Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Batty

Scrap used for this tut is called " Going batty" By TKDezignz found here for purchase
Tube used is by Tony Tzanoukakis of PTE. please only use with the proper license.
Template used was made by Tonya and Minxy temp4 found here for download
Mask used WSL 345 found here; Font used HL ThupHap BK 1 Upgrade
Eye candy Gradient glow was used on the name and Mura Meister Copies on one element
Drop shadow for this tut is 2,2,65, 5 black
open the template up Shift D to copy and delete the original.
Resize the temp by 600 pixels wide and delete the copyright layer, stars,pixel and dotted line 2.
Resize your tube by 95% and place on the top layer.
For this tut all papers were duplicated and the top layer was changed to multiply in order to match the deep colors of the tube unless otherwise stated.
Place ppBlue at the last layer of the tag and apply WSL mask.
Resize Cloud2 by 50% and place above the mask layer to the top left hand corner. Duplicate and move to the right. Merge the two and add a drop shadow.
Resize the tree by 25% and repeat placement .
place sucker1 to the top right,duplicate,mirror and flip.
Resize dots 4 paper by 50% and activate layer thin rectangle invert and delete the excess paper.
merge the two rounded edge rectangles ( 1 and 2)and add glitter paper1 , activate the rounded rect layer, invert and delete excess.
Merge rounded edges 3 and 4, activate layer and add pp black into selection as is. Do not duplicate this paper layer.
Add your closeup tube to each side of this layer,blend to overlay and opacity to 57. Invert and delete the excess tube.
Resize brad3 by 25% and apply Mura Meister Copies- encircle at these settings:35,71,90 and the rest is at default settings. Move this layer under the tube layer.
Activate the dotted line and add a new raster layer flood fill with a starburst gradient repeat set to 6 with the purple and orange color from the kit. Add another raster layer and flood fill again change the purple to the blue color from the kit. Mirror and move behind the stripe.
Merge the thin rectangles and add glitterpaper2 into selection
Add word paper into selection of the circle layer.
Merge the small circle layer together and apply dots1 paper into selection. Contract and add a new raster layer adding orange pp into selection. Place skull2 black on top of the orange layer.Blend to soft light and opacity to 59. Erase any part of the skull hanging past the orange layer.
Add Stripe pp1 to the frame back by pasting into selection and delete the frame layer. Resize frame we3b 2 by 50%,duplicate and change the blend to hard light. Merge,duplicate and mirror.
Duplicate the resized tree layer and move behind the frame background.
Resize sucker2 by 25% and free rotate 10 to the left and place to the right. Duplicate and mirror. Duplicate again and rotate slightly in the other direction using your pick tool.
Resize the pumpkin2 element by 50% and place on each side of the tube.
Resize ribbon bat by 80% and place over the small circle layer, duplicate,mirror, merge,duplicate again and blend to multiply.
Resize moon bats by 20% and place to the top left hand corner.
Type your name,license number and artist URL.
Thanks so much for looking

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