Sunday, October 23, 2011


Tube by Maxine Gadd calle FaeryBall 
Kit by Lilas called For You found here( this link is to her blog click the facebook link Like her page go to exclusive and click the inage for the download link)
 animation by Lovey found  here for download( use one of the sparkle animations the one i have is from Sept 2010)updated link to the sparkle fairy Thanks so muvh Lovey for helping out. love your stuff HUGS
Font Splendid Ornamenty
 mask used Horseplay Pasture 27 found here
Filters/Plugins: Xenofex2-flag,Vanderlee Natural-Sparkle

OK start off with a 600 by 600
 Resize element 15 by 600 pixels wide then at 95%.
Click inside the outer ribbon and expand by 5. Resize paper2 by 600 pixels ,mirror and place the most colorful area under the ribbon . Invert and delete. Add your close up tube and delete excess. change the tube blend to burn. Duplicate the paper layer twice and apply Xenofex2 flag at these settings:Simplified mode un checked,strength 95 , direction 147,contrast 50, direction 135 and check all attachments boxes. Add this to all the paper layers and change the seed for each one. close the top two layers for animating later.
Resizepapr4 by 600 pixels,elements 17 and 10. Apply the mask and merge group. Add drop to glitter spray and duplicate he lace layer twice. Add Vanderlee sparkle change the max size to 13 then increase  the seed by 20 for each layer. close the top two layers.
Place resized element 28 by 600 pixels wide bheind the ribbon frame and rotate a little to the left with your pick tool.
place your tube under the ribbon frame and above the frame. close the top tube clikc the inside of the frame and expand by 3,invert and delete the excess tube. Open the top tube and erase the excess leaving the wings alone.
Resize element 13 by 600 pixels wide,flip, mirror and place at the bottom.
 Resize element 3 by 600 pixels wide then at 80% place at the top, duplicate ,free roate 90 o te right and place at the right.
 Resize element 18 by 10% , duplicate, resize at 80, duplicate again and resize at 50%.
 the 50% flower place in the center of the tube's corona and around the vines.
 Open your closeup tube and freehand select the flowers on her head to the right. promote layer and delete the tube. erase the skin,hair and bottom left foliage. Freehand select the top right foliage,promote layer, mirror and flip. bring back under the flowers then merge down.
 Resize elemnt 11 by 8% thenagaina at 80%.
Freehand select the white and pink bunch off the promoted flowers from the tube. erase all foliage  and place around the vines in different sizing.
Resize elemnt 19 by 20% and change the hue a bit with hue/saturation set to this.152-169. Dupliacet and rotate the ribbon.
 Resize element 26 by 600 pixels wide then again at 80. Duplicate  and free rotate.
 Freehand select the sparkle hair and promote layer,duplicate twice and apply the Vanderlee sparkle as we did before
 Resize element 22, Type your name,license number and artist URL.
to animate add  a merged copy of your tag to AS, then another meregd copy using the middle duplicates and a last one using the last of the duplicates.  Apply image transition fade and move the slider to change the amount of frame to 3, click the next frame and repeat then copy the first frame. Paste after current frame and apply the image transition to the second to the last frame. delete the last frame for smoothness. Select all and copy paste the frames after current frame . select all and chnage the frame prpoerties to 10. Add you aniation to your likng to the tag. i added the fairy animation by lovey. Save a s a GIF
 Thanks for looking


  1. beautiful creation ! I love Maxine Gadd tubes !

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  3. It's okay I have downloaded it. Thank you again for this gorgeous tut. Jean

  4. I see that Loevy removed the sept post of animations i have emailled her to see if it could be shared or she can re-upload. Thanks ao much for writing :)


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