Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Truly Vamp

Scraps by Pimp'd Designz called" Goth Glam" Found here for purchase
Tube used is by Keith Garvey found at PTE for purchase
Font is called Transylvania
Mask used Insatiable Dream 211 found here for download
Gradient glow by Eye candy
Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize frame 1 by 80% and free rotate 90 to the left.
Click inside ,expand by 4 ,add a new raster layer and paste paper7 into selection.
Add the tube close up to the right, blend to dodge, duplicate,mirror and blend to multiply. Activate the background ,invert and delete the tubes excess.
Resize the drape and ribbon4 by 80%
Resize the bats by 50% duplicate and mirror one the other resize again at 50%.
Resize print1 and frame 4 by 80%. Arrange the frame to the top and the print to the bottom of the frame. Rsize print 4 by 80% as well ,duplicate and move one to the top left and the other slighly toward the bottom and to the right. Duplicate again and resize at 30% keep hidden for later
Resize the moon at 1505 and place as the last layer of the tag.
pate paper6 below and flip. Apply the mask to this layer.
Resize the candelabra by 50% and the charm by 10%. Place the charm on each of the jewels. Add a light red gradient glow to the candles.
Reszie flower1 by 15% and duplicate to make a cluster. place them on each bow of the ribbon. unhide the splatter and place under each flower. Duplicate it again to use on the book we will resize shortly.
Resize the book and cross by 35% and place to the Right of the frame. use the pic tool set to perspective to move the top node in alittle and rotate the cross a bit. place the blood splats on the book where ever you like.
Resize leaves1 and flower5 by 10 to 15% and place around the tag.
place your tube on the top layer, duplicate, blend to soft light, merge and drop shadow.
Addyour name, artist URL and license number.
thanks for checking the tut out.

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