Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Very Shy

The tube i used for this tutorial is " So Shy" by Keith Garvey. 
Scrapkit used is FTU called" Gift For you" by Chaana Scraps found here
Masks used are WSL 302 here and Sabine's sparkle mask 3 found here
Font used Freebooters
Filters/Plugins used: Vanderlee -natural-sparkle,Xenofex2-constellations,Mura Meister-Copies and Eye Candy 4 -Gradient Glow
Drop shadow used 2,2 34,7 black
Open a workspace 600 by 600 pixels high and wide flood filled in white.
Resize element 18 by 600 pixels wide then by 80%. Resize paper 3 by 600 pixels and sharpen. using your magic wand click inside the frame expand by 4. Add a new raster layer then copy ,paste the paper into selection. Open your closeup tube and place to the right of the frame. Change blend mode to soft light. Activate the frame background invert and delete excess tube.
Resize element 12 by 15% and place on top of the frame background. Duplicate and arrange behind the tube. Merges the flowers, change the opacity to 57 and the blend mode to luminance.
Resize element 9 by 30% then 80%. Colorize the hearts using hue and saturation changes with these settings:198,227. Place this on top of the frame on the left. Duplicate , mirror and place to the rtight under the frame and slightly down.
Resize element 47 by 20% and place at the bottom left corner of the frame. Duplicate ,mirror and flip. merge the two frames and apply Xenofex2 -Constellations- settings at small stars. Add a background to the frames by pasting paper7 into selection of a new raster layer.Open the medium sized tube and place on top of the frame backgrounds. Change the blend mode to screen and erase any excess tube.Resize element 46 by 10% and place on the side of the little frames.Resize element 5 by 20% and erase the brown stem. Free Rotate 20 to the right then place over the leaves on the bottom left frame. Duplicate and mirror. Place on the top right frame.
Now we are gonna create our floral cluster by resizing the floral element 21 by 10%. Using the Glob settings of Mura Meister we will make a cluster. No worries on spaces we will fill those in with leaves and smaller clusters. Until you are satisfied.The settings below are a start. Play around with the sliders until you are happy.

One done duplicate it then flip. Duplicate it again and resize by 70%. Duplicate mirror and flip until you have a nice cluster of flowers.Resize element 5 by 10% and place on each side of the cluster.Resize element 14 the ribbon by 105 and place behind the cluster to the top left. duplicate mirror. Duplicate flip and mirror again. Resize element 11 by 20% and place under the bottom cluster.Resize element 16 by 5% and place around the clusters. Then open the element again and resize by 15%. place the leaves around the cluster , flipping and mirroring as you wish. I added Vanderlee -natural -sparkle to the flowers at default settings.
Add your main tube to the tag. Duplicate it and change the blend mode to soft light. add Gaussian Blur at 5.
I added some butterflies around the tag as well. all resized at different sizes.
Now a for the mask add a gradient with the two colors from the kit and tube. i color picked the lilac from the kit and muted color from the tube. I applied the WSL mask. Duplicated and mirrored.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill in white. apply the sparkle mask. resize by 65 percent and move down towards the bottom of the tag. erase what ever sparkle that seem choppy LOL.
Add your name, license number and artist URL.
Thanks so much for looking

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