Saturday, September 24, 2011


Scraps used in this tut is by Polka Dot Scraps called " Monster" Found for purchase here
Font usedA&S popcorn;Mask used is by Mask4byTonya found here for download

Let's start wit our usual 600 by 600 flood filled in white
Resize frame5 by 60% and add paper2 behind it. using your magic wand click inside the frame,expand by 3,invert and delete the excess paper.
Place circle1 element to the right of the frame background.
Resize scatter2 by 60% and free rotate45 degrees to the left. Place it under the circle layer,duplicate,flip and place it over the circle layer.
Add paper3 to the last layer and apply the mask,merge group ,duplicate,merge down,duplicate again then mirror.
Resize the pumpkin by 50% and the leave1 by 25%.Free rotate the leaf 90 to the left and place under the pumpkin,duplicate,mirror and place above the pumpkin.
Resize the bottle by 25%.WA1 by 70%,flower2 by 35%,ribbon4 by 40% and the swirl by 80%
Resize both monsters by 50% and place under the frame. Activate the frame background,invert and delete the excess tube. Select the alien arms and promote layer. move this layer above the frame layer. Select the stars in the globe and promote layer. Duplicate this twice.the top stars flip and move back over the globe, the second layer mirror and bring back over the globe. the original hit delete to delete the stars in the globe. now hide the top two layers for later.
using the rectangular selection tool select the Frankenstein's area above the eyelids and under the eyes. promote layer and hide for later.
Type your name with each letter in a separate layer with each color of the kit and a stroke of 1 in black set aside the black letter let the stroke be white. using your magic wand once rasterized click the inner color layer and apply Effects-Texture effects- Blinds at these settings:5,15,black both boxes checked. Add this to each letter except for the black letter change the color to white.
Then move all the letters into position starting from the first letter in the top layer then so on. Using your pick tool rotate the letters matching the angle from the word art a bit. Add a small gradient glow in black then merge the letter together and add a drop shadow.
Add the artist URL and license number.

To animate merge visible then copy/paste to AS.
Undo merge then open the second star layer closing the one just used. Unhide the promted frank layer clikic it with your movr tool hold down CTRL and the down arrow and click it twice.Merge visibe and copy to AS after current frame. Repeat with thr next layer and move the promoted frank layer down a bit... then paste to AS.
Working in Anination Shop Change the frame properties to 35. Select all,copy and paste after current frame(which should be the last frame. then reverse the order. Save as a gif
Thanks for loking.

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