Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fire Lake

Artist used in this tut is Micheal Calandra 
Mask used is by Vix PSP mask 396 and the Texture by Vix found in texture set 2 texture7 found here for download

Font used taggets

Filters/Plugins: Eye Candy 4 chrome,jiggle ,smoke and gradient glow ,Eye Candy 5 Texture and Mura meister copies

If you are using the4 same image this tut should run fast and smooth :P

Open a new workspace flood filled in white 600 by 600. We will crop if needed.

Paste the firelake"merged" image onto your canvas. Color pick the brown from the image. i used #6c3431 and draw out a rectangle using your preset tool thickness set to 15. the color should be on the foreground and the background null( null meaning nothing)The rectangle should be no bigger than the image on right,left and bottom sides. The top side of the rectangle end right at her nose. Convert to raster then apply Eye Candy5 Texture -Reptile Skin with these settings:

Duplicate this layer and add a thick gradient glow in a lighter brown. using your magic wand click the inside glow , promote layer and add noise at level 100. Click the outer glow and delete.

Using your magic wand click inside the rectangle and duplicate the image. Apply Mura Meister Copies-Blur(Random Rotate) at these settings:

Then invert and delete. move this layer below your tube layer. Duplicate this layer three times. Apply Eye Candy 4 Jiggle at these settings below:

Change the seed for each of the three layers. then close the top two layers. Open your closeup tube and mirror. place to the left of the tag and change to soft light opacity 55 . Invert and delete excess tube.

Using your preset tool again set to a thickness of 10. draw a large rectangle in a lighter shade of brown the height of your rectangle and the width of the canvas. Duplicate it once you have converted to raster and apply Eye Candy Chrome liquid metal. change the top layer to color(l). Repeat again but make it the same size as the snake skinned rectangle.

Open your closeup tube and resize by 80%. Free rotate it 90 to the left and place the eyes in the large rectangle left hand corner. using your magic wand click inside the large rectangle invert and delete. Duplicate it and mirror the tube. Invert and add a new raster layer. Apply Vix texture into selection. Duplicate the texture and change the blend to multiply. invert and delete excess texture.Duplicate the mirrored tubes and apply Gaussian blur at 5 and blend mode to screen.

Ad the texture once more at the bottom layer of the tag. Duplicate,blend mode to multiply ,merge and apply mask. Duplicate the mask and apply Gaussian Blur at 5 and move to the bottom.

Apply a nice drop shadow to your main image and select the blocked portion of the tube with your rectangular selection tool. promote layer and move to the top layer of the tag.

Add your name,license number ands artist URL.

If you choose to animate. select the bottom portion gradient glow layer ,promote layer,duplicate it three times and apply Eye candy smoke with these settings:

Hit random seed for each layer.

Now off to animate in AS. Close off the top two duplicates of the smoked gradient glow and mura copies layers. Merge visible and copy to animation shop. repeat with the other two layers then apply insert image transition to the first,sixth and last frame. Remember to copy and paste the first frame behind frame 3 before adding the transition to the tag. once done delete the last layer and view your speed before saving your tag. Settings: I used are pictured below

Thanks for looking

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