Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tasty Sucker

Tube used for this tutorial is called"Liquid Sucker" By Robert Alvarado for purchase.
filters/plugins:Mura Meister copies,DSB Flux bubbles,Xero Fritillary,Greg;s factory output vol 2 radial hilite,Len K Zitah,Juex de Lignes-entrelacement, Eye Candy 4 gradient glow

Ok to make this banner start off with a workspace 600 by 300.
Open your tube and place at the center of your tag. Duplicate your tube , change the blend mode to multiply and opacity 47.
Open your closeup tube and place behind your main tube. Duplicate it and close the top closeup tube. On the bottom tube apply Mura Meister Copies- V Tile Rotate. Change the number to 54 and click ok. Duplicate this layer twice and on the top layer apply Len K Zitah. Change control0 to 3 and opacity to overlay. Open the closed tube and duplicate it. on the bottom closeup tube apply Gaussian blur at 9 and duplicate this layer 3 times. The top layer activate it and hit delete the three v tiled layers. Move the top V tiled layer between the blurred tube layer and closeup tube layer. Deselect and duplicate the closeup twice again. move the top second to the left side and change the blend mode to hard light,opacity to 52. the Bottom one apply Mura Mesiter copies V Tile Rotate twice at default. change the blend mode to soft light.
Apply DSB Flux bubbles at default to the top close up tube. Duplicate it and add a drop shadow to the bottom layer. The top layer duplicate it 5 times. Apply Greg's factory Output Vol2 -Radial Hilite at frequency 128. Repeat this with the four other bubble layers increasing the frequency by 2.
Type any wording you like. i typed tasty sucker in the reisling font then duplicated it. placed it to on each corner. On the top line of wording i had a blend mode soft light and the bottom I used multiply.
Crop your tag and select the v tile texture we created and duplicate it. Selections-Modify-Selection borders set to 4. promote layer and move to the top layer. Apply Gradient glow size Fat size 3 in black. Select the glow with your magic wand and promote layer. Duplicate four times and apply Xero Fritillary with these settings:2,30,10,60. Repeat with each glow and increase the variation by 2 for each layer.
Activate the border and apply Entrelacement at default.
Type your name and modify, increase by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste the texture we used for the border into selection. Add a drop shadow.
Add your license number and artist URL.
Animated this tag as you do with all animations. By copying and pasting to AS for each frame.
Thanks so much for reading this tut.

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