Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Scraps used in this tut" E.T. bundle" By Sarah found here for purchase
Tube by Elias Chatzoudis found at PTE for purchase
Font- Miss Le Gatee;Filters/Plugins- Penta Jeans
Mask used WSL 363 Just rt click and save

Ok this is obviously animated. you can make this tag unaimated with out the ship over the tube :)
Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace floodfilled in white.
Resize frame2 by 80% ,click inside using your magic wand and expand by 4. Add a new raster layer and paste paper9 into selection. open your tube and place on top of the frame.
Resize your wordart by 805,duplicate and merge.
Resize bead by 50% place to the left of the frame, duplicate,mirror,flip and bring it down to the bottom right. Repeat with cosmic splatter then merge them. move this layer below the frame and the beads layer above the frame.

Resize knot2 by 50% and button3 by 25%
Resize the sparkles1 by 600 pixels wide, the earth by 70& and the swirl by 90%.
Resize your mask by 650 pixels wide and apply to paper6. open your closeup tube, change blend to luminance, opacity to 40. Merge the masked group then activate it. invert and delete the tube excess. merge tube down to mask.
open Abduction light and place behind the tube. close it for now.
Resize alien2 by 50%. Duplicate him and hide the original. on the duplicate using your clone tool right click on the cheek of the alien then left click over the kiss mark. Clean it up using your smooth tool.
Resize your ship by 90% and duplicate. On your palette click your link toggle to link both ships. Now position the no kiss alien in the ship. Erase any part of him hanging out then merge. Call this layer No Kiss then close.
Duplicate your tube and place in the other ship. Resie your kiss alien by 855 and place next to your tube. Erase any part of the tube and alien hangin out of the ship. Merge them together and call this Kiss then close.
Write your name then apply penta jeans settings at 24,2,1.
Type your license number and artist URL.

Off to animate :)
Copy and paste the tag to AS then undo merge visible. Unhide the no kiss alien ship then using the CTRL button and the UP arrow button move your ship up to see just a bit of the bottom. merge visible then copy to AS. Undo merge then holding the CTRL button Hit the DOWN arrow 10 times. Merge visible and copy/paste after current frame. repeat this until you have the ship down by the frame. Then open the abduction beam layer merge again, copy to AS.
Undo Visible then on the beam layer mirror the image and lower the opacity to 70 on the tube. merge visible and copy/paste after current frame. Mirror the beam again and lower the opacity to 40. Repeat this until your tube has disappeared.
Now lower the opacity of the ship the same way until the ship is at 40 opacity then open the kiss ship layer lower that to 40 as well. Close the beam layer. Repeat raising the opacity until you get to 100. then Using the CTRL Up button raise the ship with each frame hitting the UP key it 10 times for each frame until the ship is gone.
In AS copy the first frame and paste after the last frame. on the second to last frame apply image transition effect fade at default. Now select all and change the frame properties to 30. Find the frame where the alien has the kiss and opacity is at 100 change the property for that frame to 60.
View your animation for speed and save a s a GIF.
Thanks for checking this out :)

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