Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tiki Goddess

Tube used in this tut is by Chuck Bauman  called Tiki Goddess
FTU kit is by Digicats and dogs called Sun, Sea  and Beach found here for download
 Font used Engraved and DC Sugar N Spice
Start off with a 600 by b600 workspace flood filled in white
Place frame 5 on to the canvas and duplicate it.  Change the blend to hard light. Add frame 6 on top , duplicate and change blend to multiply. using your pick tool set to scale pull the top and bottom to match the length of frame 5.
Using your rectangular selection tool select frame 5 and add a new raster layer. paste paper3 into selection.
Add your main tube to the enter of the tag, duplicate it, change the blend to hard light and opacity to 18.
Add the close up on to of the frame background , change the blend to soft light, activate the frame background, invert and delete the tube's excess. Erase the arm on the side of the tube.
Resize the pineapple, coconut drink and tiki mask by 255. Duplicate them and change the blend to hard light.
Place the doodle as the last layer, duplicate and mirror.
 Free rotate the honey suckle 30 degrees to the left and resize by 50%,. Duplicate mirror,merge,duplicate, change blend to hard light.Merge again, duplicate and move to the bottom of the frame.
Place wooden beads at the top and type GODDESS placing each letter separately on each bead. then merge the letters down.
 Type tiki in a curly font.
 Add paper 3 to the materials palette and type your name in a size 2 outline in white.
 Add your license number, artist URL .
 Thanks for looking

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