Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The image used in this tut is by Jon Rattenbury called"Emerald Bay Tahoe"
FTU kit is by Dreamfulfilled found here;
the mask used was WSL 255 found here
;FTUwordart used" thinking part5" by Mediterranka found here
 Open a new workspace 600 by 600 flood filled in white. Resize element 1 by 600 pixels wide then by 80%. Arrange the Rattenbury image behind the frame. Click inside the frame and expand by 4. Invert and delete the excess image. Resize element 7 by 20% then duplicate and change the blend mode to multiply. Place to the right of the frame. Duplicate , Free rotate 90 to the left , flip and place to the bottom left under the frame. Resize element 2 by 50% and place to the bottom right under the leaves. Resize elements 3,5 and 8 by 20% and place on tag. Reszie element 6 by 50% and place under the foliage to the left. Resize element 4 by 10% and place on top of the frame. Resize the lantern by 4% and duplicate twice. place under the ribbon bows. Resize wordart by 18% and change the brightness/contrast to make the word art grey with these settings:brightness 41 contrast-51. Then using your color changer tool color pick the light brown on the frame and floodfill the word art. Add a fat gradient glow in the brown from the frame and place on the top portion of the tag.
Resize paper5 by 20% and place at the bottom layer of the tag. apply the mask duplicate it then flip. Add your name, license number and artist URL Thanks for looking

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