Friday, August 19, 2011


Tube used for this colorful tut is by Robert Alvarado named Peeps. 
Fonts used: fff urban,impact and snooty sf
Filters/plugins used for this tut- Eye candy 4 gradient glow , Xero grayscaler,Lens Effects-fish eye tiler
Texture used in this tut by Aqua texture pack 4 . texture 036 get it here

Start off with a workspace 600 by 300 and add your texture to the canvas. Duplicate it and apply Xero grayscaler at default.
Add a new raster layer and add a linear gradient in the colors of your tube. I am using #00a4e1 for the foreground and #43319a for the background. have the repeat set to 1 and change the blend mode to hue. Duplicate this layer 5 times and apply lens effects ( filters unlimited)-fisheye tiler. Start off with one layer at default which i set to 193 then with each duplicate increase by ten. Hide the top four layers and change the blend mode to all the duplicates to overlay.
Add your close up to the left side of the tag and your main tube in the center under the close up layer. Duplicate your main tube, change the bottom to hard light and the top opacity 49.
Type the word " PEEPS" in the color from the candies in the impact font all caps and change the blend to overlay.Free Rotate it 90 to the left. Using your rectangular selection tool select a small area in the middle of the wording. Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white. Change the blend and opacity to hard light and 56. Type the word peeps in the pixel font in all the colors of the tube. Covert to raster then free rotate it 90 to the left.
Activate the last layer the background and select all, modify, selection borders size 4 and add a new raster layer. Flood fill it with a linear gradient with the colors form her hair. i used #f67b3f and #fb5e01 repeats set to 10 and angle to 45. Add Edge effects- enhance and a fat gradient glow. i added the texture to it as well then multiply on the blend mode.
type your name,artist URL and license number
Animate by pasting each layer to the animation program. i used the speed of 10 for this tag
Thanks for checking out this tut

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