Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Love

The tube used in this tut is called fullfigured by Robert Alvarado 
The FTU scrapkit used is called Black ,White and a touch of Goth by Dreamland designs found here for download
the word art is a freebie found here for download by Elferique
the mask used is monti circle mask found here
Satisfaction is the font used
 Add paper9 to your canvas  change the color to the red color picked from your tube's lips a, flood fill it with your color changer tool then apply the mask. Duplicate the mask inside of the group then merge group.

Add your tube,duplicate it,add Gaussian blur of 10 and drop shadow the top tube.
 Add frame5 and move to the left. Duplicate it and mirror.
 add paper behind the frame , click inside,expand by 4,invert and delete.
Add the bling cross , resie the thin red bow by 25%, resize votive 1 and 2 by 50%.
Free rotate the doodle 90 to the left and place above the frame edges. Duplicate,flip and merge down. Duplicate ,change blend to doge,merge down, duplicate and add Gaussian blur at 10 to the bottom.
Free rotate the feather,duplicate and mirror.
Resize your wordart by 40% and add a thick gradient glow or a border sized 2.
Add the butterflies element,your name,artist URL and license  number.
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evil Panties

Tube used in this tut is by Shawli  called" Halloween Flag"
Template used is by spazz Halloween  temp dated sept 12th here
FTU Scrapkit used is called night of the  wandering dead by Imagic Reflections here
Font is curly MT
Filters/plugins: Xenofex2-constellations,Penta color dot and Eye candy Gradient glow

Start off by opening your template and holding shift d to copy. Delete original and resize  the entire tag by 600 pixels wide.
 Color the layer 11 with the orange from your tag using your color changertool. Duplicate it ,mirror and color with the purple from her staff.
Resize paper5 by 50% ,duplicate,mirror and merge down. activate layer7 ,invert and delete excess.
Add paper into select of layer 12. open and add element 7 above  this layer.
Merge raster2 and copy of 2 together, activate,add a new raster layer and flood fill with a sunburst gradient repeat 1 with the orange we used before and the color black. Place you close up on both side and change the blend to  dodge. Lower theopcaity to 60 and erase excess.
Resize ribbons by 505 and rotate to match the angle of the rectangles using your pick tool. erase the excess and copy to place on the opposite side.
Delete raster 17 and 18. resize beads by 50% duplicate and extend your beads. rotate to match the location of the lines we just deleted. repeat on the opposite side.
Delete the two starts and change the color of the wording to black. Add a thick white gradient glow.
Add the full moon element to the tag and resize to match the sizing of the layers1,3,4,and 5. once done delete those layers duplicate the mood and add Constellation small starts to the moon
Place ghost 4 and each side of the tag.
 And place the fence element above the moon layer.
 Delete raster 6 and color change the wording to the orange we used before.
add paper 3 and 1 to raster's 15 and 14 Activate rasters 19 and 16. Add new raster layers and flood fill with the glitter 1 and 4. Add the spider web to one square and penta color dot 255 and distance at 15 all other sliders at default. Add the closeup to the webbed box Blend and opacity the same as before and the main tube showing the skirt. use Xero greyscale to change the color.. place frame 4 as the last layer on the bottom right and the top left.
 Place the bonfire with less wood on the tag your main tube, your name,artist URL and license number.
Thanks for checking out this tut

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Tube by Maxine Gadd calle FaeryBall 
Kit by Lilas called For You found here( this link is to her blog click the facebook link Like her page go to exclusive and click the inage for the download link)
 animation by Lovey found  here for download( use one of the sparkle animations the one i have is from Sept 2010)updated link to the sparkle fairy Thanks so muvh Lovey for helping out. love your stuff HUGS
Font Splendid Ornamenty
 mask used Horseplay Pasture 27 found here
Filters/Plugins: Xenofex2-flag,Vanderlee Natural-Sparkle

OK start off with a 600 by 600
 Resize element 15 by 600 pixels wide then at 95%.
Click inside the outer ribbon and expand by 5. Resize paper2 by 600 pixels ,mirror and place the most colorful area under the ribbon . Invert and delete. Add your close up tube and delete excess. change the tube blend to burn. Duplicate the paper layer twice and apply Xenofex2 flag at these settings:Simplified mode un checked,strength 95 , direction 147,contrast 50, direction 135 and check all attachments boxes. Add this to all the paper layers and change the seed for each one. close the top two layers for animating later.
Resizepapr4 by 600 pixels,elements 17 and 10. Apply the mask and merge group. Add drop to glitter spray and duplicate he lace layer twice. Add Vanderlee sparkle change the max size to 13 then increase  the seed by 20 for each layer. close the top two layers.
Place resized element 28 by 600 pixels wide bheind the ribbon frame and rotate a little to the left with your pick tool.
place your tube under the ribbon frame and above the frame. close the top tube clikc the inside of the frame and expand by 3,invert and delete the excess tube. Open the top tube and erase the excess leaving the wings alone.
Resize element 13 by 600 pixels wide,flip, mirror and place at the bottom.
 Resize element 3 by 600 pixels wide then at 80% place at the top, duplicate ,free roate 90 o te right and place at the right.
 Resize element 18 by 10% , duplicate, resize at 80, duplicate again and resize at 50%.
 the 50% flower place in the center of the tube's corona and around the vines.
 Open your closeup tube and freehand select the flowers on her head to the right. promote layer and delete the tube. erase the skin,hair and bottom left foliage. Freehand select the top right foliage,promote layer, mirror and flip. bring back under the flowers then merge down.
 Resize elemnt 11 by 8% thenagaina at 80%.
Freehand select the white and pink bunch off the promoted flowers from the tube. erase all foliage  and place around the vines in different sizing.
Resize elemnt 19 by 20% and change the hue a bit with hue/saturation set to this.152-169. Dupliacet and rotate the ribbon.
 Resize element 26 by 600 pixels wide then again at 80. Duplicate  and free rotate.
 Freehand select the sparkle hair and promote layer,duplicate twice and apply the Vanderlee sparkle as we did before
 Resize element 22, Type your name,license number and artist URL.
to animate add  a merged copy of your tag to AS, then another meregd copy using the middle duplicates and a last one using the last of the duplicates.  Apply image transition fade and move the slider to change the amount of frame to 3, click the next frame and repeat then copy the first frame. Paste after current frame and apply the image transition to the second to the last frame. delete the last frame for smoothness. Select all and copy paste the frames after current frame . select all and chnage the frame prpoerties to 10. Add you aniation to your likng to the tag. i added the fairy animation by lovey. Save a s a GIF
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So Rock

Tube used in this tut is by Robert Alvarado called"Vexing"
FTU scrapkit called So Rock by Adèlune can be download from here
Font used Second Lyric: Mask Used Kristin Mask 8 of Toxic Desires found here for download
Filters/Plugins: Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Corona:Greg's factory Output2 -spotlight: Robert Rosenman -Halftone

Open a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize elements 9,15,35 and 36 by 600 pixels. resize 35 and 9 by 80%
 open your main tube and duplicate. Apply Mura Meister copies wallpaper rotate then apply Robert Rosemann -Halftone both at default. then add Gaussian blur of 5 . open paper5 and resize it by 25% pace it above to halftone layer change the elnd to multply them merge down and apply the mask. Duplicate this layer 3 tines and apply Greg's factory Output2 spotlight at default for the first layer the second layer  change the x to 77 and y to 45, on the third layer change them to 160 and 166.
 on the word art duplicate it three times. add a thick gradient glow at size 3 then increase the glow by 3 each layer until you get to the last layer then add Eye Candy Corona i the same color as the glow sized 20.87
 Resize elements 25 and 12. free rotate 12 25 to the right and mirror.
 Add your name ,license number and artist URL.
 Animate this tag  by copying each merged  duplicate layer. Change the frame properties to 18 once done and save a s GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lusty Bad Girl

 scrapkit used in the tut is by Mellows Graphics  called "Lust" Click here for Purchase
Tube used is by The Hunter 
Font used Cherries Black
Filters/ Plugins: Filter Factory A -Pool Shadow, Eye Candy4 HSB Noise and Gradient Glow

Start off  with a 600 by 200 workspace flood filled in white.
Add Frame Red to the canvas. Click inside the frame and expand by 10 . Add  a new raster layer then add paper 11 into selection.resize words1 by 50% and  blend to soft light. Place mirrored closeup, blend it at luminance (l) and lower the opacity to 43.
Duplicate the background made three times. Apply Filter FactoryA -Pool Shadow at default on the top layer, the middle layer move the sliders the opposite position( example if default is on the right move it to the left) On the third layer move the sliders in the middle. Change the blend for the three layers to multiply. close the two top layers for later.
 Activate the back ground,add a new raster layer and add paper15 into selection.
Activate the white background again-selections-select all- modify- selection borders- size 1,add a new raster layer flood fill in black. Repeat the addition of a border but change the size to 4 and  add paper 4 into selection. Drop shadow -2,-2,5,100 then again at 2,2,5,100.
 Free rotate explicit content 2 by 25 to the left  and resize by 50%.
place the bottle 1 element and candle 1 element under the chain layers. erase anything past the frame and top of the chain areas.
Free rotate the whip 75 to the left and resize by 50%. Resize the bear leather by 25%.
 Place your main tube in the center,duplicate,blend to hard,light and opacity to 75 .
open flower 1 qnd place at each top corner. using your magic wand click the black area of the petals. keep clicking until you have the red swirls separated from the black,invert and promote layer. Duplicate this layer three times. Apply HSB noise at these settings:0,30,400,3.20,5.39,50 smooth fractal. hit the seed for each layer then close off the top two layers.
 Add your name artist URL and license number.
 To animate merge visible add to AS then unmerge and close the duplicate layer used. open the middle duplicate merge and paste after current frame in AS. Repeat this action with the top duplicates. then select all in AS and change frame properties to 25.
 Save a aGIF.
 Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tube used in this tutorial is called "Punch" By Jose Cano. 
Template used in this tut is a Collab Between Tasha,Amy and; Leah found here Or here for download
The masks used in this tut are by Vix found here for download mask 109 and 112
Font used are Centrury Gothic( came with computer) and Caramel Candy(PTU)
Jeux De Lignes-Enterlacement
Xero- Radiance
DSB Flux-Bright Noise
Greg's Factory Output2-Sine Blobs III
Eye Candy 4- Gradient Glow and HSB Noise
Xenofex2- constellations
 Drop shadow for the tag 2,2,28,4,100 black

 Open your template and shift D to copy. Delete the original and the CR layer.
 Mirror all layers except the wordart layers.Resize your canvas to 600 by 600 and flood fill the background in white.
Add your tube to the center and duplicate it. Add Gaussian blur of 5 to the top tube and change the blend to soft light and add the drop shadow twice to the bottom tube.
Move frame1 and circle1 above the tube layers. Select a portion of her leg that is blocked by the frame and circle promote ot and move above the frame and circle layer.
 Flood fill the circle layer with a liner gradient repeat at 5 and angle at 45 with the two colors from your tube.I chose #ebb1c2 and #7e93c7. open your closeup tube and place above the circle 1. Activate circle 1 ,invert and delete excess tube. Duplicate your tube apply Xero-Radiance at default and blend to overlay.On the top tube add Jeux De Lignes -Enterlacement at default and blend to screen.
Add Eye Candy HSB Noise to frame1 at these settings
Repeat this effect on the thin circle layer as well.
 Using your color changer tool flood fill circle 3 with your blue you used in your gradient.
Add your closeup tube several times until your circle is covered. Merge your tube then activate the circle layer,invert and delete excess. Crop your tag,Duplicate the tube layer and change the blend to the bottom to luminance (L), the top to soft light,Gaussian blur of 5.
Flood fill circle 2 with a gradient . Change the blue to a light pink #fbae2. Add DSB Flux-Bright Noise mixed 62 to the frame 2 layer.
Add this effect to star1,bar dots 1 and bar dots 2.
 Flood fill square2 with the dark pink from your gradient and add Bright noise twice to this layer.
Flood fill Bar 1 and bar 2 with the lighter pinks and blues. Apply Effects-Enhance Edges-Enhance more to both bars. On the blue bar  Select all-Modify-contract by 2 and promote layer. Add Enterlacement and change the blend to screen.
Apply Greg's  factory Outpost 2- Sine Blobs II at default to the remaining black squares. on the top square Colorize it  Hue 245 Saturation at 135. Apply Enhance more to both layers
 Type out the word SWAG in the century gothic font set to size 20 in white. Apply Mura Meister copies Tiling angle. Merge the two squares down and activate them. Invert , delete the excess wording and change the blend to soft light.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with the two pinks we used before.But change the repeat and angle to 0 . Apply Vix mask 109 ,merge group,selections-contract by 4 and apply Xenofex- Constellations with these settings:

Add another  Raster layer flood fill it in the dark blue and apply Vix mask 112. Merge Group,open closeup ,activate mask,invert and delete tube excess. Change the tube blend to screen and opacity to 69.
 Add your name with a script font in the pink gradient. Add a thick gradient glow,constellations and drop shadow.
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks so much for looking

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UnWrap Me!

Tube used in this tut is by Victoria Fox called" Mummy" 
FTU scrapkit  called Halloween 2011 by dreamland designs found here for download
MaskMisfits Halloween mask 3  by Melissa download here
 Font used - Ghoulish
Filters/plugins: Xenofex2-constellations,Eye Candy 4 Gradint Glow

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
 Opne you mask and crop to  enlarge the space used. Add paper5 and apply mask. Merge group them duplicate and merge.
 Open and resize  spider web by 120% Apply Brightness and Contrast to these settings: Brightness-107 ,Contrast-91 then using your color changer tool flood fill with the dark blue from her hair. I used
#0a214b then sharpen twice. Apply Effects-Enhance Effects-Enhance more and drop shadow.
Duplicate it three times and apply Xenofex2 -Constellations with these settings to the top three layers2, Change the seed for each layer then close the top two.
 Open your tube and apply a drop shadow.
 Place the bats element and house on to your canvas. Add a thick white gradient glow to your bat layer.
Resize garland2 by 50% and erase any part of the garland on the ends cut off by the size of your canvas.
 Resize moon with spider  by 50%. Freehand select the spider and promote layer twice then delete the spider off of the moon. Freehand select the string web in the middle of the cresent and promote layer. Move this string down and one of the spiders to the tip of the string. then merge them. Close this layer.
 place the candy element at each side of the tube then duplicate and resize by 50%. Resize the pumpkin by 50% and then again at 80% then mirror and move back to the other pumpkin.
Resize the cat2 by 50% then add a medium gardient glow.
 Resize theGhost 2 by 40%. Open the garland 2 again and freehand select one of the skeletons. Copy and paste on to canvas.
 Resize the fog by 50% ans place on each side.
 type your name, artist URL and license number.
 Off to animate.
Merge visible and copy yo AS.
Close the bottom web layer and open the middle layer. Close the spider layer and open the stringed spider move it up using the CTRL up arrow to bring it closer to the moon but under the previous position. merge visible then copy after current frame.
 Close the middle web layer open the top web layer and move the stringed spider down.
 Merge then copy onto to AS.
 You should have three frames. Copy the middle frame and paste after the last frame. Select all and change the frame properties to 25. Save a s aGIF.
 Thanks for looking 

Friday, October 14, 2011


This award was given to me by:
Mellow Graphics

This award is for the Beautiful Women (and Men)
who grace us with their talents
in the Tagger Community.
The intent of this award is to pass it on
to the Designer, Tagger, or Artist
who has inspired you with their endless talent
and who has touched your heart.
There are many out there.
Let's see how far we can pass this on.
I Pass this on to

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Scraps used for this tut is called " Midnight garden" By Pimp'd Designz found here for purchase
This lovely tube is by Deborah Grieves found at PTE for purchase.
Font used Diana

 Resize the PD mask by 70% and add to a 600 by 600 canvas flood filled in white. Open paper8 and activate the mask layer,invert and delete the excess. Duplicate the layer and mirror.
 Resize frame2 and paper 3 by 90%. Place the paper behind the frame. using your freehand selection tool select the inside of the frame, invert and delete the paper excess.
Resize greens 1 by 80% and flip. Duplicate and mirror. place the behind the frame background. paste again and reisze by 80% twice place one on the left behind the frame and the one on the right above the frame.
 reszie the window and PD light by 40%. mirror the light.
Resize the pd leaf and place where the light element has a sharp edge right under the window.
Place the land element and duplicate it.
 Resize the butterfly spray and place to the right. add your tube and drop shadow.
 Resize flower 1  and 2 and place around the leaves. resize,mirror and flip as needed.
 resize the word art by 80% duplicate it,reise the wing and button 4
 add your name artist URL,license number.
 if you would like to animate merge visible and copy your tag to AS.
 Open your animation i used Lightening bugs by Janice of Jus
Copy the tag the same amount of frames as your ani and copy/paste the animation onto your tag.
Save as a GIF.
 Thank for looking

Spook Night

 Scrapkit used is called Boo Night by Pimp'd Designz found here for purchase
Tube used is by Scott Blair found for purchase at PTE
 Font used Zombified:  Filter/plugin-Eye Candy Gradient glow

Star off with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Add paper5 to the canvas and apply Horseplay pasture's mask 22
Resize frame 4 by 90% and place paper 10 inside of the frame. Erase excess and paste the tube closeup to the left.Duplicate the tube and change the blend for the bottom tube to burn and the top tube to dodge/opcaity86. using your freehand selection tool add anew raster layer select the eyes and flood fill in black. hid this layer and erase any tube excess.
Resize web by 405,duplicate merge and place under the frame.
Resize the house by 50% and click inside the windows with your magic wand. Add a new raster layer and add paper8 into selection. merge then duplicate and mirror.
resize the clock by 52% and the swirl by 52% twice.
 Resize the ghost by 40% and the wordart by 80% adding a thick white gradient glow.
Resize the tree and spider at 80%, the ribbon4 by 50%,duplicate and mirror,swirl by 80%mirrored ,duplicate,mirror and resize again.
 place your main tube onto to the tag and drop shadow.
 Resize the cat element and place behind the tube. Freehand select the eyes of the cat. add two raster layers. Flood fill one in the charcoal color of the cat and the other with the light grey of the cat orbs. Freehand select the center of the eyes and promote layer
 type your name,artist URL and license number.
 If you are animating continue on.
Close the eyelids,the orbs,and the eye centers layers
 merge visible and copy onto AS. Come back and open the closeup tube lid layer the cat grey orb layer and the centers layers. Move the center to the top left alittle then merge visible and copy /paste after current frame.
Next close the closeup tube's lid layer then merge/copy/paste.
Next move the cat eye center to the right then merge /copy /paste.
Then open the cat lid layer merge/copy/paste.
 last frame open the original cat layer.
 Change the frame properties to 25 for frames 1,3,4,5. Frame 2 to 60 and 6 to 10
 Save a  GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Only Gonna Break Your Heart

Scrap used is from a collab by Tammy called " Break Your Heart" Purchase this kit here
Tube by Keith Garvey of PTE. purchase this tube here

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
 Add the transparent words to the canvas and apply WSL mask 152
Place frame cluster 3 on to the canvas and click inside of the frame,expand by 3,add a new raster layer and paste gradient paper into selection.
Grab your closeup tube,mirror and place to the left,blend to overlay ,invert and delete excess.
Place heartbreaker key chain to the right and erase excess.
 place barbed heart1 on top of the frame and place your main tube on top.
Resize purple ribbon by 80%, emo bunny sitting by 50% ,broken heat 1 by 40% and free rotate 5 to the left.
 Add checkered flower2 and ric rac black behind the frame.
 Add heart paper 1 to your material palette angle 315, scale 25 with stroke set to 2 in black. Type your name in bold font and type it again in a script font in black.
 Add your license number and artist URL. You are all done :)
Thanks for looking


TGIF is the name of this scrpkit made by Pimp'd designz found here for purchase. It is  part of a Collab :)
Tube is by Elias Chatzoudis found at PTE for purchase.
Font is AxisCaps SSK
 Gradient glow by Eye Candy

Start off with a workspace 600 by 600 flood filled in white.
 Resize the frame by 65 and add paper2 behind it. click inside expand by 3 invert and delete. add the closeup tube, blend to overlay  and delete excess.
Resize the word art by 80% duplicate it three times and add a drop shadow to the last layer. apply Greg factory pool shadow to the three layers change the first four sliders by 50 starting at 255 working your way down.close the top two layers for animating later.
place  wire at the last layer and drop shadow. Add  a new raster layer and flood fill  a gradient that matches your tube. i used the two yellows from her shirt then apply your mask.
 Resize the disco ball by 80%  and pd kisses by 90%. Duplicate the kisses and change the blend to multiply.
 Place the pd swirls on the tag and merge down. Duplicate and change the blend to multiply and merge down. click the dark pink swirls and promote layer. Duplicate the bottom swirls twice and add nose at 87 then 8o then 75 . Close off the two top layers.
 Resize gem 1 and glass1 by 50% ,Bow 4 by 25% and glitter by 50,duplicate.mirror and flip.
 Place the music notes and add a thick white gradient glow.
 Resize frame  and place a part of the closeup tube inside and delete the excess.
Add your main tube and duplicate it twice. using your warp tool ton the top tube push the hips up and out alittle and the left hip down and in. the middle leave the same. the bottom pull the left hip out and up an bit and the right side down and in.
Type your name and duplicate it twice. Add a thick gradient glow in one color and the other two layers in another. the bottom layer add a drop shadow.
 Add the license number and artist URL.
 You are done unless you want to animate :)

Close off the sparkle layers  the music notes and main tube layers. Merge visible and paste onto AS as a new animation. Unmerge visible and close the bottom duplicates and open the middle duplicates. Merge again and paste after current frame. Repeat wit the last duplicate layers. Select all and copy. paste after the last frame. select all again.
Now Paste  the Tube layer as a new animation then  paste after current frame. Come back to PSP and paste the second tube layer twice and repeat with the last frame. Select all and paste onto the animated tag.
Merge the sparkles and the music notes layers then copy and paste as a new animation. repeat paste until you have 6 frames. select all then copy on to the animated tag.
(sparkle animation can be found in missy's animation 4. link is in the  hardcore envey  tut)
Open the sparkle animation and select all. Even thought the animation is in 12 frames we are only using 6. Select all and paste onto the animated tag moving it to the top left. repeat paste and move to the bottom left.
To animate the name. paste the name with one color then paste the name with the other color after that frame. Click the first frames and apply image transition effects iris. Change the slider so the number of frames ends up being 4. Select all and copy paste to the animated tag.
Save a a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cherry Pie

Scrap used is called Collab Cherry Pie by Sarah found here for purchase
Tube used is by Ismael Rac found here for purchase
Font used is called dancing script

Open a 600 by 600 flood filled white work space.
Add the cheery pie 1 element.
Resize ribbon 4  and the tube by 80%.
Place  wordart2 and ribbon1 on to the tag.
Resize cherry pie dots bu 80%
Resize the recipe card by 50% and free rotate 5 degrees to the left.
Using the script font size11 copy and paste the ingredients to the cherry pie recipe. Free rotate it as well 5 degrees to the left. i got mine fro the food network website :).
 Type your name ,license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Good N Evil

Scrap used is called" Good Girl /Bad girl Combo" by Pimp'd Designz" found here for purchase. ( It is a dollar on special hurry and get it)
Tubes used are by Armando Huerta sold at PTE right now. These tubes i bought from mpt when they were open.
Fonts used - PTU Good vibrations, FTU Harrington and HL thudhap
Gradient glow by Eye candy is optional.

Start off with a 600 by 200 workspace flood filled in white.
 Place one tube on one side and the opposite tube on the other. Duplicate both tubes and increase the size by 150%. then hide the duplicates for later.
 Flood filled a new raster layer with a linear gradient angle 0 repeat at 1 with the red from the bad kit and the blue from the good kit..
Type the word good in the blue using a script font the word , in white with the Harrington font  and the word evil in red with a grunge font. Add a sharp drop shadow 1,1,100 1 black. Duplicate it and move it around until the entire area is filled with the phrase Good and Evil.
 open CC-bracket from the bad girl kit and place on to the canvas. Duplicate it and mirror. Change the color to the one on the right to the blue from the good girl kit.
 Using your freehand selection tool draw out one side of the bracket and add CC-pp5 to both side of the tag using the corresponding kit for each of the tubes.. invert and delete the excess. Duplicate the papers and add Motion blur direction at 90 for the blue and 270 for the red polka dot paper.
Open both closeups. n the devil side duplicate the tube and change both tube blend to hard light. erase any part of the tube hanging past the bracket.
On the angel side change the blend to soft light and erase any tube hanging past the bracket.
In the bad girl kit open tyhe fire element and place it behind the main tube. Duplicate it and move it in front of the tube add Gaussian blur at 2 and resize at 50%. Repeat this with the cloud element in the good girl kit with the angel tube.
In the bad girl kit resize the fork top and skull elements. place the mesh on top of the closeup tube.
 on the angel side resize the gate,flower,gem and doddle elements. place the light element mirrored behind the main tube.
Add a border to the tag and flood fill it with the gradient angle at 90 1 repeat in the same colors we used before. add noise at 78 and drop shadow.
 Add your name, license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking


Tube used for this tut is called " Pumpkin Slayer" By Tony Tzanoukakis. This tube can be bought at PTE.
 FTU Scrapkit Is called " The perfect scare" By HorsePlay Designs download here
 Masks  By HorseplayDesigns download here
Font used You Murderer and Barbies Jalous Sisters
Filters/Plugins Eye Candy4 Fire, Eye Candy 4 Corona and Mura Meister Seamless- Emboss at Alpha

Start out with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Open and paste element 22 and move it down slightly.
Resize paper4 by 50% and place behind the frame. Using your magic wand click inside and expand by 3. invert and delete the excess paper.
Resize element 28 by 50% and color pick the lighter grey of the moon. Apply Eye Candy Corona, change the size of the glow to give a nice shine and color to match.
Resize element 33 by 50% and mirror.
Resize element 14 and 15 by 40%
Resize element 34 by 50% and place on the right matching where the gate is on the background,duplicate and mirror.
Resize element 11 by 80%,duplicate and mirror.
Resize element 12 by 70% and duplicate twice to have three layers. using your push brush sized at 10. Pull the mouth of the tree down a little and each of the eyes up little. Repeat this with the other duplicate but increase the pull and make it alittle wider. Close the top two layers of the tree for animating later.
Place element 42 under the frame and duplicate it. Close the duplicate for later,activate the frame background,invert and delete the excess. You should have alittle of he grass showing at the base of the house.
 Add element 31,mirror,duplicate,blend to hard light.
Reszie element 30 by 50%,duplicate,blend to multiply and merge down. Duplicate this layer twice. The bottom layer close off. the top layer select the pumpkin,invert and delete the cat,add a drop shadow to this duplicate and mirror. the remaining layer free hand select the arm and paw,promote layer and delete it from the bottom. so you should have a layer of the arm and paw,a layer of the cat and pumpkin with out the paw,a layer of the pumpkin and the original layer.
We will use these layers later on for animating.
Add your main tube to the tag and drop shadow it.
Unhide the grass layer we hid before  and resize it by 80%. Duplicate it and shift until it is slightly full. Then use your eraser tool to area any grass paste the frame and tube foot..
Add paper7 and apply mask. Duplicate,blend to multiply and merge. Add paper 8 apply mask. Select the top half of the mask and delete. we just want the look of dirt for the bottom half of the tag.
Resize element 35 by 35%, element 7 by 50%,element 16 by 40% and element by 35.
Resize element 3 by 25%,mirror,duplicate,blend to multiply and merge. Element 7 by 35% Merge these two elements together duplicate it twice and freehand select the flame on the torch and the wick on the candle. Apply Eye Candy fire lower the height of the flame to your liking. On each layer change the seed then hide the top two layers.
Resize the bat element by 505 duplicate and resize again.
Type slayer on the book in the barbies font.Type your name in the You Murderer font apply Mura emboss at alpha at default twice and drop shadow.
Add your license number and artist URL. You are all done if you want it unanimated.

Add element 41 behind the main tube layer and move to the left. Make sure all of your top duplicate layers are closed.  With the cat layer hide the original layer and unhide the cat paw layer and the cat layer without the paw. Move the paw up down little.Merge Visible and copy to AS as a new animation. Come back to PSP unmerge then move the fog to the right. Do this each time we unmerge( this is to cut down on my typing LOL). now with the tree  and fire elements hide the bottom layers and unhide the middle layers. With the cat layer unhide the original layer and hide the cat paw layer and the cat layer without the paw.Move the spider to the top of the web and with each time move it down .Merge visible and copy to AS behind the current frame.
Unmerge and close off the middle duplicates and open the top duplicate layers( remember to move your spider and fog each time).Merge visible and copy to AS. Now we have three frames  in AS but the fog is not finished moving across the screen and the cat has not licked his paw yet. Come back to PSP  unmerge the tag move the fog again move the paw closer to the head and open the middle layers again. merge visible and copy to AS. Continue opening and closing the layers until you have moved your fog layer all the way across the tag. Once you have completed that working in AS change the frame properties to 30 and save your tag as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colorful Halloween

Tube used in this tut is by Arthur Crowe called" Colorful Halloween" found for purchase at PTE
The Preset shape is FTU found here by Judy
The FTU scrapkit is made by Vabys called" Halloweeny Mayhem" Found here for download
Font used is FTU called Waterfalls
 Mask used Vix Big mask 19 found here
Filters/Plugins used:VM Natural -Acid Rain, Mura Meister Copies

 Let's start off this colorful tag with a 600 by 600 workspace.
Open the Halloween stencils and choose the bats stencil. Copy and paste into your preset shape folder in your PSP files. Then select it from your preset shape tool. Draw out the shape and convert to raster.
Selections-select all- float and open paper 6. Invert and delete excess paper. Invert again,add a new raster layer and flood fill in pink #d36793.Add noise at 48 then change the blend to color  and merge down. Selections-Modify-Select borders size 4,add a new raster layer,flood fill in black and apply inner bevel.
Using your magic wand click inside the shape and expand by 2. Add a new raster layer and flood fill in black. Add another raster layer and flood fill in the same pink we used before. repeat this action with the other colors in here hair. Close all but one of the  bat layers. Open your closeup tubes and fill the bat background with different parts of the tube. merge down all the tube. Activate the bat background invert and delete the tubes excess.Duplicate the merged tube layer and change the blend to multiply. Move this layer below all the bat background layers.
Open the largest closeup tube. Select a portion of her hair with the most colors and copy as a new image. paste this copy onto your tag and apply Mura Meister copies wallpaper rotate. increase the number until you see the preview fill all the spaces. then click on Duplicate this layer and add Gaussian blur two,soft light then merge down. Apply your mask,merge group, duplicate and move one to the top left and the other to the bottom right.
Resize element12 by 50% and place to the top right hand corner.Resize element 3 and place to the top left hand corner.
Resize element 30 and 44 by 50%. Select all on element 44 ,float,add a new raster layer and flood fill in the same blue we used in the bat background.. Change the blend to color and erase the mortar  and book from this layer. you don't want all of the items to be blue.
 resize element 40 by 80% and place behind the books and pumpkin layers. using your magic wand chose some of the purple leaves,add a new raster layer ,flood fill int some of the colors from her hair , change the blend to color then me reg down. Duplicate it and mirror.
 Reize element 38 by 50% and change the color of the spider mark to yellow by way of the color changer tool. move the spider to the top right hand corner. Activate the stencil layer invert and delete the excess. Freehand select the spider,invert and promote this layer. you should just have the web promoted. Add a drop shadow to the spider layer then duplicate the web layer three times. you should have for web layers,matching the amount of bat background color layers. Apply VM natural Acid rain at default then with each layer change the seed by 10.
Place your main tube in position then duplicate,blend to soft light and drop shadow
 Add your name, artist URL and license number.
Animate this tag as with all animated tags. Save as a gif
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tube used for this tutorial is made by The Hunter Called " Leo" Sold at PTE
Scrapkit used is a FTU kit called Horror Whorez by DigiCats found here for download
Font used is Aphrodite( any script font will do)
Eye Candy Gradient glow

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace floodfilled in white.
Resize the frame1 by 50%,duplicate and mirror.
Merge the two then click inside with a magic wand. Expand by 3,add a new raster layer and paste paper13 into selection.
Chose the closeup tube and place to the right. Change blend to hard light and erase excess tube.
Place the rose2 element to the left , change the blend to luminance and erase the excess tube.
Type out the horoscope attributes in white. i chose  the positive stuff about LEO. Change blend to soft light.
Add you main tube to the tag,duplicate,change the blend to soft light.
Resize bow 2 by 25% and flower4 by 15%.
Place the cloud element to the bottom left of the tag and move as last layer. duplicate,mirror and merge. Duplicate flip and merge. Change the color to black using the Brightness and contrast set to -255 and 100.
Place your name,artist URL and license number.
 Crop your tag :)
Merge the cloud layers and background to copy over to AS.
Then apply image effects underwater with these settings:
After added select the first frame and delete it.
Select all and change the frame properties to 25.
 now back to PSP. Close the merged cloud background layer  then merge visible the rest of the tag. Copy and paste as a new animation. repeat the paste as much as the layers created by the image effects. Which should be four layers. Select all and copy and paste to the cloud frames. Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.