Tuesday, January 4, 2011


SUPPLIES: Tube of choice. The tube i am using is Jose Cano found at MPT Template by CrazyCakes called sexpiange Filters and Plugins: filters unlimited -Edges,Round filter factory J Blast em blur fliter factory E transparent bullseye Kang3 scanners Kang2 shinyboxes Xero Frillary Xero mistifier Sunflower-gunsite Penta colordot font used Defused Open your template Shift"D" to copy the template and delete the original. Resize the template to 600 wide smart size and lock ratio checked. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with a color that compliments your tube. I chose the color from her lips#d5392c. Go to effects Filter unlimited Edged, round setting to round edge 01. Got to Filter Factory J and add Blast em Blur at 66 diffuse level. Activate layer8 on the temp. Add Kang 2 scanners with these settings Activate layer 7 using your color changer tool flood fill the star with the color you used for the blasted circle. Repeat with layer 6. activate layer 5 then add filter factory E- transparent bullseye setting at 4 rings. Activate layer 4-float-defloat add a new raster layer and flood fill with a gradient 45 degrees and 1 repeat, white on the foreground and #d5392c in the background. Add Xero Fritillary at these settings. Activate layer 3 go to effects and add Kang2 shinyboxes at these settings Open your close up tube,mirror and place over layer #3. Float-delfoat and invert layer3 delete the excess tube. Go to effects add texture-blinds at 2 ,100 black. Duplicate the tube and change the blend mode of the top tube to Hard Light. activate layer 2 and add your tube over the entire layer and mirror it.Float-defloat and delete the excess tube.Duplicate the tube then close thwe tube on the top. on the bottom tube add Sandflower gunsite at default settings and Xero mistifier at default settings. Now open the top tube layer add penta color dot at these settings and change the blend mode to soft light. Activate raster layer4 -float-delfoat -add a new raster layer and floodfill with the same gradient you used before. Add noise leve at 100 for this layer. Add the same noise level for the wordart layer. Add your main tube and duplicate it. the to layer change the blend mode to soft light. Add a drop shadow of 4,4,40,4 to the entire tag. Add your name, artist credit and license number.
This Tutorial was written on January5th 2011 by Vanessa.
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