Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Batty

Scrap used for this tut is called " Going batty" By TKDezignz found here for purchase
Tube used is by Tony Tzanoukakis of PTE. please only use with the proper license.
Template used was made by Tonya and Minxy temp4 found here for download
Mask used WSL 345 found here; Font used HL ThupHap BK 1 Upgrade
Eye candy Gradient glow was used on the name and Mura Meister Copies on one element
Drop shadow for this tut is 2,2,65, 5 black
open the template up Shift D to copy and delete the original.
Resize the temp by 600 pixels wide and delete the copyright layer, stars,pixel and dotted line 2.
Resize your tube by 95% and place on the top layer.
For this tut all papers were duplicated and the top layer was changed to multiply in order to match the deep colors of the tube unless otherwise stated.
Place ppBlue at the last layer of the tag and apply WSL mask.
Resize Cloud2 by 50% and place above the mask layer to the top left hand corner. Duplicate and move to the right. Merge the two and add a drop shadow.
Resize the tree by 25% and repeat placement .
place sucker1 to the top right,duplicate,mirror and flip.
Resize dots 4 paper by 50% and activate layer thin rectangle invert and delete the excess paper.
merge the two rounded edge rectangles ( 1 and 2)and add glitter paper1 , activate the rounded rect layer, invert and delete excess.
Merge rounded edges 3 and 4, activate layer and add pp black into selection as is. Do not duplicate this paper layer.
Add your closeup tube to each side of this layer,blend to overlay and opacity to 57. Invert and delete the excess tube.
Resize brad3 by 25% and apply Mura Meister Copies- encircle at these settings:35,71,90 and the rest is at default settings. Move this layer under the tube layer.
Activate the dotted line and add a new raster layer flood fill with a starburst gradient repeat set to 6 with the purple and orange color from the kit. Add another raster layer and flood fill again change the purple to the blue color from the kit. Mirror and move behind the stripe.
Merge the thin rectangles and add glitterpaper2 into selection
Add word paper into selection of the circle layer.
Merge the small circle layer together and apply dots1 paper into selection. Contract and add a new raster layer adding orange pp into selection. Place skull2 black on top of the orange layer.Blend to soft light and opacity to 59. Erase any part of the skull hanging past the orange layer.
Add Stripe pp1 to the frame back by pasting into selection and delete the frame layer. Resize frame we3b 2 by 50%,duplicate and change the blend to hard light. Merge,duplicate and mirror.
Duplicate the resized tree layer and move behind the frame background.
Resize sucker2 by 25% and free rotate 10 to the left and place to the right. Duplicate and mirror. Duplicate again and rotate slightly in the other direction using your pick tool.
Resize the pumpkin2 element by 50% and place on each side of the tube.
Resize ribbon bat by 80% and place over the small circle layer, duplicate,mirror, merge,duplicate again and blend to multiply.
Resize moon bats by 20% and place to the top left hand corner.
Type your name,license number and artist URL.
Thanks so much for looking


Scraps used in this tut is by Polka Dot Scraps called " Monster" Found for purchase here
Font usedA&S popcorn;Mask used is by Mask4byTonya found here for download

Let's start wit our usual 600 by 600 flood filled in white
Resize frame5 by 60% and add paper2 behind it. using your magic wand click inside the frame,expand by 3,invert and delete the excess paper.
Place circle1 element to the right of the frame background.
Resize scatter2 by 60% and free rotate45 degrees to the left. Place it under the circle layer,duplicate,flip and place it over the circle layer.
Add paper3 to the last layer and apply the mask,merge group ,duplicate,merge down,duplicate again then mirror.
Resize the pumpkin by 50% and the leave1 by 25%.Free rotate the leaf 90 to the left and place under the pumpkin,duplicate,mirror and place above the pumpkin.
Resize the bottle by 25%.WA1 by 70%,flower2 by 35%,ribbon4 by 40% and the swirl by 80%
Resize both monsters by 50% and place under the frame. Activate the frame background,invert and delete the excess tube. Select the alien arms and promote layer. move this layer above the frame layer. Select the stars in the globe and promote layer. Duplicate this twice.the top stars flip and move back over the globe, the second layer mirror and bring back over the globe. the original hit delete to delete the stars in the globe. now hide the top two layers for later.
using the rectangular selection tool select the Frankenstein's area above the eyelids and under the eyes. promote layer and hide for later.
Type your name with each letter in a separate layer with each color of the kit and a stroke of 1 in black set aside the black letter let the stroke be white. using your magic wand once rasterized click the inner color layer and apply Effects-Texture effects- Blinds at these settings:5,15,black both boxes checked. Add this to each letter except for the black letter change the color to white.
Then move all the letters into position starting from the first letter in the top layer then so on. Using your pick tool rotate the letters matching the angle from the word art a bit. Add a small gradient glow in black then merge the letter together and add a drop shadow.
Add the artist URL and license number.

To animate merge visible then copy/paste to AS.
Undo merge then open the second star layer closing the one just used. Unhide the promted frank layer clikic it with your movr tool hold down CTRL and the down arrow and click it twice.Merge visibe and copy to AS after current frame. Repeat with thr next layer and move the promoted frank layer down a bit... then paste to AS.
Working in Anination Shop Change the frame properties to 35. Select all,copy and paste after current frame(which should be the last frame. then reverse the order. Save as a gif
Thanks for loking.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Truly Vamp

Scraps by Pimp'd Designz called" Goth Glam" Found here for purchase
Tube used is by Keith Garvey found at PTE for purchase
Font is called Transylvania
Mask used Insatiable Dream 211 found here for download
Gradient glow by Eye candy
Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize frame 1 by 80% and free rotate 90 to the left.
Click inside ,expand by 4 ,add a new raster layer and paste paper7 into selection.
Add the tube close up to the right, blend to dodge, duplicate,mirror and blend to multiply. Activate the background ,invert and delete the tubes excess.
Resize the drape and ribbon4 by 80%
Resize the bats by 50% duplicate and mirror one the other resize again at 50%.
Resize print1 and frame 4 by 80%. Arrange the frame to the top and the print to the bottom of the frame. Rsize print 4 by 80% as well ,duplicate and move one to the top left and the other slighly toward the bottom and to the right. Duplicate again and resize at 30% keep hidden for later
Resize the moon at 1505 and place as the last layer of the tag.
pate paper6 below and flip. Apply the mask to this layer.
Resize the candelabra by 50% and the charm by 10%. Place the charm on each of the jewels. Add a light red gradient glow to the candles.
Reszie flower1 by 15% and duplicate to make a cluster. place them on each bow of the ribbon. unhide the splatter and place under each flower. Duplicate it again to use on the book we will resize shortly.
Resize the book and cross by 35% and place to the Right of the frame. use the pic tool set to perspective to move the top node in alittle and rotate the cross a bit. place the blood splats on the book where ever you like.
Resize leaves1 and flower5 by 10 to 15% and place around the tag.
place your tube on the top layer, duplicate, blend to soft light, merge and drop shadow.
Addyour name, artist URL and license number.
thanks for checking the tut out.

Anime Cutie

Tube is called Anime by Jose cano found here for purchase
Template 36 by Pooker found here for upload
Font used TIE-Wing and Republika
DBS Flux-Blast
Mura Meister-Copies
Eye Candy 5 Impact-Glass
Eye Candy 4- Gradient Glow and Chrome
mask used WSL 260 found here
drop shadow for the tut 2,0,100,4,black
Add drop shadow to each layer
Ok let's start by opening the template, shift "D" to copy and delete the original. Delete the credits layer and resize by 600 pixels wide. Then Resize your canvas 600 by 600.
Paste your tube in the center and duplicate it. hide the top tube.
Open your close up tube and duplicate it hide the top tube. Apply Mura Meister Copies _ wallpaper shrink number set to 20 all others at default. Duplicate it and Apply-Adjust-Blur -Radial blur at these settings:Zoom ,30,50 ellipical check all other numbers at default. change the blend to hard light. the bottom layer add gauassian blur 20 and mirror it.Merge these layers down and duplicate it. Hide the top layer and apply Xenofex2 to the bottom layer at these settings:1.98,100,1,3,100,100 angle 45. Then apply your mask WSL 260, merge group,duplicate ,apply gaussain blur 5 to the bottom mask then flip.
open the close up tube mirror and place over the grey circle layer. Apply Xero Emphasis and color pick the darker pinks with the color picker tool in the filter's boxes. once you apply there will be black boxes in the filter page. keep the top box checked to black then click the black box on the next row. the color pallette will open then use the color picker to pick the color from her hair. pick a couple of the dark pinks the apply. Activate you grey circle,invert and delete excess tube. Duplicate the tube and apply DSB Flux blast at default. Add Effects-Edge Effects- Enhance.Change both blends to hard light.
Apply Eye Candy Chrome settings to liquid metal to the dotted layer.
Open the hidden background we made and mirror it.Activate the black circle layer invert and delete.
Activate pink rect layer and add a new raster layer flood fill with a pink from her hair. i used a gradient sunburst repeat 1 and pull the center to the bottom right corner. Colors used c8247b and ff99d1. repeat with the pink strip layer as well but flip the colors. Add Edge enhance more to both layers. On both layers Select all -Modify-Contract by 2 and apply Effects-Texture Effects-Soft Plastic at default.
on Lightpinkblk and lightpinkblock2 activate them and add a new raster layer. Flood filled in black. Contract by 4 and flood filled in the orange from her suit-f19810. Promote the orange layers then apply Effects -Illuminations Effects-lights at default.
Activate white square layer and contract by 4, Flood fill with a sunburst gradient repeat at 6 with the dark grey and black from her suit.
Activate the ltpink strip and flood fille in the light gry-#edebec and apply Eye candy Imapct5 clear glass setting to this layer,grey strip and black box layers.
Apply Eye candy Chrome Liquid metal setting to the smblack circle layer. Then using your rectangular select tool. draw out a thin rectangle. Add a new raster layer then flood fill in black. Free rotate it 45 degrees to the left. Activate the circle ,invert and delete and excess. Duplicate it then resize at 50%.
On the tow lt pink circle layers merge them together then apply the chrome effect , move the strip over the circles. Duplicate it as much as needed to have a diagonal strip on top.
Merge the strips down to the circles. Duplicate them,resize at 25% then 50% and move to the rectangle layer on opposite corners.
Now moving to our tube layer. keep the top tube hidden for now. The tube shown Place over the grey rect layer to the right then duplicate it and mirror. Keep duplicating it and mirroring until the entire layer is filled. merge your tubes down,activate your grey rectangle layer ,invert and delete excess tube.
Duplicate the merged tube layer twice. So you should have three layers. on the bottom layer DSB Flux Blast, Constellations and enhance as we did before. Change the blend to multiply. the middle layer appply Gaussian blur at 5 blend to screen. the top layer Apply constellaions again and blend to soft light.
open your hidden tube and duplicate the top tube add a drop shadow to it. the Bottom tube add a light gradient glow with these settings: in white 9.02,24,44. Do not drop shadow this layer unless you want to darken it.
Type your wording in the TIE-Wings font with the direction vertical and right in white sized 20. Place on the pink strip.Type your wording again with white in the background and the dark pink from earlier in your foreground. foreground null right now and type your wording again,Objects-Align-Center in canvas then convert to raster. unhide the foreground and apply Mura Meister copies -Feedback Linear -number set to 10 all others at default. Add a drop shadow then duplicate and shift up ,duplicate again and shift down. Duplicate and move until the large pink rectangle is filled. Then activate the layer merge all the wording together ,invert and delete. Change the blend to soft light.
Type your name,artist URL and license number.
Whew--- we are done :)
Thanks for looking

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Scraps used in this tut" E.T. bundle" By Sarah found here for purchase
Tube by Elias Chatzoudis found at PTE for purchase
Font- Miss Le Gatee;Filters/Plugins- Penta Jeans
Mask used WSL 363 Just rt click and save

Ok this is obviously animated. you can make this tag unaimated with out the ship over the tube :)
Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace floodfilled in white.
Resize frame2 by 80% ,click inside using your magic wand and expand by 4. Add a new raster layer and paste paper9 into selection. open your tube and place on top of the frame.
Resize your wordart by 805,duplicate and merge.
Resize bead by 50% place to the left of the frame, duplicate,mirror,flip and bring it down to the bottom right. Repeat with cosmic splatter then merge them. move this layer below the frame and the beads layer above the frame.

Resize knot2 by 50% and button3 by 25%
Resize the sparkles1 by 600 pixels wide, the earth by 70& and the swirl by 90%.
Resize your mask by 650 pixels wide and apply to paper6. open your closeup tube, change blend to luminance, opacity to 40. Merge the masked group then activate it. invert and delete the tube excess. merge tube down to mask.
open Abduction light and place behind the tube. close it for now.
Resize alien2 by 50%. Duplicate him and hide the original. on the duplicate using your clone tool right click on the cheek of the alien then left click over the kiss mark. Clean it up using your smooth tool.
Resize your ship by 90% and duplicate. On your palette click your link toggle to link both ships. Now position the no kiss alien in the ship. Erase any part of him hanging out then merge. Call this layer No Kiss then close.
Duplicate your tube and place in the other ship. Resie your kiss alien by 855 and place next to your tube. Erase any part of the tube and alien hangin out of the ship. Merge them together and call this Kiss then close.
Write your name then apply penta jeans settings at 24,2,1.
Type your license number and artist URL.

Off to animate :)
Copy and paste the tag to AS then undo merge visible. Unhide the no kiss alien ship then using the CTRL button and the UP arrow button move your ship up to see just a bit of the bottom. merge visible then copy to AS. Undo merge then holding the CTRL button Hit the DOWN arrow 10 times. Merge visible and copy/paste after current frame. repeat this until you have the ship down by the frame. Then open the abduction beam layer merge again, copy to AS.
Undo Visible then on the beam layer mirror the image and lower the opacity to 70 on the tube. merge visible and copy/paste after current frame. Mirror the beam again and lower the opacity to 40. Repeat this until your tube has disappeared.
Now lower the opacity of the ship the same way until the ship is at 40 opacity then open the kiss ship layer lower that to 40 as well. Close the beam layer. Repeat raising the opacity until you get to 100. then Using the CTRL Up button raise the ship with each frame hitting the UP key it 10 times for each frame until the ship is gone.
In AS copy the first frame and paste after the last frame. on the second to last frame apply image transition effect fade at default. Now select all and change the frame properties to 30. Find the frame where the alien has the kiss and opacity is at 100 change the property for that frame to 60.
View your animation for speed and save a s a GIF.
Thanks for checking this out :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Witchy Halloween

Tube used in this tut is called" Witchy Halloween" By Marco Guaglione sold at PTE Scrapkit used is called" Raven Gone Crazy" By Crazy Carita found at PTE for purchase( New Releases) font used is called decomposing; Mask used Vix Big mask 18 found here Plugin/Filters: Eye Candy 4gradient glow and fire, Eye Candy5 Texture Drop shadow 2,248,8 black OK Let's start by opening a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white. Open the el1 and place on canvas. Open your tube resize by 90% and place to the right. Click inside the frame and expand by 8, add a new raster layer and paste paper 7 into selection. Duplicate it twice and apply EYE Candy 5 Texture-Texture noise - set to crinkled at default for the rest. apply to each of the frame background layers changing the seed for each one. Add paper11 to the last layer and apply your mask. merge group and duplicate it. Move one to the left and the other to the right. merge the mask together. Resize element 16 by 40% and mirror. Element 15 by 50% and select the flames using your freehand selection tool. Once selected promote layer,duplicate twice and apply Eye candy 4 fire setting to flicker at default. Change the seed for each layer. Go back to the original candle and promote the wick above the flamed layers. Resize element 34 by 40% and select the crow's body promote the layer and duplicate twice.the top crow free rotate 20 degrees to the right and the middle crow free rotate 10 degrees to the right.Move the two crows to the top layers to meet the legs. When you rotate them they tend to stray to the right a bit . slide it back over a bit to the left to match. hide the top crows the original crow promote layer and delete from the signage. Free rotate element 31 90 to the right and place under the Halloween sign and pumpkins. erase any vines hanging out. see my tag for reference. Resize el20 by 80% and duplicate twice. Freehand select the light illuminated in the lamp. Apply Eye Candy 4 gradient glow to these settings: setting-blazing sun,soft corners at 50,overall 36, for the first layer glow width at 48.19 , the second layer at 59.48 and the last at 73.04. Place paper7 into your material palette and type your name out. Convert to raster then duplicate and apply 3d effects cutout at default to the top layer. Merge down then add a border sized 2 and drop shadow. Add you license number and artist URL. off to animate in AS. Add the three frames as you would with any animated tut Minus the crow layers. make sure your merge visible with the Halloween signage and crow legs attached. then apply image transition effects-fade at default to frames 6. Duplicate frame 1 , select the last frame then paste after current frame.Apply the fade transition to frame 11 and delete frame 16. Select all and change the frame properties to 10 Now copy and paste all three crows to AS as a new animation. if your animation is jumpy. merge part of the sign to keep the crows frames the same size. once you have all three frames copy and paste all three behind current frame until you have 15 frames. then select all and copy/paste to the tag. View your animation to see placement. Save as a GIF. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Doll

Tube used is by Robert Alvarado called Fem 

Animation is by Lovey of Love shack called white spark band 10 found( sept 2010) you can use this one here the third from the top

Filters/ plugins:

VM Transmissions

Eye Candy 5 Texture animal fur

Eye Candy 5 glass

Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow


Xenofex2 -constellations

Mura Meister copies

Filters unlimited- edges-round

fonts:FFF Urban, Satisfaction and Red Startline NF

start off with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.

Using your rectangle preset shape tool set to black on the foreground , background null and line width at 5 draw a rectangle. Apply Eyecandy Glass at default twice. Click inside with your magic wand and expand by 3. Add a new raster layer and flood fill in black. Apply Eye candy Textures Animal Fur pattern set to Zebra, 0,20.21,60,100 both boxes checked and seed set to 7098.

Using your preset shape again draw a small rectangle with the foreground null and background set to black. Convert to raster and apply Mura Meister copies-line set repeat to 6.Apply Eye Candy glass.

Place your closeup tube on the top left and bottom right. merge them down and apply Xero Grayscaler 255,-79,0. Activate the zebra layer,invert and delete the excess tube. Using your rectangle selection tool select the bottom half of the top tube and the top half of the bottom tube. then apply VM transmissions 9,0,13.

Add your tube to the center of the tag, duplicate, change the blend to hard light then merge.

Color pick the red from her lips and type out baby doll in the pixel font. place it in the middle of each tube.

Create a gradient with the same red and the color black and flood fill a new raster layer. Apply Filters unlimited edges round- round egde 15.

Duplicate it twice. on the bottom copy apply Gaussian blur at 5 on the top copy resize it by 80%. Then duplicate it two more times and apply Xenofex constellations 2,50,1,7,100,100,45 keep original. Change the seed for each duplicate.

Type out baby doll in the NF font and apply a gradient glow.

Type your name,artist URL and license number.

Off to animate...

Copy the merged copy of the constellation layers to AS. you should have three frames when you are done. In AS Select all then copy and paste all three frames after the last frame. Repeat until you have 15 frames. Select all in the line animation copy and pate onto the frames. Come back to PSP and copy your main tube. Paste on to the tag then save as a GIF.

Thanks for looking

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lil Devil

Tube used in this tut is called" Lil Devil" by Marco Guaglione found for purchase at PTE

Scrapkit used is FTU called Fu*k Love by Pimp'd Designz found here for download
Kit not available anymore but you can use any kit.
 All you need are wings, clouds and a frame
Fonts used is Fluffy Krusty and Heather

Plugins/ Filters used: Eye Candy4 fire, Xenofex2 -cracks, VM unplugged-vertical tile, Xero-Emphasis

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace and paste the main tube on the canvas. Duplicate it and change the blend mode to soft light. add a drop shadow to the bottom tube.

Resize frame 1 by 80% and click inside each frame , expand by 2 , add a new raster layer and paste paper9 into selection. Add the medium sized closeup to the left, duplicate ,mirror and merge. Select the frame background invert and delete tube excess. Apply Xero Emphasis and with your color picker choose the two reds in the suit of the tube then Duplicate the tube. Change the top tube blend to multiply.

Resize wings 2 be 85% and place behind the frame.

Resize the backdrop 1 by 80% twice and place on the top left of the canvas. Duplicate and move to the bottom right of the canvas.

Resize clouds1 by 80% and place to the left. Duplicate mirror and merge. Add a drop shadow in the red color of the tube.

Resize doddle paper by 80% and place under the clouds. Duplicate it twice and apply Eye Candy 4 fire settings to blue flame and change the colors with these setting below:

Add to each doodle changing the seed number for each. closed the top two flamed doodles for later animating.

Type out " Lil Devil" in a thick cartoony font. i used Fluffy Krusty in the lighter red for the background and dark red for the stroke set to 1. Duplicate the wording once you converted it to raster.

to the bottom wording apply VM-Unplugged vertical tile at default. Move the top word art just above the frame. using your rectangular selection tool select the bottom wording and promote layer.Delete the bottom wording on the original tiled words. Move the promoted layer down under the original wordart and to the right a bit. on the word art above the frame duplicate that layer and change the blend to screen.

On the original word art click inside the letters and add Xenofex2 Cracks setting set to hairline at default.

Resize the sparkle element to 70% and place behind the main tube.

Type your name license number and artist URL.

To animate copy the merged tag to animation shop then repeat with the other flamed layers. Change the frame properties to 18 and save as a GIF.

Thanks for checking out my tut