Saturday, March 19, 2011


two masks one by Sabine makeamaskprt2 MF found here
Boundless bliss grunge mask. Google it since Teresa's site is down.
A tube with a closeup
font wil and grace
open a 600 by 600 paste your tube and add mura mister copies wallpaper rotate. make sure the space is covered. then add radial blur to these settings
Apply the grunge mask and merge group. Paste the closeup to the rt of the mask and add the grunge mask again to the tube. Open a new raster layer and flood fill with a complimenting color from the tube. i chose the color blue from her jeans. Apply Sabine's mask Add a slight drop shadow to it if you chose a light color.. Paste your main tube in the center ,duplicate,change blend mode to hard light merge and add a drop shadow. Type your name,URL and license number. Below is another version of the tag. i added effects to the name to match the clothing of the tube. Thanks for trying my tut

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