Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skelly Friends

Tube used in this Tut is called " My Skelly Fish Friends" by Jaz Higgins
The image used is called "Yellow Morning" by Abril Andrade Griffith found at PTE for purchase
Font used -Ren and Stimpy
Distort-Ocean Ripple

Start off with a 600 wide 350 high workspace
Floodfill a new raster layer in a sunburst gradient using two colors from your tube.
I used #0c2b95 and #141547. Duplicate this layer twice and apply Distort-Ocean Ripple at these settings:ripple size 15 magnitude14,change the magnitude by 1 for each layer.
Open your image and paste on top of the gradient layers. Change the blend to BURN.
Open your tube and paste raster 2 from your tube pack. This has the fishes in the layer. Resize it by 80% and place to the left. Duplicate it and move it up to the right. Erase the mermaid in the duplicate. Freehand select one of the bubbles and promote the layer. Move it above the fish duplicate and cover the sharp edge of the fin.
Add a new raster layer, freehand select the eyes of all the fish and flood fill it in black. Close this layer for later.
Select one of the gradient layers and activate. Selections,Modify, Selection borders set to 4 and flood fill in white. Move this layer to the top.
Select your white border ,repeat selection borders again but size 1, add a new raster layer. Flood fill the inner border in the lighter blue we used for the gradient and the pink on the outer border.
Magic wand select the blue,promote layer and duplicate it three times. Add noise at 100 and change the settings for each layer.
Add your name in the same pink as the border with a size2 outline in white.
Add your license number and artist URL.
Off to animate...
First we are gonna paste the entire tag using the bottom duplicates by merging visible.
Once pasted to AS unmerge and repeat with the second set of duplicates.
Paste after current frame. Repeat this step with the last set of duplicates.
Working in AS Select all and copy. Click the last frame and paste the set until you have21 frames. Select all and minimize.
Back at PSP.... Using your magic wand select the pink inside your name. Select each letter and copy paste as a new animation to AS. Apply Image effects Underwater with these settings:
Delete frame 7 and select all. Copy and paste after the last frame until you have 24 frames. Select all and copy paste onto the merged tag you have minimized earlier. Be sure to match where the inside of the name is located.
Now back to PSP unhide the fish black eye layer and copy it to AS. Repeat copy until you have 3 frames. Working in AS using the eraser tool, erase one orb on each frame. be sure to chose a different orb. Click the first frame and apply Image transition effects with these settings:

 click the next frame after apply and repeat fade application.
Copy the first frame and paste after the last frame. Then click the second to the last frame and apply the fade transition once again. Delete the last frame fro smooth movement. Select all and paste onto the merged tag over the eyes of the fish.
Save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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