Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Garden fairy

Scrapkit by A taggers scrap called spring garden which can be purchased here
FTU picture from morgufile com
tube of choice. i used Elias Chatzoudis 
masks od choice i used two. one by laurie mademe scraps. (Apparently the site is on read only)IRmask107
and the other by WSL 363
Open a workspace at 600 by 600 pixels wide and high
Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with #866c26 ( the green color from the scrap)
Add mask WSL363 and merge group.
paste paper#15 and add mask IR107 and merge group. resize at 105% and add a drop shadow.
Add the arch element on top of the two masks.
paste leaves2 onto workspace and resize 50% twice. Free rotate it 50 degrees and add Mura Miester copes with these settings.
Using your pick tool adjust the width just a tad inward. using your magic wand click inside the new leaf frame you made and expand by4. paste the garden image from and arrange to your liking. Invert and delete excess image. Duplicate the image and add gaussian blur at 5 and change the blend mode to screen.
Add the path element and erase the top part of the path. the pathways should start at the arch.Make sure the frame,framebackground and pathway are under the arch layer.
Add the hanging leaves element2 behind the arch and resize at 50%. Duplicate and mirror.
Add the grass element to the front of the arch and resize it by 50%. place it at the edge of the archway. duplicate and mirror. Duplicate both sides and resize again by 50% shifting the grass laterally and erasing any stone past the original stone.
Add any elements from this whimsical kit. Here is what i resized
bucket 50%
flower scatter 25% duplicated and mirrored
sign 60%
hanging basket 50% duplicated and mirrored
Spade 50%
Add your main tube,place your name,license number and artist URL.
Thanks for trying my tut

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