Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work Hard

Tube used for this tut is by Marco Guaglione called"We can do it" 
Scraps used is called " Work Hard" found here

Filters/plugins: RCS filter pak1-RCS digi lens-spiral cuts and Eye candy gradient glow

Mask used Vix big mask 18

Paste paper3 on to workspace ,apply the mask then duplicate it and flip. Merge the two masks together.

Open your tube and place into canvas. color pick the blue from her shirt then flood fill the mask with the color changer tool.

Duplicate the mask twice so you will end up with three mask layers. Apply RCS digi-lens spiral cuts , change the effects size to 56 then add it to the second mask at 63 and the last at 75.

Close two of the layers.

Open the wordart and resize it by 550 pixels wide. using your rectangular selection tool select the red wording and promote layer. Add a fat white gradient glow.

Resize the countdown at 15% and the show me the money element at 25%.

Resize the papers at 25%then 70%. Resize the rest of the elements as desired.

All of the elements were drop shadowed using these settings:2,2,50,5 black except for the tube.

I used shadowlab at these settings:315,15.98,36,8.80,0 black.

Add your name , license number and artist URL.

Off to animate- Close off the top two mask layers and merge visible. Copy to animation shop, come back to PSP undo merge close the bottom mask layer open the second one and merge visible. paste after current frame. Repeat the pasting of the last frame and save as a GIF.

Thanks for looking

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