Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Witchy Halloween

Tube used in this tut is called" Witchy Halloween" By Marco Guaglione sold at PTE Scrapkit used is called" Raven Gone Crazy" By Crazy Carita found at PTE for purchase( New Releases) font used is called decomposing; Mask used Vix Big mask 18 found here Plugin/Filters: Eye Candy 4gradient glow and fire, Eye Candy5 Texture Drop shadow 2,248,8 black OK Let's start by opening a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white. Open the el1 and place on canvas. Open your tube resize by 90% and place to the right. Click inside the frame and expand by 8, add a new raster layer and paste paper 7 into selection. Duplicate it twice and apply EYE Candy 5 Texture-Texture noise - set to crinkled at default for the rest. apply to each of the frame background layers changing the seed for each one. Add paper11 to the last layer and apply your mask. merge group and duplicate it. Move one to the left and the other to the right. merge the mask together. Resize element 16 by 40% and mirror. Element 15 by 50% and select the flames using your freehand selection tool. Once selected promote layer,duplicate twice and apply Eye candy 4 fire setting to flicker at default. Change the seed for each layer. Go back to the original candle and promote the wick above the flamed layers. Resize element 34 by 40% and select the crow's body promote the layer and duplicate twice.the top crow free rotate 20 degrees to the right and the middle crow free rotate 10 degrees to the right.Move the two crows to the top layers to meet the legs. When you rotate them they tend to stray to the right a bit . slide it back over a bit to the left to match. hide the top crows the original crow promote layer and delete from the signage. Free rotate element 31 90 to the right and place under the Halloween sign and pumpkins. erase any vines hanging out. see my tag for reference. Resize el20 by 80% and duplicate twice. Freehand select the light illuminated in the lamp. Apply Eye Candy 4 gradient glow to these settings: setting-blazing sun,soft corners at 50,overall 36, for the first layer glow width at 48.19 , the second layer at 59.48 and the last at 73.04. Place paper7 into your material palette and type your name out. Convert to raster then duplicate and apply 3d effects cutout at default to the top layer. Merge down then add a border sized 2 and drop shadow. Add you license number and artist URL. off to animate in AS. Add the three frames as you would with any animated tut Minus the crow layers. make sure your merge visible with the Halloween signage and crow legs attached. then apply image transition effects-fade at default to frames 6. Duplicate frame 1 , select the last frame then paste after current frame.Apply the fade transition to frame 11 and delete frame 16. Select all and change the frame properties to 10 Now copy and paste all three crows to AS as a new animation. if your animation is jumpy. merge part of the sign to keep the crows frames the same size. once you have all three frames copy and paste all three behind current frame until you have 15 frames. then select all and copy/paste to the tag. View your animation to see placement. Save as a GIF. Thanks for looking.

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