Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Smile

Tube used used in this tutorial is by Lorenzo Di Mauro called" Christmas 08" 
FTU  scraps are by Cajoline called Christmas MIX4 found here for download
Fonts used-andover and porcelin
Filters /plugins:
VM Natural-Sparkle
Xero-Soft Vignette
 Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
Animation by Curisotuz by Nature called Christmas sparkle1 found here for download

 Start with a 600 by 200 workspace flood filled in white.
 Resize both your closeup and tube by 80%.
Place the tube to the left and drop shadow. Free roatte the closup 90 to the left and select just the sunglasses using your rectangular selection tool.Inert and delete the excess. Apply Xero Vignette at these settings:( my foreground was set to the red color from the tube)
Then apply a thick Gradient glow in white. Select it with your magic wand and apply VM natural sparkle size 7.
Type Merry Christmas in a script font sized 36. Covert then duplicate and apply Mura Meister copies tiling spaced at 2. Free roatet 90 to the left. Activate your closeup tube layer,invert and delete. Change the blend to soft light and duplicate again.
 On the original wording add a gradient glow in red and drop shadow.
 Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in a multi-red gradient set to linear and repeat at 999. This gradient came with my program. you can make one with the light and dark red from the tube's hood.
Resize element freebie9 by 35% and place to the right. duplicate,mirror and move to the left. Merge down and duplicate it three times. on the bottom layer add a drop shadow on the three top layers chnage the belnd to hard light and apply VM sparkle and chnage the  seed by 10 for each layer. close the top two layers when done.
Resize freebie 8 by 30%,sharpen ,duplicate,change the blend on the top to hardlight,merge and drip shadow.
Highlight you bottom layer which is the background flood filled in white. Selections-modify-selection borders size 6 ,promote layer,move to the top layer. Then activate-selections-modify-selection borders sized 1,add anew raster layer flood fill the outer border in red and the inner border in a brass gardient. Apply edge enhance and drop shadow the white border.
 Type out your name,rasterize it, apply Effects -texture-blinds= 2,5 both boxes checked in the color black. Add a drop shadow then duplicate it twice. Apply VM  Natural sparkle but chnage the sliders to change the color to red.Green and blue sliders to 0 and red to 255. Apply to each layer changing the seed for each one.
Add your license number and artist URL.
 Animate tag as with any animated tag by pasting the frames to AS.
 to place the sparkle on the tree top i used the christmas sparkle resized at 50% and only used the first three frames of the animation.

to make the avatar open a new workspace sized 150 by 150
Repeat  the borders made above. paste the tube and resize by 50%. Place the red gradient layer and the gold branch layers.  Add your name,artist copyright and your license number.
 thanks or looking.

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