Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Tube used is called Aquarius by The Hunter 
The Preset shape is found in my Corel PSP X2-Burst3
The Brush used is by AzuryLipfes found here for download( please add these to your brushes folder in your PSP)
Filters /Plugins Used is Eye Candy 4Gradient Glow, Eye Candy 4 Glass,Toadies-Where Are You Now,Xenofex2 -Constellations  Mura Meister Copies and LenK Elvida
 Mask WSL35 was used
Fonts-Waters Gothic found here and Sweetly Broken found here

Start out with your workspace sized 600 by 600 pixels.
Draw your burst3 at a size thickness set to 5 in the darkest color of your tube. i used the color black .
I provided the frame just in case those do not have the burst 3 in the program they are using. It Is in a PNG format. Just erase my CR on it.

 once you have converted your burst shape Apply Eye Candy Glass  at default twice. Then click inside with your magic wand. Expand by 3,add a new raster layer and flood fill with a linear gradient angle at 0,repeat at 1 with a light and dark color from your tube. I used black in my foreground and #c43080 in my background.
Duplicate this layer twice. Bottom and Middle layers apply Toadies where are you at default. On the bottom layer apply Gaussian blur at 4. On the Middle layer apply Len K Envida at default.
On the top layer duplicate it again and apply constellations at these settings:
Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in the darkest color of your tube. i used the color black and applied  the mask to it.Add your close up tube above the frame background layer,mirror it ,activate the background,invert and delete the excess tube. Change the blend to luminance and the opacity to 43 on the tube.
 Add a new raster layer and  in the color white sized 75  step 200 density 100 place the Aquarius symbol on your canvas. Apply Mura Meister Copies Line at default. Duplicate this line a number of times until you have a nicely spaced tiling effect. Merge them down change blend to soft light. Activate the frame background,invert and delete. move this layer under the frame layer.
Add another raster layer and sized 450 color light grey add the  Constellation Aquarius to your canvas. place this layer above the frame layer. Duplicate this three times. On the top three layers add the Xenofex Constellations to each layer and change the seed for each layer. on the bottom layer add a drop shadow of 3,2,53,1 black. Close the top two layers.
Add our main tube to the tag,duplicate it,change the blend to soft light for the too and add Eye Candy Shadow Labs Drop shadow setting with these ranges to the bottom tube:
Draw a Medium sized circle and write out your text" Aquarius" in the Waters Gothic font sized at 30. Close the circle layer and leave the text layer open. Convert to raster,duplicate,resize at 50% ,use the  pick tool if need to rotate it a bit and place one at the bottom left and the other at the top right.Add a thin gradient glow and the same drop shadow we used on the constellation.
Add your name license number and artist URL.
All dine if not animating.

 To animate  Close all the layers except for the symbol,closeup tube and frame background. Merge visible and copy to Animation shop. Apply image effects under water with these settings:
The bottom image is the first box you need to set then click customize and the top box will appear. Change your settings to match.
Apply then delete the last frame. Select all then come back to PSP unmerge the layers. Close them and Open the background layers and mask layer. merge them and copy the as a new animation 9 times. Select all then open the underwater frames copy and past them onto your tag. Come back to PSP. unmerge them and close them down. Open the rest of your layers. the constellation duplicates close the top two then merge visible then copy to AS as a new animation. Come back to PSP and merge the second duplicate, copy to AS after current frame then repeat this function with the last duplicate. Select all and copy/paste after last frame. Do this until you have 9 frames. Select all then copy paste onto your underwater,masked background tag.
Save as a gif
 Thanks for looking

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