Sunday, October 9, 2011


TGIF is the name of this scrpkit made by Pimp'd designz found here for purchase. It is  part of a Collab :)
Tube is by Elias Chatzoudis found at PTE for purchase.
Font is AxisCaps SSK
 Gradient glow by Eye Candy

Start off with a workspace 600 by 600 flood filled in white.
 Resize the frame by 65 and add paper2 behind it. click inside expand by 3 invert and delete. add the closeup tube, blend to overlay  and delete excess.
Resize the word art by 80% duplicate it three times and add a drop shadow to the last layer. apply Greg factory pool shadow to the three layers change the first four sliders by 50 starting at 255 working your way down.close the top two layers for animating later.
place  wire at the last layer and drop shadow. Add  a new raster layer and flood fill  a gradient that matches your tube. i used the two yellows from her shirt then apply your mask.
 Resize the disco ball by 80%  and pd kisses by 90%. Duplicate the kisses and change the blend to multiply.
 Place the pd swirls on the tag and merge down. Duplicate and change the blend to multiply and merge down. click the dark pink swirls and promote layer. Duplicate the bottom swirls twice and add nose at 87 then 8o then 75 . Close off the two top layers.
 Resize gem 1 and glass1 by 50% ,Bow 4 by 25% and glitter by 50,duplicate.mirror and flip.
 Place the music notes and add a thick white gradient glow.
 Resize frame  and place a part of the closeup tube inside and delete the excess.
Add your main tube and duplicate it twice. using your warp tool ton the top tube push the hips up and out alittle and the left hip down and in. the middle leave the same. the bottom pull the left hip out and up an bit and the right side down and in.
Type your name and duplicate it twice. Add a thick gradient glow in one color and the other two layers in another. the bottom layer add a drop shadow.
 Add the license number and artist URL.
 You are done unless you want to animate :)

Close off the sparkle layers  the music notes and main tube layers. Merge visible and paste onto AS as a new animation. Unmerge visible and close the bottom duplicates and open the middle duplicates. Merge again and paste after current frame. Repeat wit the last duplicate layers. Select all and copy. paste after the last frame. select all again.
Now Paste  the Tube layer as a new animation then  paste after current frame. Come back to PSP and paste the second tube layer twice and repeat with the last frame. Select all and paste onto the animated tag.
Merge the sparkles and the music notes layers then copy and paste as a new animation. repeat paste until you have 6 frames. select all then copy on to the animated tag.
(sparkle animation can be found in missy's animation 4. link is in the  hardcore envey  tut)
Open the sparkle animation and select all. Even thought the animation is in 12 frames we are only using 6. Select all and paste onto the animated tag moving it to the top left. repeat paste and move to the bottom left.
To animate the name. paste the name with one color then paste the name with the other color after that frame. Click the first frames and apply image transition effects iris. Change the slider so the number of frames ends up being 4. Select all and copy paste to the animated tag.
Save a a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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