Sunday, July 31, 2011

Island Beauty

Tube used for this tut is called" Tallulah" By Anjara 

Scrap kits used are FTU addons by Lisetescraps called "paraiso" and " mysterious Sea" Found here and here

Mask used is mine Vanessa mask 2 found on this blog

Xero- Clarify was used

Mura Meister-copies

drop shadow used 2,6,64,5 black

Open a 600 by 600 workspace

Open mysterious sea element 8 and resize by25%. move this to the left of your canvas then duplicate and mirror. Move this in towards the other part a bit . Merge then flip and mirror. Move down to make a frame and merge. move this in the middle of your canvas.

Resize element 6 from the same kit by 25% twice then free rotate 90 to the left. place at the left side of the frame duplicate and mirror. Erase any part of the twig over lapping the corner ribbons.

Rsize element 1 which is the only paper i this kit by 600 pixels wide and move to the bottom layer. Apply mask,merge group then duplicate and flip. move down slightly then merge and lower opacity to 53.

Resize element 12 by 600 pixels wide then again at 80%.

repeat with element2 then free rotate 90 to the right. Change the hue and saturation - colorize to 20, 136.

Resize element 3 by 10% and free rotate 10 to the left.

Reszie element7 by 10% and colorize with these settings :0,84 then duplicate. Change the blend mode to multiply, merge ,duplicate and merge again.

Resize element 11 by 25% and change the color with these settings:57,84. Duplicate and close the duplicate for now. Using your pick tool rotate the leaf to the desired angle and place under the flower. Unhide the dupe ,resize by 80% and apply Mura Meister copies encircle at default. Place to the top right of the frame . Duplicate and resize at 805 again and place at the bottom left of the frame.

Resize element 5 and place behind the flowers.

Grabbing stuff from the paraiso kit open and resize elemnt 6 by 25%. Change the color with these setting:20,136. Duplicate mirror and move to the opposite corner. erase any butterflies that are cut off by the edges of the tag.

Resize the paper form paraiso by 600 pixels wide and place under the frame. Click the inside of the frame with your magic wand and expand by 4 in vert and delete the excess paper. Place your closeiup tube ,duplicate apply Xero Clarify at default change blend mode to soft light and delete excess tube.

Now to darken the paper I duplicated it, changed the blend mode to multiply. Merged then repeated it again.

I resize element 8 and 9 by 25%. Colorized the ribbon a bit. added some wording, my name, artist URL and License number.

Thanks for checking this tut out