Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Floral Fairies

 Tube used in this tut is called Flor by Lix 
Masks used in this tut- WSL 44 found here  and FloraMask8 by Rieka found here ( sixth pack from the top)
Butterfly animation by peachies collections found here
Font used Mr Canfields and FFF Urban
Filters/Plugins used: Eye Candy 4 gradient glow, Mura Meister Copies,Xenofex2 Constellations

 Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
 Open your tube and duplicate it. Apply  - Adjust-Blur-Motion Blur angle 270 and strength at 100. Then apply Mura Meister Copies Wallpaper Rotate reset number at 322. Duplicate this layer ,flip and close for later. Apply WSL mask 44 for the opened wallpaper and Merge group.
Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white. Apply Flormask 8, merge group,activate,SELECTIONS-Modify-increase by 2 and flood fill again. Add a drop shadow to this layer
 Now paste the mask as a new layer to your canvas and resize by 90%. There are a couple of circles in this mask we want to recreate. Since it is hard to click them by magic wand we are gonna use the  orginal mask as a guide to make the circles. then merge them down. Using your flood filled flor mask as a guide move the original mask to match the design. using your elliptical  preset tool draw out each of the circles in the mask.. i saw seven of them. Once made merge them down and duplicate them  three times. you should have four layers. The bottom layer is your guide for later use.
Apply Xenofex2 Constellations to the top three change the seed with each layer with these settings
:3,100,47,0,100,100 make  selection transparent.
Close the top two layers for animating later.
Unhide the wallpaper we had hidden earlier activate the circle guide layer ,invert and delete excess
Keep the circle guide layer activated and paste your closeup tube on the larger circle parts. Delete excess. Move one closeup layer above the white flor mask layer and the other below. Change the blend mode for both to overlay.
 Duplicate your main tube again and apply a thick white gradient glow.
Now to create your wordart. Type out Floral in a nice script font and add the same thick gradient glow. Type  Fairies in a pixel font and couple of times. Then Freehand select the flower from her hair. erase the extra bits, resize by 50% and sharpen. place around the pixel wording. Duplicate the promoted flower again,resize by 50%and colorize it  in  purple.
 Repeat promotion of the layer using the angle leaves and berries. We will use this to decorate the name.
 Type your name license number and artist URL.

To animate copy all duplicate merged layers to AS ,copy all frames and paste until you have 15 frames.
 Open your bug or butterfly layer. Select all and copy onto the merged tag.
 Save a s GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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