Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging With Santa

 Tube used in this tut is by Tim Lowery called" Misty Christmas" 
Scrapkit used in this tut is a FTU kit called Candy Cane By Lacarolita found here for download
Font used is Christmas card found at and mask115 by Laurie  found here for download

 Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Resize the sleigh by 65% then using your pick tool bring in the right and left sides in alittle to fit the tag.
Add your tube placing her  left foot on the sled.
Add paper5 and apply the mask. merge the group and move the mask up a bit.
Resize the following elements:
star2- 90%
presents-255 then 50%
bow 3- 10%
 Santa- 50%
 On the Bow 4 element use your pick tool set to shear to move and shape the bow to appear like it is affixed to the sleigh.
Move the left outer nodes to match the curl of the sleigh's edges. On the right side move the nodes inwards like pictured below.
then pull the bottom middle node to the left alitte
then drop shadow and place the ball under this layer.

 Now working on the Santa animation if you like to animate that is.
Freehand select the face area of the Santa and promote layer.
Zoom your tag so you can see better. i zoomed in about 300%. Freehand select the lashes of Santa , promote layer and name lashes. Duplicate Santa's face layer  4 times. So you should have 5 layers. the bottom face rename blush and we will address that layer. On the third layer from the bottom use your paint brush set to circle and size 5 color in the lashes and the eye up to the white dot with the peach color from his face.Duplicate the lash layer close the top lash layer for use layer and move the duplicate to mathc the top of the orbs of the eye. merge down rename closing 1. Moving up to the next layer repeat the coloring but color in more of the orb, duplicate the lash and bring down to meet  as we did before. mere down and rename closing2.
The next layer is the first and top duplicate color in the entire eye. Now we lost where to place our lashes. no fear copy the fourth duplicate face and move above the  the layer we just colored. Lower the opacity to 30 or about so we can use it as our guide. Move the lashes to the bottom of where the orb of the eye stops. Grab your darken/lighten tool sized about four Free hand select the shaped and size of the orb using our guide lighten the middle a bit on each eye.
 Now delete guide layer.
Type your name, license number and artist URL.

Off to animate.
 Copy close all the snat face duplicates except the open eyed one. merge visible and paste to AS.
Now merge the closing 1 layer and copy to AS, Then the closing 2 layer and copy to AS. then the closed layer copy to AS twice.
 Paste the eyes open layer once more. now back to PSP( i thought to make Santa blush... an afterthought<<< Add a new raster layer and using your paint brush once more darken the color a bit and size to size 10. place two circles on the cheek area and Use the soften brush  sized 50 to soften the edges and merge down on the  face layer. Merge the tag and copy to AS.
 Working in AS activate the second to last frame and apply image transition effects fade at default. Copy the first frame and paste after the last frame. Apply the fade again to the second to the last frame which is now the blushed Santa frame.
 Save a a GIF
 Thanks for looking.

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