Monday, December 19, 2011


Tube used in this tube is called Rocker Chick by Michelle Soneja 
Mask used is by Vix PSP  mask42 found here
Fonts used in this tut luna bar, lowrider and latex big badaboum
Filters /plugins used:
DBS Flux noise
Eye Candy 4 Gradient glow
Eye Candy Impact
Xenofex2 constellations
 Mura Meister Copies
Xero Radiance
Xero Fritillary

 Start off with a workspace sized 600 by 600 flood filled in white.
 Paste your tube in the center and apply EFFECTS-RELEXTION EFFECTS-PATTERN at default.
Duplicate this layer and hide one. Apply the mask to the layer and merge group.  Duplicate this masked layer twice.Now Add the mask as a new layer and resize by 112%. Using your pick tool adjust the mask sizing to match the location of the stars. Use your magic wand to click the larger stars. activate the first merged masked layer and apply XENOFEX2-CONSTELLATIONS at desired settings. Repeat the constellations with each duplicate layer and change the seed for each one. Delete the mask layer we used as a guide.
Draw a medium sized star with an outline sized at 5. Click your outline. promote layer and apply EYE CANDY-IMPACT-GLASS setting at opaque black with reflection.
Using the luna bar font or a thin script font type out your wording at 20 pt-OBJECTS-ALIGN-CENTER IN CANVAS convert to raster and apply MURA MEISTER COPIES setting at tiling spaced 2. Click the blue star, invert and delete the excess wording. Add a drop shadow or 1,1,100,4 black and change the blend to soft light.
Type out ROCKSTAR in the lowrider font or a thin font with an outline of 3. Apply DISTORT-SPHERIZE-setting at horizontal only 100. Duplicate once and apply EYE CANDY-IMPACT-EXTRUDE-setting to taper point above. Move the point down and inwards. Then apply a drop shadow 3,3,58,4 black then again at -3,-3 58,4 black. Using the top wordart click inside with your wand and promote the white layer. Duplicate this twice. Apply XERO-FRITILLARY  at these settings:5,30,10,35. With each layer change the variation a bit. i used every three.
Now to downsize everything. Resize your merged masked layers by 80%
Open your closed pattern layer from earlier. Using your rectangular selection tool draw out a forum sized tag. Using your link toggle link all the mask layers and move them to the left of your rectangle. Undo the toggles. Repeat the link toggles with the star,star frame and tiled wording. Free rotate 20 to the left ten move the star and company to the left. Now invert and delete all layers. Crop your tag and place your close up tube to the right a couple of times. merged them down and apply XERO-RADIANCE at default. Add your main tube and apply EYE CANDY IMPACT-PERSPECTIVE SHADOW. setting at cast on wall and adjust the nodes to reduce the size a bit.
Duplicate your pattern background add ADJUST-BLUR-GAUSSIAN BLUR at 5 and blend to screen.
Add a gradient in the colors of the tube to your materials pallet and draw a rectangle with the background null. sized 5 out line.Apply DBS FLUX NOISE- setting at 35.
 add your name, artist URL and license number.
 To animate close the top duplicate layers and copy to AS. Repeat  paste with the middle duplicates and the bottom duplicates. Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.

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