Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rocking Christmas

Tube used is made by The Hunter called" Hot Bubble Guitar" 
Template used is made by Missy found here for download
FTU scrap is by Vabys called Dark Christmas found here for download.
Font used-satisfaction
Xenofex2 constellations
VM Natural-Sparkle
 filter factory gallery J-blast em blur
Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow and Glass

Open you template and resize the largest side by 600 pixels.
 Delete the dots and CR layer
Resize your tube by 80% and sharpen. Resize the Santa hat by 80% twice and place on here head.
Activate circle and circle2. Paste paper Dark Xmas Paper as a new layer. On the top circle color pick the dark purple from the tube's Santa hat and color change the top circle with it.
 Activate layer square 1 , resize paper12 by 50% and paste as a new raster layer. Sharpen the paper and paste frame2 above it. Resize by 40%,use your pick tool to rotate it and resize the left and top side of the frame to match. Sharpen this layer as well.
 Resize element 34 by 25%,sharpen ,duplicate and mirror.
 on square2 activate, add a new raster layer and flood fill in a sunburst gradient repeat set to 2. Use the lighter pink and the dark pink for contrast from your tube. repeat with the  square 3 but flip the colors in the gradient.
 Resize element 27 by 50%, duplicate and mirror.
( if animating duplicate it three times, adding a drop shadow to the bottom layer. Then apply Xenofex flag to each of the top three layers)

 Back to square 2 and 3. Apply Eye Candy4 gradient glow in thick black, select with your magic wand and apply Noise at 100.
Activate sqare4 and add a new raster layer. Flood fill in a linear gradient using the lighter pinks from the tube. Add your closeup and element 12 mirrored and resized at 50%. Invert and delete the excess from the element and tube. Activate the closeup tube, select the linear flood filled layer and promote it. On the original layer add Xenosfex2 constellations and thick gradient glow. Add some noise to the glow. Change the tube's blend to dodge.
 Add papers 5 and 6 to the tree. Paste into selection alternating papers. When done Color change the purple to the lighter pink from the tube.
 Resize element 18 by 25% and duplicate it twice if animating. Apply VM Natural Sparkle at size 16 to each layer changing the seed for each one.
 Place element 31 on opposite ends and merge. Duplicate them twice if animating.Add Noise at 100 for the top at random, the second at uniform and the last at Gaussian.
Resize the presents by 50%
 move the word Art down a bit. Select the word Christmas and promote it. Flood fill in a gradient,duplicate twice(if animating) and add noise to each layer. Apply Xenofex constellations as before but change the seed for each layer.
 close  the snowflake and tube layers. Merge visible and copy. Unmerge then paste the copy as a new raster layer and apply Filter Factory J-blast em blur. move this layer as your mask.
Apply Eye Candy glass twice to the original wordart.
Add your name, license number and artist URL.
 Animate as usual and save a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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