Friday, March 18, 2011

Elegant forum set

What you need for this tut:
A tube with a closeup. I am using Jennifer Janesko from CDO. i both this tube when she was still at CILM.
two different Gradients. I used Elvenswords awesome gradients found here.
And Essexgirls Golden gradient found here.
Two fonts. I used Poetic DB for the wordart and Luxury for the name.
Filters and plugins:
Xero Fritillary
Xenofex2 constellations
Eyecandy 4 chrome
Eye candy 4 gradient glow.
Start off with a 600 width by 250 high workspace.
Copy and place all of your gradients in your gradient folder of your PSP
Open your close up tube. If you are using the same tube then resize it by 120% and place it at the left hand side of the tag. Duplicate it and mirror.
Floodfill your background with EC chic21 gradient angle at 45 and 1 repeat.
Change the blend mode for the tubes to soft light.
Grab your rectangle preset tool and draw a thin rectangle using the EC14 gradient as the fill and the foreground null. Ratserize it and duplicate it. change the top rectangle blend mode to overlay and the bottom add Eye candy chrome at default, Duplicate both overlay and chromed rectangle. On your layers palette click your lock layers toggle for both duplicated rectangles and move your pair down a bit. make sure you have enough room to type some wording.
Add a drop shadow of 3,3,100,5, black to both chromed rectangles.
Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with a colored texture. i used the color picked from her hair#e0bd76 and blue spruce texture found in my PSP at 45 angle and 100 scale.
move this layer to match the bottom edge of the bottom chromed rectangles.
Crop your tag and merge visible.
Grab your rectangle tool and draw a rectangle the width and length of the chromed rectangles in the same color you floodfilled previously. Add Xero Fritillary at these settings:
Then add Xenofex2 constellations at these settings:
change the blend mode to screen and the opacity to 48.
Draw a wide rectangle using the SG_Golden gradient on the top and bottom of the tag with 45 deg angle and 0 repeats. Add a drop shadow to both.
Add your main tube in the middle ,duplicate it and change the blend mode to soft light. Add xero supersmooth at default to the bottom tube and merge. add a drop shadow and duplicate change blend mode to screen and change the opacity to 58. play with these settings to get the tube to look soft and misty.
type out any wording you like in the EC14 gradient with a brown border and drop shadow.
Now activate your background layer, select all,float,modify,select borders size 6. add a new raster layer and floodfill in the golden gradient. Add noise at100 then add a gradient glow with the same color we used to floodfill our texture.
repeat the same method but change the width to 3 using the EC14 gradient. Duplicate it and add the chrome effect to it. change the top border to overlay merge down and sharpen twice.
Add you name,license number and artist URL.
For the avatar just close off the two borders,wordart and license layers. merge visable and paste onto a workspace 150 pixels high and wide. resize by 70% and move to desired portion. add the same method for the borders and add your name and artist copyright.
Thanks for trying this tut.

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