the left edge of the tube.
 the original tree move to the right and align the trunk to the right rope of the swing on the tube then apply your mask.
Under the mask layer apply el 49 at 70% to the left of the canvas
 Place el 117 reduced by 50% above the masked tree level
To build or floral reduce the following elements
el 75 , 87, 93 -20%
el 76- 35%
el 86, 95 by 25%
el 108 - 30% then rotate 25 to the left
el 109 103-40%
el 62 by 50%
el 110 - 30%
Add paper 18 and apply your platter mask as a last layer/
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number