Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evil Panties

Tube used in this tut is by Shawli  called" Halloween Flag"
Template used is by spazz Halloween  temp dated sept 12th here
FTU Scrapkit used is called night of the  wandering dead by Imagic Reflections here
Font is curly MT
Filters/plugins: Xenofex2-constellations,Penta color dot and Eye candy Gradient glow

Start off by opening your template and holding shift d to copy. Delete original and resize  the entire tag by 600 pixels wide.
 Color the layer 11 with the orange from your tag using your color changertool. Duplicate it ,mirror and color with the purple from her staff.
Resize paper5 by 50% ,duplicate,mirror and merge down. activate layer7 ,invert and delete excess.
Add paper into select of layer 12. open and add element 7 above  this layer.
Merge raster2 and copy of 2 together, activate,add a new raster layer and flood fill with a sunburst gradient repeat 1 with the orange we used before and the color black. Place you close up on both side and change the blend to  dodge. Lower theopcaity to 60 and erase excess.
Resize ribbons by 505 and rotate to match the angle of the rectangles using your pick tool. erase the excess and copy to place on the opposite side.
Delete raster 17 and 18. resize beads by 50% duplicate and extend your beads. rotate to match the location of the lines we just deleted. repeat on the opposite side.
Delete the two starts and change the color of the wording to black. Add a thick white gradient glow.
Add the full moon element to the tag and resize to match the sizing of the layers1,3,4,and 5. once done delete those layers duplicate the mood and add Constellation small starts to the moon
Place ghost 4 and each side of the tag.
 And place the fence element above the moon layer.
 Delete raster 6 and color change the wording to the orange we used before.
add paper 3 and 1 to raster's 15 and 14 Activate rasters 19 and 16. Add new raster layers and flood fill with the glitter 1 and 4. Add the spider web to one square and penta color dot 255 and distance at 15 all other sliders at default. Add the closeup to the webbed box Blend and opacity the same as before and the main tube showing the skirt. use Xero greyscale to change the color.. place frame 4 as the last layer on the bottom right and the top left.
 Place the bonfire with less wood on the tag your main tube, your name,artist URL and license number.
Thanks for checking out this tut

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