Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good N Evil

Scrap used is called" Good Girl /Bad girl Combo" by Pimp'd Designz" found here for purchase. ( It is a dollar on special hurry and get it)
Tubes used are by Armando Huerta sold at PTE right now. These tubes i bought from mpt when they were open.
Fonts used - PTU Good vibrations, FTU Harrington and HL thudhap
Gradient glow by Eye candy is optional.

Start off with a 600 by 200 workspace flood filled in white.
 Place one tube on one side and the opposite tube on the other. Duplicate both tubes and increase the size by 150%. then hide the duplicates for later.
 Flood filled a new raster layer with a linear gradient angle 0 repeat at 1 with the red from the bad kit and the blue from the good kit..
Type the word good in the blue using a script font the word , in white with the Harrington font  and the word evil in red with a grunge font. Add a sharp drop shadow 1,1,100 1 black. Duplicate it and move it around until the entire area is filled with the phrase Good and Evil.
 open CC-bracket from the bad girl kit and place on to the canvas. Duplicate it and mirror. Change the color to the one on the right to the blue from the good girl kit.
 Using your freehand selection tool draw out one side of the bracket and add CC-pp5 to both side of the tag using the corresponding kit for each of the tubes.. invert and delete the excess. Duplicate the papers and add Motion blur direction at 90 for the blue and 270 for the red polka dot paper.
Open both closeups. n the devil side duplicate the tube and change both tube blend to hard light. erase any part of the tube hanging past the bracket.
On the angel side change the blend to soft light and erase any tube hanging past the bracket.
In the bad girl kit open tyhe fire element and place it behind the main tube. Duplicate it and move it in front of the tube add Gaussian blur at 2 and resize at 50%. Repeat this with the cloud element in the good girl kit with the angel tube.
In the bad girl kit resize the fork top and skull elements. place the mesh on top of the closeup tube.
 on the angel side resize the gate,flower,gem and doddle elements. place the light element mirrored behind the main tube.
Add a border to the tag and flood fill it with the gradient angle at 90 1 repeat in the same colors we used before. add noise at 78 and drop shadow.
 Add your name, license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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