Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiger Princess

 Tube by Jaz Higgins  called" Tiger Princess"
FTU texture  by Vix download here Texture set 2 Texture#7
Eye Candy Impact -glass
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
 Drop Shadow4,5,100,4 black
Animation Shop- Transition Effects Blinds

Start with a 600 by 200 sized workspace.
Add a raster layer and  flood fill in a complimenting color from your tube. i used the color from the tiger's eyes.
Place your texture over your colored layer and duplicate it twice. on the top flip it,the middle mirror it and the last leave as is and close the top two layers.
 Grab your rectangle preset tool set to 5 width foreground the color we use before and the back ground null. Draw out your border to your tag. Rasterize it and apply a thick gradient glow with two colors from your tube. i used the black and white from the tiger.
 Open your tube and resize it by 50% ( if you are using the same tube). Duplicate it and change the blend to soft light.
 Grab your medium sized close up and paste several times on your canvas. And use the large close up in the center of your canvas when pasting. on your LG closeup tube duplicate it and change the blend to Luminance (L) on the bottom opacity  to 44 . the top tube to burn with a opacity of 26.
 On the medium sized closeup on the left blend i used is over layer and on the right Luminance (L) opacity at 79.
in order for the animation to look fluid I activate the top tube layers and delete the bottom overlapping tube. Repeat this until you have no overlapping mashed up images.
 Grab your elliptical pre set shape tool and draw a long oval in the color not used before. i used the color from her hair. Click inside the oval add a new raster layer and flood fill with  linear gradient with the color from our background and the color from our oval. then apply Eye Candy Glass settings at clear glass at default to the oval.
Crop your tag, add your name,artist URL and license number.

to animate  close  all layers except the closeups,the background and the bottom texture layer. merge visible and copy to AS.
 Unmerge and merge the middle texture layer,hide the bottom. Copy to AS after current layer.
Repeat copy with the top texture layer.
 Working in AS apply transition effects blinds at default to the first frame. once done you will see the last frame affected highlighted. click the next frame and apply again. Then head back to the first frame copy and paste after the very last frame. then apply the transition to the second to the last frame. Delete the last frame  and select all.
Come back to PSP close the background layers and open the previously closed layers .Merge visible and copy to AS as a new animation. Click -Edit- Copy-Edit  again-Propagate paste then open the 30 frames we just made on the background and paste into selected frames.
Save as aGIF
Thanks for looking

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