Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fire Lake

Artist used in this tut is Micheal Calandra 
Mask used is by Vix PSP mask 396 and the Texture by Vix found in texture set 2 texture7 found here for download

Font used taggets

Filters/Plugins: Eye Candy 4 chrome,jiggle ,smoke and gradient glow ,Eye Candy 5 Texture and Mura meister copies

If you are using the4 same image this tut should run fast and smooth :P

Open a new workspace flood filled in white 600 by 600. We will crop if needed.

Paste the firelake"merged" image onto your canvas. Color pick the brown from the image. i used #6c3431 and draw out a rectangle using your preset tool thickness set to 15. the color should be on the foreground and the background null( null meaning nothing)The rectangle should be no bigger than the image on right,left and bottom sides. The top side of the rectangle end right at her nose. Convert to raster then apply Eye Candy5 Texture -Reptile Skin with these settings:

Duplicate this layer and add a thick gradient glow in a lighter brown. using your magic wand click the inside glow , promote layer and add noise at level 100. Click the outer glow and delete.

Using your magic wand click inside the rectangle and duplicate the image. Apply Mura Meister Copies-Blur(Random Rotate) at these settings:

Then invert and delete. move this layer below your tube layer. Duplicate this layer three times. Apply Eye Candy 4 Jiggle at these settings below:

Change the seed for each of the three layers. then close the top two layers. Open your closeup tube and mirror. place to the left of the tag and change to soft light opacity 55 . Invert and delete excess tube.

Using your preset tool again set to a thickness of 10. draw a large rectangle in a lighter shade of brown the height of your rectangle and the width of the canvas. Duplicate it once you have converted to raster and apply Eye Candy Chrome liquid metal. change the top layer to color(l). Repeat again but make it the same size as the snake skinned rectangle.

Open your closeup tube and resize by 80%. Free rotate it 90 to the left and place the eyes in the large rectangle left hand corner. using your magic wand click inside the large rectangle invert and delete. Duplicate it and mirror the tube. Invert and add a new raster layer. Apply Vix texture into selection. Duplicate the texture and change the blend to multiply. invert and delete excess texture.Duplicate the mirrored tubes and apply Gaussian blur at 5 and blend mode to screen.

Ad the texture once more at the bottom layer of the tag. Duplicate,blend mode to multiply ,merge and apply mask. Duplicate the mask and apply Gaussian Blur at 5 and move to the bottom.

Apply a nice drop shadow to your main image and select the blocked portion of the tube with your rectangular selection tool. promote layer and move to the top layer of the tag.

Add your name,license number ands artist URL.

If you choose to animate. select the bottom portion gradient glow layer ,promote layer,duplicate it three times and apply Eye candy smoke with these settings:

Hit random seed for each layer.

Now off to animate in AS. Close off the top two duplicates of the smoked gradient glow and mura copies layers. Merge visible and copy to animation shop. repeat with the other two layers then apply insert image transition to the first,sixth and last frame. Remember to copy and paste the first frame behind frame 3 before adding the transition to the tag. once done delete the last layer and view your speed before saving your tag. Settings: I used are pictured below

Thanks for looking

Friday, August 19, 2011


Tube used for this colorful tut is by Robert Alvarado named Peeps. 
Fonts used: fff urban,impact and snooty sf
Filters/plugins used for this tut- Eye candy 4 gradient glow , Xero grayscaler,Lens Effects-fish eye tiler
Texture used in this tut by Aqua texture pack 4 . texture 036 get it here

Start off with a workspace 600 by 300 and add your texture to the canvas. Duplicate it and apply Xero grayscaler at default.
Add a new raster layer and add a linear gradient in the colors of your tube. I am using #00a4e1 for the foreground and #43319a for the background. have the repeat set to 1 and change the blend mode to hue. Duplicate this layer 5 times and apply lens effects ( filters unlimited)-fisheye tiler. Start off with one layer at default which i set to 193 then with each duplicate increase by ten. Hide the top four layers and change the blend mode to all the duplicates to overlay.
Add your close up to the left side of the tag and your main tube in the center under the close up layer. Duplicate your main tube, change the bottom to hard light and the top opacity 49.
Type the word " PEEPS" in the color from the candies in the impact font all caps and change the blend to overlay.Free Rotate it 90 to the left. Using your rectangular selection tool select a small area in the middle of the wording. Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white. Change the blend and opacity to hard light and 56. Type the word peeps in the pixel font in all the colors of the tube. Covert to raster then free rotate it 90 to the left.
Activate the last layer the background and select all, modify, selection borders size 4 and add a new raster layer. Flood fill it with a linear gradient with the colors form her hair. i used #f67b3f and #fb5e01 repeats set to 10 and angle to 45. Add Edge effects- enhance and a fat gradient glow. i added the texture to it as well then multiply on the blend mode.
type your name,artist URL and license number
Animate by pasting each layer to the animation program. i used the speed of 10 for this tag
Thanks for checking out this tut

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The image used in this tut is by Jon Rattenbury called"Emerald Bay Tahoe"
FTU kit is by Dreamfulfilled found here;
the mask used was WSL 255 found here
;FTUwordart used" thinking part5" by Mediterranka found here
 Open a new workspace 600 by 600 flood filled in white. Resize element 1 by 600 pixels wide then by 80%. Arrange the Rattenbury image behind the frame. Click inside the frame and expand by 4. Invert and delete the excess image. Resize element 7 by 20% then duplicate and change the blend mode to multiply. Place to the right of the frame. Duplicate , Free rotate 90 to the left , flip and place to the bottom left under the frame. Resize element 2 by 50% and place to the bottom right under the leaves. Resize elements 3,5 and 8 by 20% and place on tag. Reszie element 6 by 50% and place under the foliage to the left. Resize element 4 by 10% and place on top of the frame. Resize the lantern by 4% and duplicate twice. place under the ribbon bows. Resize wordart by 18% and change the brightness/contrast to make the word art grey with these settings:brightness 41 contrast-51. Then using your color changer tool color pick the light brown on the frame and floodfill the word art. Add a fat gradient glow in the brown from the frame and place on the top portion of the tag.
Resize paper5 by 20% and place at the bottom layer of the tag. apply the mask duplicate it then flip. Add your name, license number and artist URL Thanks for looking

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tasty Sucker

Tube used for this tutorial is called"Liquid Sucker" By Robert Alvarado for purchase.
filters/plugins:Mura Meister copies,DSB Flux bubbles,Xero Fritillary,Greg;s factory output vol 2 radial hilite,Len K Zitah,Juex de Lignes-entrelacement, Eye Candy 4 gradient glow

Ok to make this banner start off with a workspace 600 by 300.
Open your tube and place at the center of your tag. Duplicate your tube , change the blend mode to multiply and opacity 47.
Open your closeup tube and place behind your main tube. Duplicate it and close the top closeup tube. On the bottom tube apply Mura Meister Copies- V Tile Rotate. Change the number to 54 and click ok. Duplicate this layer twice and on the top layer apply Len K Zitah. Change control0 to 3 and opacity to overlay. Open the closed tube and duplicate it. on the bottom closeup tube apply Gaussian blur at 9 and duplicate this layer 3 times. The top layer activate it and hit delete the three v tiled layers. Move the top V tiled layer between the blurred tube layer and closeup tube layer. Deselect and duplicate the closeup twice again. move the top second to the left side and change the blend mode to hard light,opacity to 52. the Bottom one apply Mura Mesiter copies V Tile Rotate twice at default. change the blend mode to soft light.
Apply DSB Flux bubbles at default to the top close up tube. Duplicate it and add a drop shadow to the bottom layer. The top layer duplicate it 5 times. Apply Greg's factory Output Vol2 -Radial Hilite at frequency 128. Repeat this with the four other bubble layers increasing the frequency by 2.
Type any wording you like. i typed tasty sucker in the reisling font then duplicated it. placed it to on each corner. On the top line of wording i had a blend mode soft light and the bottom I used multiply.
Crop your tag and select the v tile texture we created and duplicate it. Selections-Modify-Selection borders set to 4. promote layer and move to the top layer. Apply Gradient glow size Fat size 3 in black. Select the glow with your magic wand and promote layer. Duplicate four times and apply Xero Fritillary with these settings:2,30,10,60. Repeat with each glow and increase the variation by 2 for each layer.
Activate the border and apply Entrelacement at default.
Type your name and modify, increase by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste the texture we used for the border into selection. Add a drop shadow.
Add your license number and artist URL.
Animated this tag as you do with all animations. By copying and pasting to AS for each frame.
Thanks so much for reading this tut.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work Hard

Tube used for this tut is by Marco Guaglione called"We can do it" 
Scraps used is called " Work Hard" found here

Filters/plugins: RCS filter pak1-RCS digi lens-spiral cuts and Eye candy gradient glow

Mask used Vix big mask 18

Paste paper3 on to workspace ,apply the mask then duplicate it and flip. Merge the two masks together.

Open your tube and place into canvas. color pick the blue from her shirt then flood fill the mask with the color changer tool.

Duplicate the mask twice so you will end up with three mask layers. Apply RCS digi-lens spiral cuts , change the effects size to 56 then add it to the second mask at 63 and the last at 75.

Close two of the layers.

Open the wordart and resize it by 550 pixels wide. using your rectangular selection tool select the red wording and promote layer. Add a fat white gradient glow.

Resize the countdown at 15% and the show me the money element at 25%.

Resize the papers at 25%then 70%. Resize the rest of the elements as desired.

All of the elements were drop shadowed using these settings:2,2,50,5 black except for the tube.

I used shadowlab at these settings:315,15.98,36,8.80,0 black.

Add your name , license number and artist URL.

Off to animate- Close off the top two mask layers and merge visible. Copy to animation shop, come back to PSP undo merge close the bottom mask layer open the second one and merge visible. paste after current frame. Repeat the pasting of the last frame and save as a GIF.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Naked Symphony

Tube used in this tut is by Thomas Hoover called Tiffany
FTU scraps by Cajoline called " Vivaldi" , " Precious gold kit" and" new year mix"
found here,here and here.
Two fonts Chopin and Vivaldi
Mask used 408 by insatiable dreams
Start with a worskpsace 600 pixels high and wide.
Open the frame element. It can be found in both the gold kit and Vivaldi kit. Resize it by 50% and duplicate it.
Open Vivaldi 15 and move up and to the left slightly. duplicate and change the blend mode to hard light. Merge the two curtains down and move each of the frames under the curtain rings. See my tag for placement.
Open Vivaldi 17 and place as the last layer. duplicate it and close the bottom paper. Using your magic wand click inside of the frames ,expand by 4 ,invert and delete excess paper. Place resized close up cut down by 80% on top of the frame background. see my tag for placement and delete excess tube. Place Vivaldi 10 on top of the tubes and change the blend mode to soft light.
Resize Vivaldi2 by 50% and place between the two frames.
Place your main tube in the center ,duplicate,blend mode to soft light and add a light drop shadow.
Open Vivaldi22 and place to the left of the tube. Resize Vivaldi 8 AND 10 by 15%. merge the two then using your pick tool set to perspective . Pull the right corner nodes down a bit and darken the right edges by using the light/darken tool. Duplicate it and change the blend mode to multiply. Merge them down duplicate and mirror.
Resize the following elements: Vivaldi 23 by 50% then 80%,Vivaldi7 by 50% twice,PG9 by 50%,Vivaldi 3 and 18 by 15%.
Resize Vivaldi 16 by 505 and free rotate 40 to the right. Duplicate and change the blend mode to hard light and merge them down. duplicate and mirror.
Resize the new year 3 element by 255 ,duplicate and mirror. Really any doodle will do just colorize it gold add some noise and drop shadow.
Open paper and apply mask. Duplicate flip and mirro
Add your name,desired wordart,license number and artist URL.
Thanks so much for looking

Friday, August 5, 2011


(click the tag to enlarge to see the credits) Tube Used for this tutorial is by Elias Chatzoudis called" Cheers"
 the FTU scrap kit is by Gina Gems Scraps called mermaid's lagoon and Ocean Blue found here and here.
Font used is DB Poetic and the mask used is mask 479 by Insatiable dreams
Filters / plugins used:
 Xenofex2-flag and constellations,EC4 gradient glow and chrome.

 Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace floodfilled in white. Open GGS paper1 and add to the canvas. Kinda get you in the mood LOL. Resize GGS rocks by 50% place towards the bottom left of your canvas then duplicate and mirror. Duplicate again flip and move in the center. duplicate each set of rocks and change the top blend mode to hard light. Repeat placement and sizing with the GGS glitter spill. Move these layers below the rocks place your main tube on top of the rocks in the center of the tag.Duplicate and change the blend mode to soft light. Resize the fangipani by 30% then 505 and place on the stem of the glass. Resize the palm tree by 80% and place on top of the rocks to the left. Duplicate and resize by 80% again mirror and move to the right under the rocks. Resize the fern element by 805 and duplicate it. mirror and resize by 50%. Place ribbon bow and colorize via hue and saturation with these settings:230 ans105. duplicate and change blend mode to soft light. Resize starfish by 50%. Then open fish frame from the ocean blue kit and resize. Activate and add a new raster layer paste paper GS 4 into selection and change the blend mode to Color. Click inside of the frame and expand by 4. Add a new raster layer and copy the paper we opened at the bottom which is GGS paper1 into selection. Using your freehand selection tool. select the water in the frame and promote layer.. Duplicate 4 times. you should have 5 of them now. and apply Xenofex2 flag at these settings:
hit seed for each water layer. Now for the paper we opened to get us in the mood apply the mask. duplicate and move the bottom one down and the top one up. Now add a quote if you wish. i added cheers and applied EC4 chrome liquid metal at default, colorized it and added a gradient glow. Add your name license number and artist URL. Now off to animate if you liek. close off all the layers set aside for the frame backgrounds , background and masked layer. you should have all 5 promoted layers open as well. to keep sanity :) close the top four layer now to keep track of what you are doing. Merge visible and paste the copy onto animation shop. Repeat this until all the water layers have be copied to AS. Now close those layers all down and open the rest of the tag up. apply constellations to the glitter layer at these settings below, copy and paste to as a new animation.Come back to PSP and unmerge visible and undo the constellation. Apply constellations again but change the seed. repeat pasting . Repeat until you have 5 frames. in AS Copy all on the background layers then copy all on the other animations. Then copy and paste into selected frames the rest of the tag. Select all and change the frame properties to 20. Save as a GIF .Thanks for checking out my tut

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Very Shy

The tube i used for this tutorial is " So Shy" by Keith Garvey. 
Scrapkit used is FTU called" Gift For you" by Chaana Scraps found here
Masks used are WSL 302 here and Sabine's sparkle mask 3 found here
Font used Freebooters
Filters/Plugins used: Vanderlee -natural-sparkle,Xenofex2-constellations,Mura Meister-Copies and Eye Candy 4 -Gradient Glow
Drop shadow used 2,2 34,7 black
Open a workspace 600 by 600 pixels high and wide flood filled in white.
Resize element 18 by 600 pixels wide then by 80%. Resize paper 3 by 600 pixels and sharpen. using your magic wand click inside the frame expand by 4. Add a new raster layer then copy ,paste the paper into selection. Open your closeup tube and place to the right of the frame. Change blend mode to soft light. Activate the frame background invert and delete excess tube.
Resize element 12 by 15% and place on top of the frame background. Duplicate and arrange behind the tube. Merges the flowers, change the opacity to 57 and the blend mode to luminance.
Resize element 9 by 30% then 80%. Colorize the hearts using hue and saturation changes with these settings:198,227. Place this on top of the frame on the left. Duplicate , mirror and place to the rtight under the frame and slightly down.
Resize element 47 by 20% and place at the bottom left corner of the frame. Duplicate ,mirror and flip. merge the two frames and apply Xenofex2 -Constellations- settings at small stars. Add a background to the frames by pasting paper7 into selection of a new raster layer.Open the medium sized tube and place on top of the frame backgrounds. Change the blend mode to screen and erase any excess tube.Resize element 46 by 10% and place on the side of the little frames.Resize element 5 by 20% and erase the brown stem. Free Rotate 20 to the right then place over the leaves on the bottom left frame. Duplicate and mirror. Place on the top right frame.
Now we are gonna create our floral cluster by resizing the floral element 21 by 10%. Using the Glob settings of Mura Meister we will make a cluster. No worries on spaces we will fill those in with leaves and smaller clusters. Until you are satisfied.The settings below are a start. Play around with the sliders until you are happy.

One done duplicate it then flip. Duplicate it again and resize by 70%. Duplicate mirror and flip until you have a nice cluster of flowers.Resize element 5 by 10% and place on each side of the cluster.Resize element 14 the ribbon by 105 and place behind the cluster to the top left. duplicate mirror. Duplicate flip and mirror again. Resize element 11 by 20% and place under the bottom cluster.Resize element 16 by 5% and place around the clusters. Then open the element again and resize by 15%. place the leaves around the cluster , flipping and mirroring as you wish. I added Vanderlee -natural -sparkle to the flowers at default settings.
Add your main tube to the tag. Duplicate it and change the blend mode to soft light. add Gaussian Blur at 5.
I added some butterflies around the tag as well. all resized at different sizes.
Now a for the mask add a gradient with the two colors from the kit and tube. i color picked the lilac from the kit and muted color from the tube. I applied the WSL mask. Duplicated and mirrored.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill in white. apply the sparkle mask. resize by 65 percent and move down towards the bottom of the tag. erase what ever sparkle that seem choppy LOL.
Add your name, license number and artist URL.
Thanks so much for looking

Monday, August 1, 2011

Piece Of Paradise

Tube and images used in the TUT are from Jeff Wilkie . I used Wilkie pack 8 and paradise surfers tubes.

FTU scrap kit- mini kit "A la Plauge" by Lea a Uke scrap found here

Mask WSL3 found here, Font used BrushTipTerrance,Fontleroybrown and Times roman

Filters/plugins: Mura Meister Copies, EC4 gradient glow

drop shadow 2,2,34,7, black

Open a new workspace in the size of 600 by 600 pixels flood filled in white.

Paste the sunlit wave image onto the canvas. use your pick tool to bring both sides on to the canvas then resize by 80%.Resize the tube by 80% and duplicate them.

Resize element 29 by 600 pixels wide then resize at 80%. Place on top of the image and bottom tube. Click inside the frame and expand by 8. invert and delete excess image. using your eraser tool erase the top portion of the tube hanging over the right side of the frame. leave the left side alone. we want the dolphins to look like they are coming out of the picture.

Now to build the rest of the tag. Since this is a full size kit there is alot of adjusting and resizing. so bare with me :).

resize element9 by 600 pixels then 80% then place above the image and under the frame.

Resize the element 11 by 20% then duplicate close this layer and resize the duplicate by 50%. place to the right of the tag. duplicate,mirror and merge. because this is very transparent i duplicated the merged sand until it was opaque. then duplicated again and filled the middle. Using your soften tool soften the edges of the sand so it will look neat. then merge all the sand pieces together.Duplicate it again and using your smudge tool smudge the right,left and bottom edges to appear like the sand is fading away.

Open element 10 and resize by 405 place on top of the frame where the sun rays are located on the images.

open element 24 the clouds and resize by 10% . Duplicate place one under the frame towards the right and the other on top of the sun towards the left.

Resize the net element 16 by 10% mirror and place at the corner of the frame. lower the opacity so you can see the rope and shell. erase the part of the net covering the rope and shell then return the opacity to 100.

resize element 19 by 10% sharpen and place where the staple is located on the rope , duplicate then mirror.

Resize element 2 by 40% then 50% and place to the right side of the tag. open the sand we had hidden earlier and place on top of and towards the bottom of the element. we want it to look like is it stuck in the sand. Activate the top sand merged element invert and delete the sand over hang above the element.

Resize element 13 by 15% and place to the left behind the frame. place again and resize by 25% then 80% . place on top of the ahoy element . Resize element 35 by 10% and place on each side of the tag.

resize element 22 by 35% and apply Mura Meister copies _GLOB at these settings:

then using the pick tool rotated then slightly to the left.
Take some of the greenery and resize then by 50% and place them around the tag. see my tag for reference.

I resize elements 31 and 32 by 25% then 50% and add them to either side of the tag.

Now Open Jeff's enchanted paradise and place it in your materials palette. floodfill a new raster layer with the image and apply the mask. lower the opacity to 52.

Using your brush font and image in your palette set to 25% type out the word Paradise with a stroke of 1 in white. then in the times roman font set to size 20 type" Our Little Piece Of"

Type you name out with the same image in the fontleroy font.

then add your license number, artist URL .

thanks so much for trying the tut