Monday, September 12, 2011

Lil Devil

Tube used in this tut is called" Lil Devil" by Marco Guaglione found for purchase at PTE

Scrapkit used is FTU called Fu*k Love by Pimp'd Designz found here for download
Kit not available anymore but you can use any kit.
 All you need are wings, clouds and a frame
Fonts used is Fluffy Krusty and Heather

Plugins/ Filters used: Eye Candy4 fire, Xenofex2 -cracks, VM unplugged-vertical tile, Xero-Emphasis

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace and paste the main tube on the canvas. Duplicate it and change the blend mode to soft light. add a drop shadow to the bottom tube.

Resize frame 1 by 80% and click inside each frame , expand by 2 , add a new raster layer and paste paper9 into selection. Add the medium sized closeup to the left, duplicate ,mirror and merge. Select the frame background invert and delete tube excess. Apply Xero Emphasis and with your color picker choose the two reds in the suit of the tube then Duplicate the tube. Change the top tube blend to multiply.

Resize wings 2 be 85% and place behind the frame.

Resize the backdrop 1 by 80% twice and place on the top left of the canvas. Duplicate and move to the bottom right of the canvas.

Resize clouds1 by 80% and place to the left. Duplicate mirror and merge. Add a drop shadow in the red color of the tube.

Resize doddle paper by 80% and place under the clouds. Duplicate it twice and apply Eye Candy 4 fire settings to blue flame and change the colors with these setting below:

Add to each doodle changing the seed number for each. closed the top two flamed doodles for later animating.

Type out " Lil Devil" in a thick cartoony font. i used Fluffy Krusty in the lighter red for the background and dark red for the stroke set to 1. Duplicate the wording once you converted it to raster.

to the bottom wording apply VM-Unplugged vertical tile at default. Move the top word art just above the frame. using your rectangular selection tool select the bottom wording and promote layer.Delete the bottom wording on the original tiled words. Move the promoted layer down under the original wordart and to the right a bit. on the word art above the frame duplicate that layer and change the blend to screen.

On the original word art click inside the letters and add Xenofex2 Cracks setting set to hairline at default.

Resize the sparkle element to 70% and place behind the main tube.

Type your name license number and artist URL.

To animate copy the merged tag to animation shop then repeat with the other flamed layers. Change the frame properties to 18 and save as a GIF.

Thanks for checking out my tut

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