Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UnWrap Me!

Tube used in this tut is by Victoria Fox called" Mummy" 
FTU scrapkit  called Halloween 2011 by dreamland designs found here for download
MaskMisfits Halloween mask 3  by Melissa download here
 Font used - Ghoulish
Filters/plugins: Xenofex2-constellations,Eye Candy 4 Gradint Glow

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
 Opne you mask and crop to  enlarge the space used. Add paper5 and apply mask. Merge group them duplicate and merge.
 Open and resize  spider web by 120% Apply Brightness and Contrast to these settings: Brightness-107 ,Contrast-91 then using your color changer tool flood fill with the dark blue from her hair. I used
#0a214b then sharpen twice. Apply Effects-Enhance Effects-Enhance more and drop shadow.
Duplicate it three times and apply Xenofex2 -Constellations with these settings to the top three layers2, Change the seed for each layer then close the top two.
 Open your tube and apply a drop shadow.
 Place the bats element and house on to your canvas. Add a thick white gradient glow to your bat layer.
Resize garland2 by 50% and erase any part of the garland on the ends cut off by the size of your canvas.
 Resize moon with spider  by 50%. Freehand select the spider and promote layer twice then delete the spider off of the moon. Freehand select the string web in the middle of the cresent and promote layer. Move this string down and one of the spiders to the tip of the string. then merge them. Close this layer.
 place the candy element at each side of the tube then duplicate and resize by 50%. Resize the pumpkin by 50% and then again at 80% then mirror and move back to the other pumpkin.
Resize the cat2 by 50% then add a medium gardient glow.
 Resize theGhost 2 by 40%. Open the garland 2 again and freehand select one of the skeletons. Copy and paste on to canvas.
 Resize the fog by 50% ans place on each side.
 type your name, artist URL and license number.
 Off to animate.
Merge visible and copy yo AS.
Close the bottom web layer and open the middle layer. Close the spider layer and open the stringed spider move it up using the CTRL up arrow to bring it closer to the moon but under the previous position. merge visible then copy after current frame.
 Close the middle web layer open the top web layer and move the stringed spider down.
 Merge then copy onto to AS.
 You should have three frames. Copy the middle frame and paste after the last frame. Select all and change the frame properties to 25. Save a s aGIF.
 Thanks for looking 

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