Friday, December 30, 2011


Scrapkit by Pimp'd Designz Called " Criminal" found here for purchase
Two tube from Elias Chatzoudis found at PTE for purchase
animation from abstract called gunshot from her random animation march 2011  found here for download
Filters/ Plugins:  Eye Candy Gradient Glow,Xero -Greyscaler and Xero Emphasis

Start with a 600 by 300 workspace flood filled in white
Open PD border1 and paste onto the canvas. using your pick tool move the bottom border up do not scale it just move it. Duplicate and move it down until you see the top border. Duplicate it and move it to the right to see the left border then repeat with the right border. Move the to side borders under the top and bottom layers. Merge them down. Merge the top and bottom as well. Using your eraser too clean the corners of the right and left borders to match the top ans bottom then merge them all down.
Using your freehand selection tool draw out the inside borders of the tag. then paste paper1,invert and delete.
Resize the jail door by 50% and place in the center.Freehand select the inside of the door, add a new raster layer and paste paper8 into selection.
Resize frame2 by 35%, click inside,expand by 2, add a new raster layer and paste paper 1 into selection. Place the tube above the frame2 background ,activate,invert and delete. Apply Xero greyscaler to the frame 2 background and tube.
Resize tick marks by 405 and place on top of the  jail door background. Add your tube and duplicate it. Add Xero Greyscaler to the bottom tube and soft light to the top tube.
Resize frame 3 by 50% and place below the jail door layer. Freehand select plate and promote layer above the jail door.
Resize print 1 by 50%, sharpen and place under the main tube layer.
 Resize the target by 70% and place the caution word art above it.
Resize the handcuff and ball chain.
 Place your second tube on the right and apply Xero Emphasis. with your color picker chose the blues from the tube then click OK. Duplicate and change the bend to multiply.
Type your name and add a gradient glow/
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 to animate I freehand selected the star from my tube and promoted the layer.
 Add duplicated it three times and added noise at different levels.
 i merged the tag and copied it to AS. i repeated the paste with the different star layers until all layers were pasted in AS.
 Then i opened my animation. I selected all and resized it by 50%.
I copied the merged frames until i had the same amount of frames as my animation. Selected all then copied my animation onto the selected frames.

 I repeated the same functions with the avatar.
 Saved my tag as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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