Sunday, November 20, 2011

Full House

Tube used in this tut is by Robert Alvarado called"House of cards" 
FTU kit is called Platinum club which can be downloaded here
Mask used WSL 364 which can be downloaded here
 Eye Candy 5 Textures- Animal Fur
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
 Mura Meister Copies

Start off with a 600 by 600 work space flood filled in white
 Grad your pre set shape tool set to rectangle and show all nodes checked. Draw out a rectangle with a silver gradient in the foreground and black in the back ground.  Width set to 5. once drawn do not rasterize yet grab one of the corner nodes and pull it down that will curve your edges. Convert to raster. Click inside with your magic wand,contract by1,promote layer and apply Eye Candy Texture- Animal fur set to zebra. Merge it down and add a drop shadow.
 Apply Mura Meister Copies-cards at these settings:
place the chicken wire1 under the cards and apply the mask.
Resize glitter1 by 600 pixels wide and place above the wire layer.
Place the retro lamp and frame 2 onto the ta. Click inside of frame 2 and expand by 1. Add paper5,invert and delete the excess.
Place star bling and free rotate it 10 to the left.
 Add your tube to the tag.
 Type your name and paste paper1 into selection of your name. Add a outline of 2 then add a gradient glow.
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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  1. OMG my favorite I LOVE Alvarado !!! This is beautiful.... you are awesome Nessa!!


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