Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tube used in this tutorial is called "Punch" By Jose Cano. 
Template used in this tut is a Collab Between Tasha,Amy and; Leah found here Or here for download
The masks used in this tut are by Vix found here for download mask 109 and 112
Font used are Centrury Gothic( came with computer) and Caramel Candy(PTU)
Jeux De Lignes-Enterlacement
Xero- Radiance
DSB Flux-Bright Noise
Greg's Factory Output2-Sine Blobs III
Eye Candy 4- Gradient Glow and HSB Noise
Xenofex2- constellations
 Drop shadow for the tag 2,2,28,4,100 black

 Open your template and shift D to copy. Delete the original and the CR layer.
 Mirror all layers except the wordart layers.Resize your canvas to 600 by 600 and flood fill the background in white.
Add your tube to the center and duplicate it. Add Gaussian blur of 5 to the top tube and change the blend to soft light and add the drop shadow twice to the bottom tube.
Move frame1 and circle1 above the tube layers. Select a portion of her leg that is blocked by the frame and circle promote ot and move above the frame and circle layer.
 Flood fill the circle layer with a liner gradient repeat at 5 and angle at 45 with the two colors from your tube.I chose #ebb1c2 and #7e93c7. open your closeup tube and place above the circle 1. Activate circle 1 ,invert and delete excess tube. Duplicate your tube apply Xero-Radiance at default and blend to overlay.On the top tube add Jeux De Lignes -Enterlacement at default and blend to screen.
Add Eye Candy HSB Noise to frame1 at these settings
Repeat this effect on the thin circle layer as well.
 Using your color changer tool flood fill circle 3 with your blue you used in your gradient.
Add your closeup tube several times until your circle is covered. Merge your tube then activate the circle layer,invert and delete excess. Crop your tag,Duplicate the tube layer and change the blend to the bottom to luminance (L), the top to soft light,Gaussian blur of 5.
Flood fill circle 2 with a gradient . Change the blue to a light pink #fbae2. Add DSB Flux-Bright Noise mixed 62 to the frame 2 layer.
Add this effect to star1,bar dots 1 and bar dots 2.
 Flood fill square2 with the dark pink from your gradient and add Bright noise twice to this layer.
Flood fill Bar 1 and bar 2 with the lighter pinks and blues. Apply Effects-Enhance Edges-Enhance more to both bars. On the blue bar  Select all-Modify-contract by 2 and promote layer. Add Enterlacement and change the blend to screen.
Apply Greg's  factory Outpost 2- Sine Blobs II at default to the remaining black squares. on the top square Colorize it  Hue 245 Saturation at 135. Apply Enhance more to both layers
 Type out the word SWAG in the century gothic font set to size 20 in white. Apply Mura Meister copies Tiling angle. Merge the two squares down and activate them. Invert , delete the excess wording and change the blend to soft light.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with the two pinks we used before.But change the repeat and angle to 0 . Apply Vix mask 109 ,merge group,selections-contract by 4 and apply Xenofex- Constellations with these settings:

Add another  Raster layer flood fill it in the dark blue and apply Vix mask 112. Merge Group,open closeup ,activate mask,invert and delete tube excess. Change the tube blend to screen and opacity to 69.
 Add your name with a script font in the pink gradient. Add a thick gradient glow,constellations and drop shadow.
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks so much for looking

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