Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spook Night

 Scrapkit used is called Boo Night by Pimp'd Designz found here for purchase
Tube used is by Scott Blair found for purchase at PTE
 Font used Zombified:  Filter/plugin-Eye Candy Gradient glow

Star off with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Add paper5 to the canvas and apply Horseplay pasture's mask 22
Resize frame 4 by 90% and place paper 10 inside of the frame. Erase excess and paste the tube closeup to the left.Duplicate the tube and change the blend for the bottom tube to burn and the top tube to dodge/opcaity86. using your freehand selection tool add anew raster layer select the eyes and flood fill in black. hid this layer and erase any tube excess.
Resize web by 405,duplicate merge and place under the frame.
Resize the house by 50% and click inside the windows with your magic wand. Add a new raster layer and add paper8 into selection. merge then duplicate and mirror.
resize the clock by 52% and the swirl by 52% twice.
 Resize the ghost by 40% and the wordart by 80% adding a thick white gradient glow.
Resize the tree and spider at 80%, the ribbon4 by 50%,duplicate and mirror,swirl by 80%mirrored ,duplicate,mirror and resize again.
 place your main tube onto to the tag and drop shadow.
 Resize the cat element and place behind the tube. Freehand select the eyes of the cat. add two raster layers. Flood fill one in the charcoal color of the cat and the other with the light grey of the cat orbs. Freehand select the center of the eyes and promote layer
 type your name,artist URL and license number.
 If you are animating continue on.
Close the eyelids,the orbs,and the eye centers layers
 merge visible and copy onto AS. Come back and open the closeup tube lid layer the cat grey orb layer and the centers layers. Move the center to the top left alittle then merge visible and copy /paste after current frame.
Next close the closeup tube's lid layer then merge/copy/paste.
Next move the cat eye center to the right then merge /copy /paste.
Then open the cat lid layer merge/copy/paste.
 last frame open the original cat layer.
 Change the frame properties to 25 for frames 1,3,4,5. Frame 2 to 60 and 6 to 10
 Save a  GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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