Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Requested Tutorial for Tag called- Relaxing day off


 Last tutorial before the name change and new blog home. ๐Ÿ’“

 All size reductions are a guess since this was not a planned tutorial.

Tube Ruby by VeryMany found here 

Kit match by Doodle for Design called Relaxing Day Off found here 

 mask 40 by Mizteeque found here  last one at the bottom oft he post. Click to enlarge right click to save.

Font White Dream  found here 

 Filters used - Sharpen from my PSP and Gradient glow from  Eye Candy 4000( yeah it is an old filter)

I use PSP X2 ( yeah it is old) Open a new workspace white back ground sized 700 pixels by 700

 Add tube 45% reduction in size .

Frame 8 reduced by 45%. , magic wand tool feather 0 tolerance 0 click the outside of the frame MODIIFY- SELECTIONS- CONTRACT 20  click delete  Then got to ADJUST AND SHARPEN  paper layer

Building around the frame:

Left side of frame- el 68 resize about 20

el 91 flipped reduced by 25

 el 61 flipped reduced by 20 duplicate and move down and to the right closer to the tube

 Frame 9 reduce by 25 sharpen and place over the second cluster near the tube

El 95 flip and reduce by 20 

Right side of frame- mirror frame 9 reduce by 50 and move to the top

Duplicate el95 mirror and move up a bit

Add el 57 reduce by 18 place above frame 8 close to the edge of the paper duplicate and move it down place el 61 again reduce by 18

 El 25 reduce by 20 free rotate 25-50 degrees to the right then sharpen

On top of all those elements add el 67 mirrored and reduced by 18

Cluster at the base of tag:

Elements used:

 duplicate  el 91 rotated 90 degrees then duplicate again and mirror

el 37 reduced by30

el  3,35,59  and 62 reduced 20

el34, 61 reduced by 15

el 60 reduced by 12

el 44 reduced by 25% then freehand select the  handle and promote layer. close the promoted layer for the moment

el 88 rotate 90 to the left and reduce by 18, duplicate and  flip then dupe again move to the right

el 81 and 87 reduced by 10 and placed on top of the bouquet

Open the promoted layer

 el 50 reduce by 35

Add the name color picking a blue from the elements add a white outline or gradient glow and drop shadow

Masked area:

 Add the tube again but place it as the last layer and apply your mask. Do not covert it yet. highlight the mask layer in you layers palette and using your PICK TOOL SET TO SCALE  adjust the size of the mask. move to the upper left then highlight your tube duplicate it and mirror it. Close the mirrored tube for now. move your tube to the desired area to show in the mask then  merge group. Repeat with the mirrored tube and move the set down to the right.

Add your © ,www and license number

Thanks for your continued support and love

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Dear Tutorial fans

 It has come to my attention  that blogger has changed  their  guidelines  without  informing  me. I had this blog since  2011 or probably  earlier.  They have unpublished  many of my older work. Tags made in 2014 in Which they are holding me accountable  for works  of art as obsense and or offensive.  I have unpublished  all tutorials  to review them and move to another  platform. Stay tuned for a new link for the tutorials.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  And I am saddened  by the accusations  due to the new polices of this  that were  changed unbeknownst  to me.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Yuletide Greetings

Tube by Verymany- Christmas Mood 2 available here (choose option #1 - must buy in a 5 pack)

 Canvas Size: 800 by 800

Drop Shadow used for this tag 2,2,53 ,6 black

All free items used in this tutorial were downloaded from Mizteeque blogs

FTU kit called Christmas found here ( 8 rows down and 3 to the right)

FTU wordart 18 found here ( 12 rows down the 2nd one on the right)

FTU mask 376 found here

Font of choice( I used  Refresh Screen Display Grunge)


Gaussian Blur


Flood fill your canvas in the color grey

Using your Rectangle tool draw out a rectangle in white.

 Select all once converted to raster got to SELECTIONS: Modify, contract by 20, add a new layer then flood fill with a color from your tube. I sued- R247 G16 B13

Add your tube or closeup. Apply Gaussian blur at level 1 Blend mode set to Luminance and opacity to 36.

 I rotated the tube 25 to the left the erased the overhang past the edges of the new rectangle.


 Inside border, border width 2 with anti alias checked.

Promote layer then apply noise(ADJUST,ADD/REMOVE NOISE, ADD NOISE -UNIFORM 100)

Under this layer make a slim rectangle on the left and copy/paste paper of choice. I used paper2

Repeat on the right side but bigger and use another paper. I used paper 1 ( even though the tube pretty much covered the paper)

Add your tube to the rectangle on the right SELECTIONS, SELECT ALL,INVERT then used your erase tool to remove the sharp edge on the left or which ever side you want to have your tube look like she is coming from behind.

Duplicate the rectangle on the right and apply EFFECTS 3D EFFECTS CUTOUT:

Move this layer above your tube layer then erase the top edge covering the tube face.
Embellish tag as you like with a large flower or element on the top left and a cluster on the bottom left
 I used these elements:
El 3 reduced by 65% and rotated 90 to the left
El 32 reduced by 65%
El 17 by 15%
El 30 by 25%
El 10 by 30%
Add El 21 under the tree layer then add it again to the right behind the first rectangle we made
Add paper 1 and apply your mask, Merge group duplicate and move it around to fill the canvas better.
 Add your name in a blocky grunge font.
Add the CR and license number

Tag variation with the free tube from Verymany and free kit from Mizteeque called  Candy Cane Kisses

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Winter Dreams

Tube-Abbie by Amber found here

Matching kit by Tiny Turtle Designs called Abbie's Winter found here

FTU mask 101 by Mizteeque found here

 Font used TK Doodle

Drop Shadow used 2,2,30,6  Color RGB at 64

Filters used - Gradient glow- Alien Skin- Eye Candy

Canvas- 800 by 800 in black

Add your main tube and reduce her by 45% 

Duplicate the tube apply Gaussian Blur at level 3 then change the blend to screen

Reduce element 22 by 35%

Add your tube again and position over the element. Select all, float , defloat, invert selections then hit delete on the tube.

Go back to the element layer then select all , contract selections by 15 invert selections and then hit delete on the tube layer.

 Change the blend on the tube to  overlay and opacity to 91

Add el 111as the last layer under the elements placed before

Start to build your tag by using these elements:

cluster in front of her leg reduced by 15%-7,30, 45,63,123 and 12 % el 91

El 47 and 39 reduced at 10% on the name

Cluster on the left of the tube-


25%- 3,18,49,114

Cluster on the right-

15%- 40, 51

25% -3,18,31,55,73




mirror, flip and rotate elements to create these clusters as seen above

 Add your name  in this color

The add your gradient glow with these settings: Keep in mind I am using Eye Candy 4 and you can create a "glow" with adding a new raster layer about 2 pixel more than the font and flood fill in white.
Settings used is " Fat"
Add your CR in a pixel font.
Save as a PNG
 Thanks for looking๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Merriest Christmas

 PTU tube called Little Tree by Nocturne found here 
FTU kit by Mizteeque called Goldeen found here 
FTU mask by Rachel Designs Pack  167 mask 4 found here
Free font Vallerya found here
 I am using Corel PSP X2:
Photo effects and Edge Effects

Canvas size  800 by 800
 Tube sized by 45% and apply Photo effects- film and filters- vivid
How I built this tag. I created the cluster to the behind the tube then the cluster on top of the tube layer using some of the elements from the previous cluster. 
 Let's start
Reduce el 55 by 40% ,
Select all, defloat and contract by 20 , promote the layer
 This should promoted the white portion of the sign then on the original layer use the color dropper tool and choose the color of her shirt then using the color changer tool color the wood to match her shirt.
El 36 - flip , mirror rotate 45 degrees to the left and reduce by 40%
Mirror el 40 and reduce by 25%
Reduce el 32 by 25% and rotate 45 degrees to the left- Enhance edges
 El 21 mirror, reduce by 35% duplicate and change the blend to the top element to multiply then merge down
 el 23 reduce by 40 and darken like el 21. Duplicate it once merged then mirror
el 66 reduce by 60% and rotate 20 to the right
 Reduce el  39 by 25%
el 27 and 58 by 50%
 Enhance edges on the bells
Place el 48 to the left
El54 reduce 45%
el 9 reduce by 45% and rotate 20 to the right. Duplicate mirror and flip
Duplicate el 21 from above and mirror and place at the bottom
 El 37 reduce by 40 and rotate 20 to the eft, duplicate mirror and flip
Reduce el 11 and 13 by 20% and enhance edges on both
el 24 reduce by 20%
Copy el 36 flip and reduce by 60%
 Duplicate the original el 23 and move to the bottom
 Reduce el 31 and 41 by 25%
Reduce el 17 by 35% and rotate 20 to the right
 Flip el 20 and reduce by 40%
el 39 duplicate twice and place over the present
 duplicate el 48 and move to the bottom right
Place mask 1 and reduce by 60% move to the bottom left , duplicate and flip. move to the right
 Add paper 8 and apply Rachel's mask and merge group. 
 Add the large tube Change the bend to overlay. Erase the excess tube
 Add your name and CR info