Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colorful Halloween

Tube used in this tut is by Arthur Crowe called" Colorful Halloween" found for purchase at PTE
The Preset shape is FTU found here by Judy
The FTU scrapkit is made by Vabys called" Halloweeny Mayhem" Found here for download
Font used is FTU called Waterfalls
 Mask used Vix Big mask 19 found here
Filters/Plugins used:VM Natural -Acid Rain, Mura Meister Copies

 Let's start off this colorful tag with a 600 by 600 workspace.
Open the Halloween stencils and choose the bats stencil. Copy and paste into your preset shape folder in your PSP files. Then select it from your preset shape tool. Draw out the shape and convert to raster.
Selections-select all- float and open paper 6. Invert and delete excess paper. Invert again,add a new raster layer and flood fill in pink #d36793.Add noise at 48 then change the blend to color  and merge down. Selections-Modify-Select borders size 4,add a new raster layer,flood fill in black and apply inner bevel.
Using your magic wand click inside the shape and expand by 2. Add a new raster layer and flood fill in black. Add another raster layer and flood fill in the same pink we used before. repeat this action with the other colors in here hair. Close all but one of the  bat layers. Open your closeup tubes and fill the bat background with different parts of the tube. merge down all the tube. Activate the bat background invert and delete the tubes excess.Duplicate the merged tube layer and change the blend to multiply. Move this layer below all the bat background layers.
Open the largest closeup tube. Select a portion of her hair with the most colors and copy as a new image. paste this copy onto your tag and apply Mura Meister copies wallpaper rotate. increase the number until you see the preview fill all the spaces. then click on Duplicate this layer and add Gaussian blur two,soft light then merge down. Apply your mask,merge group, duplicate and move one to the top left and the other to the bottom right.
Resize element12 by 50% and place to the top right hand corner.Resize element 3 and place to the top left hand corner.
Resize element 30 and 44 by 50%. Select all on element 44 ,float,add a new raster layer and flood fill in the same blue we used in the bat background.. Change the blend to color and erase the mortar  and book from this layer. you don't want all of the items to be blue.
 resize element 40 by 80% and place behind the books and pumpkin layers. using your magic wand chose some of the purple leaves,add a new raster layer ,flood fill int some of the colors from her hair , change the blend to color then me reg down. Duplicate it and mirror.
 Reize element 38 by 50% and change the color of the spider mark to yellow by way of the color changer tool. move the spider to the top right hand corner. Activate the stencil layer invert and delete the excess. Freehand select the spider,invert and promote this layer. you should just have the web promoted. Add a drop shadow to the spider layer then duplicate the web layer three times. you should have for web layers,matching the amount of bat background color layers. Apply VM natural Acid rain at default then with each layer change the seed by 10.
Place your main tube in position then duplicate,blend to soft light and drop shadow
 Add your name, artist URL and license number.
Animate this tag as with all animated tags. Save as a gif
Thanks for looking.

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