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Tube used for this tut is called " Pumpkin Slayer" By Tony Tzanoukakis. This tube can be bought at PTE.
 FTU Scrapkit Is called " The perfect scare" By HorsePlay Designs download here
 Masks  By HorseplayDesigns download here
Font used You Murderer and Barbies Jalous Sisters
Filters/Plugins Eye Candy4 Fire, Eye Candy 4 Corona and Mura Meister Seamless- Emboss at Alpha

Start out with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Open and paste element 22 and move it down slightly.
Resize paper4 by 50% and place behind the frame. Using your magic wand click inside and expand by 3. invert and delete the excess paper.
Resize element 28 by 50% and color pick the lighter grey of the moon. Apply Eye Candy Corona, change the size of the glow to give a nice shine and color to match.
Resize element 33 by 50% and mirror.
Resize element 14 and 15 by 40%
Resize element 34 by 50% and place on the right matching where the gate is on the background,duplicate and mirror.
Resize element 11 by 80%,duplicate and mirror.
Resize element 12 by 70% and duplicate twice to have three layers. using your push brush sized at 10. Pull the mouth of the tree down a little and each of the eyes up little. Repeat this with the other duplicate but increase the pull and make it alittle wider. Close the top two layers of the tree for animating later.
Place element 42 under the frame and duplicate it. Close the duplicate for later,activate the frame background,invert and delete the excess. You should have alittle of he grass showing at the base of the house.
 Add element 31,mirror,duplicate,blend to hard light.
Reszie element 30 by 50%,duplicate,blend to multiply and merge down. Duplicate this layer twice. The bottom layer close off. the top layer select the pumpkin,invert and delete the cat,add a drop shadow to this duplicate and mirror. the remaining layer free hand select the arm and paw,promote layer and delete it from the bottom. so you should have a layer of the arm and paw,a layer of the cat and pumpkin with out the paw,a layer of the pumpkin and the original layer.
We will use these layers later on for animating.
Add your main tube to the tag and drop shadow it.
Unhide the grass layer we hid before  and resize it by 80%. Duplicate it and shift until it is slightly full. Then use your eraser tool to area any grass paste the frame and tube foot..
Add paper7 and apply mask. Duplicate,blend to multiply and merge. Add paper 8 apply mask. Select the top half of the mask and delete. we just want the look of dirt for the bottom half of the tag.
Resize element 35 by 35%, element 7 by 50%,element 16 by 40% and element by 35.
Resize element 3 by 25%,mirror,duplicate,blend to multiply and merge. Element 7 by 35% Merge these two elements together duplicate it twice and freehand select the flame on the torch and the wick on the candle. Apply Eye Candy fire lower the height of the flame to your liking. On each layer change the seed then hide the top two layers.
Resize the bat element by 505 duplicate and resize again.
Type slayer on the book in the barbies font.Type your name in the You Murderer font apply Mura emboss at alpha at default twice and drop shadow.
Add your license number and artist URL. You are all done if you want it unanimated.

Add element 41 behind the main tube layer and move to the left. Make sure all of your top duplicate layers are closed.  With the cat layer hide the original layer and unhide the cat paw layer and the cat layer without the paw. Move the paw up down little.Merge Visible and copy to AS as a new animation. Come back to PSP unmerge then move the fog to the right. Do this each time we unmerge( this is to cut down on my typing LOL). now with the tree  and fire elements hide the bottom layers and unhide the middle layers. With the cat layer unhide the original layer and hide the cat paw layer and the cat layer without the paw.Move the spider to the top of the web and with each time move it down .Merge visible and copy to AS behind the current frame.
Unmerge and close off the middle duplicates and open the top duplicate layers( remember to move your spider and fog each time).Merge visible and copy to AS. Now we have three frames  in AS but the fog is not finished moving across the screen and the cat has not licked his paw yet. Come back to PSP  unmerge the tag move the fog again move the paw closer to the head and open the middle layers again. merge visible and copy to AS. Continue opening and closing the layers until you have moved your fog layer all the way across the tag. Once you have completed that working in AS change the frame properties to 30 and save your tag as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.

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