Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anime Cutie

Tube is called Anime by Jose cano found here for purchase
Template 36 by Pooker found here for upload
Font used TIE-Wing and Republika
DBS Flux-Blast
Mura Meister-Copies
Eye Candy 5 Impact-Glass
Eye Candy 4- Gradient Glow and Chrome
mask used WSL 260 found here
drop shadow for the tut 2,0,100,4,black
Add drop shadow to each layer
Ok let's start by opening the template, shift "D" to copy and delete the original. Delete the credits layer and resize by 600 pixels wide. Then Resize your canvas 600 by 600.
Paste your tube in the center and duplicate it. hide the top tube.
Open your close up tube and duplicate it hide the top tube. Apply Mura Meister Copies _ wallpaper shrink number set to 20 all others at default. Duplicate it and Apply-Adjust-Blur -Radial blur at these settings:Zoom ,30,50 ellipical check all other numbers at default. change the blend to hard light. the bottom layer add gauassian blur 20 and mirror it.Merge these layers down and duplicate it. Hide the top layer and apply Xenofex2 to the bottom layer at these settings:1.98,100,1,3,100,100 angle 45. Then apply your mask WSL 260, merge group,duplicate ,apply gaussain blur 5 to the bottom mask then flip.
open the close up tube mirror and place over the grey circle layer. Apply Xero Emphasis and color pick the darker pinks with the color picker tool in the filter's boxes. once you apply there will be black boxes in the filter page. keep the top box checked to black then click the black box on the next row. the color pallette will open then use the color picker to pick the color from her hair. pick a couple of the dark pinks the apply. Activate you grey circle,invert and delete excess tube. Duplicate the tube and apply DSB Flux blast at default. Add Effects-Edge Effects- Enhance.Change both blends to hard light.
Apply Eye Candy Chrome settings to liquid metal to the dotted layer.
Open the hidden background we made and mirror it.Activate the black circle layer invert and delete.
Activate pink rect layer and add a new raster layer flood fill with a pink from her hair. i used a gradient sunburst repeat 1 and pull the center to the bottom right corner. Colors used c8247b and ff99d1. repeat with the pink strip layer as well but flip the colors. Add Edge enhance more to both layers. On both layers Select all -Modify-Contract by 2 and apply Effects-Texture Effects-Soft Plastic at default.
on Lightpinkblk and lightpinkblock2 activate them and add a new raster layer. Flood filled in black. Contract by 4 and flood filled in the orange from her suit-f19810. Promote the orange layers then apply Effects -Illuminations Effects-lights at default.
Activate white square layer and contract by 4, Flood fill with a sunburst gradient repeat at 6 with the dark grey and black from her suit.
Activate the ltpink strip and flood fille in the light gry-#edebec and apply Eye candy Imapct5 clear glass setting to this layer,grey strip and black box layers.
Apply Eye candy Chrome Liquid metal setting to the smblack circle layer. Then using your rectangular select tool. draw out a thin rectangle. Add a new raster layer then flood fill in black. Free rotate it 45 degrees to the left. Activate the circle ,invert and delete and excess. Duplicate it then resize at 50%.
On the tow lt pink circle layers merge them together then apply the chrome effect , move the strip over the circles. Duplicate it as much as needed to have a diagonal strip on top.
Merge the strips down to the circles. Duplicate them,resize at 25% then 50% and move to the rectangle layer on opposite corners.
Now moving to our tube layer. keep the top tube hidden for now. The tube shown Place over the grey rect layer to the right then duplicate it and mirror. Keep duplicating it and mirroring until the entire layer is filled. merge your tubes down,activate your grey rectangle layer ,invert and delete excess tube.
Duplicate the merged tube layer twice. So you should have three layers. on the bottom layer DSB Flux Blast, Constellations and enhance as we did before. Change the blend to multiply. the middle layer appply Gaussian blur at 5 blend to screen. the top layer Apply constellaions again and blend to soft light.
open your hidden tube and duplicate the top tube add a drop shadow to it. the Bottom tube add a light gradient glow with these settings: in white 9.02,24,44. Do not drop shadow this layer unless you want to darken it.
Type your wording in the TIE-Wings font with the direction vertical and right in white sized 20. Place on the pink strip.Type your wording again with white in the background and the dark pink from earlier in your foreground. foreground null right now and type your wording again,Objects-Align-Center in canvas then convert to raster. unhide the foreground and apply Mura Meister copies -Feedback Linear -number set to 10 all others at default. Add a drop shadow then duplicate and shift up ,duplicate again and shift down. Duplicate and move until the large pink rectangle is filled. Then activate the layer merge all the wording together ,invert and delete. Change the blend to soft light.
Type your name,artist URL and license number.
Whew--- we are done :)
Thanks for looking

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