Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sepia Love

Scrapkit used for this tut is by Cajoline called " Sepia" . It can be purchased here.
Tube used for this tut is by Lorenzo Di Mauro.
Font used is PTU.
mask used is zuzzanna#60
This is a full sized kit so there is alot of resizing but it is worth it in the end.
Start off with are usual 600 by 600 workspace.
Resize element41 by 20%. Using your magic wand click iside the frame and expand by 6. Add a new raster layer and paste paper5 into selection. Move this layer below the frame.
Add paper11 to the bottom layer and apply the mask .
Resize element 6 by 600 pixels and duplicate. Mirror,flip them merge.
Open element 14 and resize it 500 pixels high and place it behind the frame.
Open element 12 resize at 550 wide and r0tate 90 degrees to the lt. place this behind the leaves.
Open element42 resize at 400 high and place this behind the leaves above the flowered branch.
Add a light drop to all and merge all foliage. Duplicate and mirror. Duplicate again and flip.
Open element47 and use your magic wand to click the lettering. Br sure not to click the extruded shadow. Copy and paste paper11 into selection. resize the wordart by400 pixels wide and rotate it 90 degrees to the rt. place it over the flipped foligae and add a drop shadow.
Resize element 46 by 400 pixels high and place it to the rt of the frame erasing the string up to the gold nail. Add a drop shadow to this layer.
Resize element7 by 500 pixels wide and mirror. place at the top of the frame. Duplicate this resize at 705 and flip. Arrange at the bottom lt hand side of the frame.
Resize element 42 400 high and place at the top rt hand corner of the frame.
element 55 the white long ribbon was resized at 20% then 50% and place at the lt top of the frame.
i then added my main tube. i used the closeup of this tube. i duped it,gaussian blur 5 to the top,changed the blend mode to soft light and drop shadowed the original.
Open element 13 and resized by 550 wide. i free rotated it 20 degrees to the let,duplicated it,flipped it .mirrored and resized by 80%..
then i added elements and flowers to build the rest of the tag.
Resizing went as follows:
element37-400 then 70%
element 25-400 high then 50% twice-duplicated it
element 22-600 wide and rotated 90to the rt
element 82 500 high,rotate 90 degrees,added soft noise to it
element 54-20% then 50% erased the stem
Add your name,artist URL and license number.
Thanks for trying my tut

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