Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Smile

Tube used used in this tutorial is by Lorenzo Di Mauro called" Christmas 08" 
FTU  scraps are by Cajoline called Christmas MIX4 found here for download
Fonts used-andover and porcelin
Filters /plugins:
VM Natural-Sparkle
Xero-Soft Vignette
 Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
Animation by Curisotuz by Nature called Christmas sparkle1 found here for download

 Start with a 600 by 200 workspace flood filled in white.
 Resize both your closeup and tube by 80%.
Place the tube to the left and drop shadow. Free roatte the closup 90 to the left and select just the sunglasses using your rectangular selection tool.Inert and delete the excess. Apply Xero Vignette at these settings:( my foreground was set to the red color from the tube)
Then apply a thick Gradient glow in white. Select it with your magic wand and apply VM natural sparkle size 7.
Type Merry Christmas in a script font sized 36. Covert then duplicate and apply Mura Meister copies tiling spaced at 2. Free roatet 90 to the left. Activate your closeup tube layer,invert and delete. Change the blend to soft light and duplicate again.
 On the original wording add a gradient glow in red and drop shadow.
 Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in a multi-red gradient set to linear and repeat at 999. This gradient came with my program. you can make one with the light and dark red from the tube's hood.
Resize element freebie9 by 35% and place to the right. duplicate,mirror and move to the left. Merge down and duplicate it three times. on the bottom layer add a drop shadow on the three top layers chnage the belnd to hard light and apply VM sparkle and chnage the  seed by 10 for each layer. close the top two layers when done.
Resize freebie 8 by 30%,sharpen ,duplicate,change the blend on the top to hardlight,merge and drip shadow.
Highlight you bottom layer which is the background flood filled in white. Selections-modify-selection borders size 6 ,promote layer,move to the top layer. Then activate-selections-modify-selection borders sized 1,add anew raster layer flood fill the outer border in red and the inner border in a brass gardient. Apply edge enhance and drop shadow the white border.
 Type out your name,rasterize it, apply Effects -texture-blinds= 2,5 both boxes checked in the color black. Add a drop shadow then duplicate it twice. Apply VM  Natural sparkle but chnage the sliders to change the color to red.Green and blue sliders to 0 and red to 255. Apply to each layer changing the seed for each one.
Add your license number and artist URL.
 Animate tag as with any animated tag by pasting the frames to AS.
 to place the sparkle on the tree top i used the christmas sparkle resized at 50% and only used the first three frames of the animation.

to make the avatar open a new workspace sized 150 by 150
Repeat  the borders made above. paste the tube and resize by 50%. Place the red gradient layer and the gold branch layers.  Add your name,artist copyright and your license number.
 thanks or looking.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiger Princess

 Tube by Jaz Higgins  called" Tiger Princess"
FTU texture  by Vix download here Texture set 2 Texture#7
Eye Candy Impact -glass
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
 Drop Shadow4,5,100,4 black
Animation Shop- Transition Effects Blinds

Start with a 600 by 200 sized workspace.
Add a raster layer and  flood fill in a complimenting color from your tube. i used the color from the tiger's eyes.
Place your texture over your colored layer and duplicate it twice. on the top flip it,the middle mirror it and the last leave as is and close the top two layers.
 Grab your rectangle preset tool set to 5 width foreground the color we use before and the back ground null. Draw out your border to your tag. Rasterize it and apply a thick gradient glow with two colors from your tube. i used the black and white from the tiger.
 Open your tube and resize it by 50% ( if you are using the same tube). Duplicate it and change the blend to soft light.
 Grab your medium sized close up and paste several times on your canvas. And use the large close up in the center of your canvas when pasting. on your LG closeup tube duplicate it and change the blend to Luminance (L) on the bottom opacity  to 44 . the top tube to burn with a opacity of 26.
 On the medium sized closeup on the left blend i used is over layer and on the right Luminance (L) opacity at 79.
in order for the animation to look fluid I activate the top tube layers and delete the bottom overlapping tube. Repeat this until you have no overlapping mashed up images.
 Grab your elliptical pre set shape tool and draw a long oval in the color not used before. i used the color from her hair. Click inside the oval add a new raster layer and flood fill with  linear gradient with the color from our background and the color from our oval. then apply Eye Candy Glass settings at clear glass at default to the oval.
Crop your tag, add your name,artist URL and license number.

to animate  close  all layers except the closeups,the background and the bottom texture layer. merge visible and copy to AS.
 Unmerge and merge the middle texture layer,hide the bottom. Copy to AS after current layer.
Repeat copy with the top texture layer.
 Working in AS apply transition effects blinds at default to the first frame. once done you will see the last frame affected highlighted. click the next frame and apply again. Then head back to the first frame copy and paste after the very last frame. then apply the transition to the second to the last frame. Delete the last frame  and select all.
Come back to PSP close the background layers and open the previously closed layers .Merge visible and copy to AS as a new animation. Click -Edit- Copy-Edit  again-Propagate paste then open the 30 frames we just made on the background and paste into selected frames.
Save as aGIF
Thanks for looking

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Full House

Tube used in this tut is by Robert Alvarado called"House of cards" 
FTU kit is called Platinum club which can be downloaded here
Mask used WSL 364 which can be downloaded here
 Eye Candy 5 Textures- Animal Fur
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
 Mura Meister Copies

Start off with a 600 by 600 work space flood filled in white
 Grad your pre set shape tool set to rectangle and show all nodes checked. Draw out a rectangle with a silver gradient in the foreground and black in the back ground.  Width set to 5. once drawn do not rasterize yet grab one of the corner nodes and pull it down that will curve your edges. Convert to raster. Click inside with your magic wand,contract by1,promote layer and apply Eye Candy Texture- Animal fur set to zebra. Merge it down and add a drop shadow.
 Apply Mura Meister Copies-cards at these settings:
place the chicken wire1 under the cards and apply the mask.
Resize glitter1 by 600 pixels wide and place above the wire layer.
Place the retro lamp and frame 2 onto the ta. Click inside of frame 2 and expand by 1. Add paper5,invert and delete the excess.
Place star bling and free rotate it 10 to the left.
 Add your tube to the tag.
 Type your name and paste paper1 into selection of your name. Add a outline of 2 then add a gradient glow.
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Friday, November 18, 2011


Tube used in this tut is by The Hunter called" Zodiac Cancer" 
 Template 69 is By Melissa Creationz found here for download.
Font used Andover found here for download
Mask used is by Janice of JusGraphx found here for download
Filters/Plugins used:
Eye Candy4 chrome
FM file tools Blend Emboss
Vm Instant Art- Steel Mesh
 Mura Mesiter Copies
 Greg Output factory-Pool Shadow
Drop shadow used 4,3 45,6 black

Open your template hit shift D to copy and delete the original.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill in white. move to the bottom.
 Delete the credits and change the brightness /contrast on layers 5,8 and merged rectangles to 255,100.
 Apply Eye Candy Chrome settings on liquid metal on the merged dots layer.
 Flood fill raster 2 with your desires color. i used #31376f.
Change the brightness and contest on raster 3 too -255,100 and apply VM instant art-Steel Mesh sized 11. Then apply Greg factory Output pool shadow settings to diagonal 150 and lightness 43. All other sliders at default.
 Flood fill raster4 with the same blue as before and apply noise 56 to the layer. Duplicate and change the blend to hard light.
 Add the medium sized tube to the small merge rectangle layers. Erase any excess, duplicate and apply Effects-3d Effects Cutout at these settings( and color):
Add your close tube to raster 4 and erase excess. Apply FM Tile Tools-blend emboss at default twice.
Free hand select a rectangle box under  and above the eyes on  raster 4. Add a new raster layer and flood fill in a light grey. Add the medium sized tube and select the crab skull tattoo. Erase the flesh around the tattoo apply Blend emboss and change the blend to luminance (L)
 Type out the word cancer in the same blue as before using a pixel font. Apply mura Mester copies angle tiling spaced at 2. erase excess.

 Flood fill a new raster layer in blue and apply the mask.
Add your tube, drop Shadow, your name,license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging With Santa

 Tube used in this tut is by Tim Lowery called" Misty Christmas" 
Scrapkit used in this tut is a FTU kit called Candy Cane By Lacarolita found here for download
Font used is Christmas card found at and mask115 by Laurie  found here for download

 Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Resize the sleigh by 65% then using your pick tool bring in the right and left sides in alittle to fit the tag.
Add your tube placing her  left foot on the sled.
Add paper5 and apply the mask. merge the group and move the mask up a bit.
Resize the following elements:
star2- 90%
presents-255 then 50%
bow 3- 10%
 Santa- 50%
 On the Bow 4 element use your pick tool set to shear to move and shape the bow to appear like it is affixed to the sleigh.
Move the left outer nodes to match the curl of the sleigh's edges. On the right side move the nodes inwards like pictured below.
then pull the bottom middle node to the left alitte
then drop shadow and place the ball under this layer.

 Now working on the Santa animation if you like to animate that is.
Freehand select the face area of the Santa and promote layer.
Zoom your tag so you can see better. i zoomed in about 300%. Freehand select the lashes of Santa , promote layer and name lashes. Duplicate Santa's face layer  4 times. So you should have 5 layers. the bottom face rename blush and we will address that layer. On the third layer from the bottom use your paint brush set to circle and size 5 color in the lashes and the eye up to the white dot with the peach color from his face.Duplicate the lash layer close the top lash layer for use layer and move the duplicate to mathc the top of the orbs of the eye. merge down rename closing 1. Moving up to the next layer repeat the coloring but color in more of the orb, duplicate the lash and bring down to meet  as we did before. mere down and rename closing2.
The next layer is the first and top duplicate color in the entire eye. Now we lost where to place our lashes. no fear copy the fourth duplicate face and move above the  the layer we just colored. Lower the opacity to 30 or about so we can use it as our guide. Move the lashes to the bottom of where the orb of the eye stops. Grab your darken/lighten tool sized about four Free hand select the shaped and size of the orb using our guide lighten the middle a bit on each eye.
 Now delete guide layer.
Type your name, license number and artist URL.

Off to animate.
 Copy close all the snat face duplicates except the open eyed one. merge visible and paste to AS.
Now merge the closing 1 layer and copy to AS, Then the closing 2 layer and copy to AS. then the closed layer copy to AS twice.
 Paste the eyes open layer once more. now back to PSP( i thought to make Santa blush... an afterthought<<< Add a new raster layer and using your paint brush once more darken the color a bit and size to size 10. place two circles on the cheek area and Use the soften brush  sized 50 to soften the edges and merge down on the  face layer. Merge the tag and copy to AS.
 Working in AS activate the second to last frame and apply image transition effects fade at default. Copy the first frame and paste after the last frame. Apply the fade again to the second to the last frame which is now the blushed Santa frame.
 Save a a GIF
 Thanks for looking.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Kinda Christmas

 Tube used in this tutorial is called " Scorpio Christmas" Found at 
FTU Preset shapes-Faux Snow by Miggins found here for download
 Filters/Plugins; Eye Candy 5 Impact -Glass, Mura Meister Copies- Glob,Eye Candy 5 Nature-Snow Drift,Vanderlee Distortion-Tilomat2000

Star off with a 600 by 300 workspace flood filled in white.
Add your close up and main tube to the tag as shown below.

Merge the tubes together and crop your tag.
Duplicate this layer and apply Gaussian Blur at 10. Apply Vanderlee Distortion Tilomat 2000 at default. Duplicate this layer now you should have the original merged tube layer and  2 blurred tilomat layer. On the top blurred tilomat layer apply Effects-Edge Effects-Enhance More twice. Change the blend to multiply. on the top layer( the merged tube layer) Change the blend to Luminance and the opacity to 56.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill in in the green from her candy cane.Selections-modify-contract by 4 and delete. Apply Inner Bevel at these settings:
Duplicate the border and apply Eye Candy5  Impact-Glass settings on Green at default. Duplicate this layer and flip.
 Go to IMAGE- canvas size then change the new dimensions to 600 by 600 and hit OK.
 Add your main tube and duplicate it.On the bottom tube apply Gaussian blur 5 , on top the tube add a drop Shadow then  merge the tubes down. Freehand select the candy cane and free rotate 90 to the left. Duplicate it and pace them at the sharp edges of the tube's bottom.
 Place your preset shapes into your preset shape folder in PSP.
 Select the flake you would like for the tag.
 Choose a snowflake and make it  just above your tube's head and below her legs area.
 Activate it and add a new raster layer,flood fill in the same green we used before and apply Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass Green as we did before. Apply Vanderlee natural Sparkle sized 11 On the original black shape apply Eye candy 5 Natural-Snow drift at default and drop shadow.

 Draw out two more different snowflakes toward the left of the tag. make them small. Use the  ADJUST-brightness/Contrast at 255 and 100 to change them to white. add a drop shadow and add Mura Meister Copies Glob at these settings to each one.
 Duplicate them and pace around your tag as you wish.
 Type your name with the Cake script  and apply the inner bevel as we did before. Duplicate add the snow drift to the bottom and drop shadow.
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

PURRfect Christmas

Tube used  by Jack Anita called"Put A Bow on It" Keep checking for her debut!
FTU scrap kit is by Chassity called This Christmas  found here for download
Font is FTU called Christmas Card found here
Filters/plugins: Vanderlee Natural-Sparkle,Eye Candy 4 Jiggle
 mask  120 is by Laurie found here for download

Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in the color white.
Open element 28 and click inside with a magic wand . Expand by 3,add a new raster layer and paste paper2 into selection. duplicate this layer three times. Apply Eye Candy jiggle at default to the top three layers and change the seed for each one. Activate the bottom layer ,invert and delete the top three excess. Hide the top two layers.
Open your tube and place it under the star a, duplicate and move it above the star layer. Add a drop shadow to the bottom layer. Activate the frame background invert and erase the bottom bits of the tube.
Open element 45 and stretch to the right and left edges of the canvas using your pick tool. Pull in the top and bottom. See my tag for reference. Sharpen,open the closeup tube,mirror,click inside,expand by 3,invert and delete the tube excess.
Resize element 2 by 805 and place over the tag. Free hand select the starts showing,promote the layer,duplicate twice and add noise to each layer. i used 86,83 and 80 for the three layers. Close the top two layers.
 Resize element 23 by 20% and add to the bows.
 Resize element 29 by 30%,sharpen and duplicate twice. the top duplicate using the pick tool rotate a little to the right. the middle stays the same, the bottom rotate it alittle to the left. Close the top two layers.
 Add a new raster layer and flood fill with a linear gradient with the two colors from the kit. Apply mask 120,merge group,use your rectangle selection tool to choose the top half of the mask. Hit delete flip and mirror. Duplicate and flip again move in a bit. merge down , duplicate twice,apply Vanderlee Sparkle at size 12 and change the seed fr each layer. Close the top two layers.
 Crop your tag.
 Type your name,license number and artist URL.
 To animate merge visible copy to AS, Come back to PSP unmerge and copy the second set of duplicates ,paste in AS after current frame, Repeat with the last set of duplicates. Select all in AS change the frame properties to 20 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking


 Tube used is called Aquarius by The Hunter 
The Preset shape is found in my Corel PSP X2-Burst3
The Brush used is by AzuryLipfes found here for download( please add these to your brushes folder in your PSP)
Filters /Plugins Used is Eye Candy 4Gradient Glow, Eye Candy 4 Glass,Toadies-Where Are You Now,Xenofex2 -Constellations  Mura Meister Copies and LenK Elvida
 Mask WSL35 was used
Fonts-Waters Gothic found here and Sweetly Broken found here

Start out with your workspace sized 600 by 600 pixels.
Draw your burst3 at a size thickness set to 5 in the darkest color of your tube. i used the color black .
I provided the frame just in case those do not have the burst 3 in the program they are using. It Is in a PNG format. Just erase my CR on it.

 once you have converted your burst shape Apply Eye Candy Glass  at default twice. Then click inside with your magic wand. Expand by 3,add a new raster layer and flood fill with a linear gradient angle at 0,repeat at 1 with a light and dark color from your tube. I used black in my foreground and #c43080 in my background.
Duplicate this layer twice. Bottom and Middle layers apply Toadies where are you at default. On the bottom layer apply Gaussian blur at 4. On the Middle layer apply Len K Envida at default.
On the top layer duplicate it again and apply constellations at these settings:
Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in the darkest color of your tube. i used the color black and applied  the mask to it.Add your close up tube above the frame background layer,mirror it ,activate the background,invert and delete the excess tube. Change the blend to luminance and the opacity to 43 on the tube.
 Add a new raster layer and  in the color white sized 75  step 200 density 100 place the Aquarius symbol on your canvas. Apply Mura Meister Copies Line at default. Duplicate this line a number of times until you have a nicely spaced tiling effect. Merge them down change blend to soft light. Activate the frame background,invert and delete. move this layer under the frame layer.
Add another raster layer and sized 450 color light grey add the  Constellation Aquarius to your canvas. place this layer above the frame layer. Duplicate this three times. On the top three layers add the Xenofex Constellations to each layer and change the seed for each layer. on the bottom layer add a drop shadow of 3,2,53,1 black. Close the top two layers.
Add our main tube to the tag,duplicate it,change the blend to soft light for the too and add Eye Candy Shadow Labs Drop shadow setting with these ranges to the bottom tube:
Draw a Medium sized circle and write out your text" Aquarius" in the Waters Gothic font sized at 30. Close the circle layer and leave the text layer open. Convert to raster,duplicate,resize at 50% ,use the  pick tool if need to rotate it a bit and place one at the bottom left and the other at the top right.Add a thin gradient glow and the same drop shadow we used on the constellation.
Add your name license number and artist URL.
All dine if not animating.

 To animate  Close all the layers except for the symbol,closeup tube and frame background. Merge visible and copy to Animation shop. Apply image effects under water with these settings:
The bottom image is the first box you need to set then click customize and the top box will appear. Change your settings to match.
Apply then delete the last frame. Select all then come back to PSP unmerge the layers. Close them and Open the background layers and mask layer. merge them and copy the as a new animation 9 times. Select all then open the underwater frames copy and past them onto your tag. Come back to PSP. unmerge them and close them down. Open the rest of your layers. the constellation duplicates close the top two then merge visible then copy to AS as a new animation. Come back to PSP and merge the second duplicate, copy to AS after current frame then repeat this function with the last duplicate. Select all and copy/paste after last frame. Do this until you have 9 frames. Select all then copy paste onto your underwater,masked background tag.
Save as a gif
 Thanks for looking