Monday, August 1, 2011

Piece Of Paradise

Tube and images used in the TUT are from Jeff Wilkie . I used Wilkie pack 8 and paradise surfers tubes.

FTU scrap kit- mini kit "A la Plauge" by Lea a Uke scrap found here

Mask WSL3 found here, Font used BrushTipTerrance,Fontleroybrown and Times roman

Filters/plugins: Mura Meister Copies, EC4 gradient glow

drop shadow 2,2,34,7, black

Open a new workspace in the size of 600 by 600 pixels flood filled in white.

Paste the sunlit wave image onto the canvas. use your pick tool to bring both sides on to the canvas then resize by 80%.Resize the tube by 80% and duplicate them.

Resize element 29 by 600 pixels wide then resize at 80%. Place on top of the image and bottom tube. Click inside the frame and expand by 8. invert and delete excess image. using your eraser tool erase the top portion of the tube hanging over the right side of the frame. leave the left side alone. we want the dolphins to look like they are coming out of the picture.

Now to build the rest of the tag. Since this is a full size kit there is alot of adjusting and resizing. so bare with me :).

resize element9 by 600 pixels then 80% then place above the image and under the frame.

Resize the element 11 by 20% then duplicate close this layer and resize the duplicate by 50%. place to the right of the tag. duplicate,mirror and merge. because this is very transparent i duplicated the merged sand until it was opaque. then duplicated again and filled the middle. Using your soften tool soften the edges of the sand so it will look neat. then merge all the sand pieces together.Duplicate it again and using your smudge tool smudge the right,left and bottom edges to appear like the sand is fading away.

Open element 10 and resize by 405 place on top of the frame where the sun rays are located on the images.

open element 24 the clouds and resize by 10% . Duplicate place one under the frame towards the right and the other on top of the sun towards the left.

Resize the net element 16 by 10% mirror and place at the corner of the frame. lower the opacity so you can see the rope and shell. erase the part of the net covering the rope and shell then return the opacity to 100.

resize element 19 by 10% sharpen and place where the staple is located on the rope , duplicate then mirror.

Resize element 2 by 40% then 50% and place to the right side of the tag. open the sand we had hidden earlier and place on top of and towards the bottom of the element. we want it to look like is it stuck in the sand. Activate the top sand merged element invert and delete the sand over hang above the element.

Resize element 13 by 15% and place to the left behind the frame. place again and resize by 25% then 80% . place on top of the ahoy element . Resize element 35 by 10% and place on each side of the tag.

resize element 22 by 35% and apply Mura Meister copies _GLOB at these settings:

then using the pick tool rotated then slightly to the left.
Take some of the greenery and resize then by 50% and place them around the tag. see my tag for reference.

I resize elements 31 and 32 by 25% then 50% and add them to either side of the tag.

Now Open Jeff's enchanted paradise and place it in your materials palette. floodfill a new raster layer with the image and apply the mask. lower the opacity to 52.

Using your brush font and image in your palette set to 25% type out the word Paradise with a stroke of 1 in white. then in the times roman font set to size 20 type" Our Little Piece Of"

Type you name out with the same image in the fontleroy font.

then add your license number, artist URL .

thanks so much for trying the tut

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