Monday, June 7, 2010


Supplies tube of choice. I am using Camillia Drakenborg 
at the time of the tut she sold at AMI.

The FTU scrapkit by polkadot scraps called "Down the rabbit hole" It can be found here
Filters: Mura Miester Copies Filters Unlimited -Video Interlace
Font of choice ( mine is a PTU font)
 Start off with a 600 by 600 wide white filled workspace.
 open your tube and place to the right lower corner of your space. now set your foreground to white and your background to #282828 or a dark color that compliments your tube. Grab your rectangle tool with a width of 6 and draw out a rectangle height just under the chin of your tube. convert to raster and add a drop shadow. I added h2,v2,51,5 black then again h-2 v-2 now take your magic wand and click the dark part of your rectangle. Now highlight your tube and add the ladder drop shadow h-2 , v-2 . Duplicate your tube. on the original invert and delete. grab your boxed selection tool and draw a rectangle behind your tube just alittle the the rt so that a part of your tube is outside the lt part of the rectangle. add a new raster layer and flood fill this in white. highlight your tube. duplicate it and add the Mura Meister copies filter- wallpaper rotate default setting. go back to your white rectangle-select-float-defloat and delete the over hang on your copied tube. duplicate your copied tube layer add a gaussian blur of 6 and set this layer to soft light. highlight the large rectangle layer use your magic want to select the white border and delete any overhang you have on your blurred and copied layers. Go back to your white rectangle you used as a guide for your tube previously mirror and use your pick tool to make this rectangle thinner. use my tag as reference. use your Video flier interlace with odd scanlines checked and and contrast set to 164. add a drop of H 2 V 2 51 5 black to this layer. Now the fun! Open element 13 the brackets and resize them 50% sharpen and place at the edge of the large rectangle. duplicate and mirror. erase the other bracket that you don't need. add a drop shadow to these. open element 35 resize it 120% duplicate it. take the original and place it to the left side of the tag and arrange the layer below the large rectangle. the duplicated one move to the center of the rectangle and change the blend mode to screen. Open element 39 and place it below the large rectangle. mirror it and the brightness and contrast to 255 and 0. Add noise at 100% duplicate and add the noise again and change the blend mode to soft light. add a soft DS to both no more then 10 opacity Add any element you like to jazz your tag. I added: element 20 resized 40% element 26 resized 90% ds twice element 27 resized 40%
 Add your name and copyright and you are all done

This TUT was written By Vanessa on June 7 2010 Using PSPX2. Any similarity is purely coincidental. Do Not translate,Reproduce, HOTLINK or claim as your own.

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