Friday, October 21, 2011

Lusty Bad Girl

 scrapkit used in the tut is by Mellows Graphics  called "Lust" Click here for Purchase
Tube used is by The Hunter 
Font used Cherries Black
Filters/ Plugins: Filter Factory A -Pool Shadow, Eye Candy4 HSB Noise and Gradient Glow

Start off  with a 600 by 200 workspace flood filled in white.
Add Frame Red to the canvas. Click inside the frame and expand by 10 . Add  a new raster layer then add paper 11 into selection.resize words1 by 50% and  blend to soft light. Place mirrored closeup, blend it at luminance (l) and lower the opacity to 43.
Duplicate the background made three times. Apply Filter FactoryA -Pool Shadow at default on the top layer, the middle layer move the sliders the opposite position( example if default is on the right move it to the left) On the third layer move the sliders in the middle. Change the blend for the three layers to multiply. close the two top layers for later.
 Activate the back ground,add a new raster layer and add paper15 into selection.
Activate the white background again-selections-select all- modify- selection borders- size 1,add a new raster layer flood fill in black. Repeat the addition of a border but change the size to 4 and  add paper 4 into selection. Drop shadow -2,-2,5,100 then again at 2,2,5,100.
 Free rotate explicit content 2 by 25 to the left  and resize by 50%.
place the bottle 1 element and candle 1 element under the chain layers. erase anything past the frame and top of the chain areas.
Free rotate the whip 75 to the left and resize by 50%. Resize the bear leather by 25%.
 Place your main tube in the center,duplicate,blend to hard,light and opacity to 75 .
open flower 1 qnd place at each top corner. using your magic wand click the black area of the petals. keep clicking until you have the red swirls separated from the black,invert and promote layer. Duplicate this layer three times. Apply HSB noise at these settings:0,30,400,3.20,5.39,50 smooth fractal. hit the seed for each layer then close off the top two layers.
 Add your name artist URL and license number.
 To animate merge visible add to AS then unmerge and close the duplicate layer used. open the middle duplicate merge and paste after current frame in AS. Repeat this action with the top duplicates. then select all in AS and change frame properties to 25.
 Save a aGIF.
 Thanks for looking.

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  1. Wow! I love this Vanessa....Beautiful job. I will get it on my blog in a bit and link it here. Thank you so much..Wow! I love it.


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