Saturday, August 6, 2011

Naked Symphony

Tube used in this tut is by Thomas Hoover called Tiffany
FTU scraps by Cajoline called " Vivaldi" , " Precious gold kit" and" new year mix"
found here,here and here.
Two fonts Chopin and Vivaldi
Mask used 408 by insatiable dreams
Start with a worskpsace 600 pixels high and wide.
Open the frame element. It can be found in both the gold kit and Vivaldi kit. Resize it by 50% and duplicate it.
Open Vivaldi 15 and move up and to the left slightly. duplicate and change the blend mode to hard light. Merge the two curtains down and move each of the frames under the curtain rings. See my tag for placement.
Open Vivaldi 17 and place as the last layer. duplicate it and close the bottom paper. Using your magic wand click inside of the frames ,expand by 4 ,invert and delete excess paper. Place resized close up cut down by 80% on top of the frame background. see my tag for placement and delete excess tube. Place Vivaldi 10 on top of the tubes and change the blend mode to soft light.
Resize Vivaldi2 by 50% and place between the two frames.
Place your main tube in the center ,duplicate,blend mode to soft light and add a light drop shadow.
Open Vivaldi22 and place to the left of the tube. Resize Vivaldi 8 AND 10 by 15%. merge the two then using your pick tool set to perspective . Pull the right corner nodes down a bit and darken the right edges by using the light/darken tool. Duplicate it and change the blend mode to multiply. Merge them down duplicate and mirror.
Resize the following elements: Vivaldi 23 by 50% then 80%,Vivaldi7 by 50% twice,PG9 by 50%,Vivaldi 3 and 18 by 15%.
Resize Vivaldi 16 by 505 and free rotate 40 to the right. Duplicate and change the blend mode to hard light and merge them down. duplicate and mirror.
Resize the new year 3 element by 255 ,duplicate and mirror. Really any doodle will do just colorize it gold add some noise and drop shadow.
Open paper and apply mask. Duplicate flip and mirro
Add your name,desired wordart,license number and artist URL.
Thanks so much for looking

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