Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peaceful Pink

Scrapkit by Candylicious Designz called " Peaceful". You can purchase it here
Tube of choice I am using Zindy which can be purchased at Zindy-Zone.DK
Mask I am using Zuzzana43 and a 20/20 masks i had for ages.
Font of choice.
Adjust -variations
600 by 600 workspace floodfilled in white.
Resize the frame2 by 20%. Add paper3 behind the frame. Using your rectangular selection tool draw out the length and width of the frame,invert then delete the excess paper.
Add paper8 and apply the mask. using your pick tool move the mask closer to the frame so that it will not be crooked .
Add paper 3 again and apply the 20/20 mask twice then merge group. move this to the last layer.
Add your tube under the frame above the background. if you are using the same one i resized it by 120%. Add Effects-Adjust-variations- More red then click ok.
Activate the frame and float,invert and delete the excess tube.
Time to build the tag with elements.
Element 54 was resized 50% twice then placed on top of the frame on the left hand side.
Then resize element 61 and 62.
i added element 57 and 58 behind the roses.
add element 54 above the first leaves we added to the tag.
resize element 8 and mirror. Add element 52 resized on top of the ribbon
Mirror element 54 and resize at 20%then 80%.
Add your name,artist url,and license number. Thanks for trying my tut

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