Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tag Showcasing CrazyCarita New Release


Below are snags for your enjoyment. Grab this awesome kit today!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sexy N Wild

Tube-Arthur Crowe 
Kit-Wild n Sexy by TK Designz found here 
WSL 259mask
font of choice
Greg's factory output-pool shadow

 Start out with a 600 by 600 canvas 
Free rotate the following items 90 degrees to the left
elements 3,16 and frame2
Place element17 on the top part of the frame,duplicate ,rotate 90 degrees and place on the sides of the frame. Reisze it about 50%.
Place element 11,13,14 and 19
 Add your tube and duplicate it. Chaneg the blend to the top tube to hue.
Add paper6 and apply pool shadow at default then apply mask.
Add your name and artist URL.
Thanks for looking

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dead Of Night

Kit-Dead Of night
Designer-Gimptastic Scraps Found here for purchase links
Tube-Michael Calandra 
Mask2 by Amy and leah Found here for download
Font Sticky mad found here for download
Animation Shop3 used for animating

Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace.
Place paper 10 on to the canvas and apply your mask. Merge group then duplicate and merge down. Resize by 95%
Resize frame 5 by 95% Click inside,expand by2 and place paper6 into a new raster layer.
Move the scene to where you desire then invert and delete.
 Add your tube under the frame and above the frame. Apply Xero Greyscaler at default to both tube layers. Activate the frame background ,invert selections and delete the bottom tube. Use the eraser tool to erase the bottom bits of the tube. Add a drop shadow to both tube layers.
Resize the tree by 50%
Resize the following elements by 40%-Old bottle,skull pile,cup,book  and candles.
Resize the web and spider by 25%
resize  spooky eyes by 25% then 50% and free rotate them 20 o the left. place over the skull on the book.
Place ghost woman in several positions on the edges of the frame.
Then click inside the edge decor, expand by 2, invert and hit delete for each ghost added.
Resize lightening by 40% and place in different positions behind your tube. i pasted it about three times so three layers is good :)
 Add your name,artist URL and your license number.

 To animate merge a copy of your tag with one lightening layer and all four ghost layers open.
Once pasted to AS unmerge in PSP then close the one bolt layer and open the next. Lower the opacity of the top left ghost and bottom right ghost to 50% then Merge visible and copy/paste after current frame.
Undo the merge visible in PSP, open the next bolt layer,lower the opacity of the two ghost to 35 or 20 then the other two top right and bottom left to 50%.
Next merged tag to paste close all  bolt layers and the top left /bottom right ghosts. Lower the remaining ghost layers to 30-20 opacity.
Once pasted to AS close all ghost layers and duplicate the frame background layer,change the blend to multiply and copy/paste to AS. Apply image transition fade from the last frame to the frame just pasted.
Back as PSP change the blend to the top background layer to screen and paste to AS. Repeat paste the multiplied copy of the tag.
 This should leave you with twelve frames.
 Change the speed by way of frame properties in AS. 
 Frames1 and 2 speed 35
Frame 3 at speed 10
Frame4 at speed 25
 and the rest at speed 10.
Check your tag before saving it as a gif .
 Thanks for looking

Black Cherries

Kit-Black Cherries By Crazy Carita found here for purchase
Tube-Barabara Jensen found here for purchase
Eye Candy4 Chrome
Font -PTU- Nautigal

Animation Shop 3

Open a 600 by 300 canvas and add paper 3
Free rotate el22 25 to the left and place on the right. Duplicate and mirror.
Freehand select the portion of the tag on the outer edges of the element.Place paper7 resized at 50% ,invert selections and delete.Change the blend to this layer hard light.
Place your tube's close up on each side and activate the paper7 layers,invert selection and delete. Change the blend to the tubes to multiply.
Add a drop shadow to the swirl layers.
Place element4 in the center and duplicate twice. On the bottom layer add a drop shadow on the top two layers click the black area,invert selections and apply noise at 100 and 95 on the other layer.
 Close the top layer.
Place el17 on the bottom of the tag,duplicate ,mirror,merge down , duplicate and  change the blend to multiply/opacity to 69.
Resize element 3 and 16 by 25%.
 place your  main tube in the center.
Add your name and apply Eye Candy4 Chrome at black latex setting on default.
Crop your image and select the last layer. Go to Selections modify-Selection border, size 1,Add a new raster layer and flood fill in white. Add a drop shadow.
Add your artist URL and your license number.

To Animate Merge copy and paste to AS.
Undo merge in PSP and change the blend to the closeup tube layers to Dodge, Close the middle glitter layer and open the top layer. Merge copy/paste behind current frame in AS.
Once in AS select all frames and apply Image Transition fade at default to the frist frame.
Then select all again ,Copy and paste behind the last frame. Reverse your frames just pasted then delete the last frame. Select all again and change the frame properties speed to 35.

To make the avatar merge your  tag in PSP.
Open a new canvas sized 150 by 150 and paste your merged tag. 
Remeber to make the same border as you did with the forum tag.
Repeat with the other glitter layer and copy them to AS.

 Save both tags as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall's Soft

Kit-Soft Sentiment by CrazyCarita found here for purchase
Tube- By Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Font- Sweetly broken Found here for down load
Mask- Becky mask 22 -site is now closed
Filters/plugins- Eye Candy5-impact-chrome

Canvas sized 700 by 700 flood filled in white
Add pp7 and apply your mask. Merge the group then duplicate it.
Resize el2 by 95% twice then duplicate it and free rotate it 20 to the left.
Place el23 to the right,duplicate and mirror.
Place el 3 between the cards, click inside of the frames, expand by2, paste pp6,invert and delete.
Place your tube on top of the frame background and duplicate it. move the duplicate above the frames layer.
Activate the frame background invert and delete the bottom tube's excess. on the top tube erase the bits to have her appear she is coming out of the frames.
Place el11 to the left of the tube.
Resize element 14 and 21 by 50%
Free rotate el22 90 to the left then resize  by 80%. Duplicate resize again by 705,mirror and place on top of the suitcase.
 Place el10 mirrored behind the frames, duplicate resize,mirror and place behind the cards.
 Resize el3 by 80% and place around your tag. Add el9 as well and erase the stem for ease of placement.
Add your name apply Eye Candy-Impact- Chrome - Setting to gold
Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall of Dark

Tube by Barbara Jensen-Layered package 32 found here for purchase.
Kit by CrazyCarita called Falling Dark Found here for purchase
Mask by Weescotslasscreation mask 363 found here for down load
Filters/Plugins-Xenofex2-Constellations,Eye Candy4-Chrome,Mura Meister -Copies,Eye Candy5 -Impact

Open your new canvas sized 650 by 650.
Copy element2 and resize it by 80%
Sharpen,click inside the frames using your magic wand feather set to 25.
Add a new raster layer and paste paper5 into selection.Open element26 and place on the left and right frame. Invert selections and delete the element's excess. lower the opacity of the elements to  38.
 Open element38 and resize by 35%.Apply Mura Meister -Copies- Glob at these settings:
Once applied move to the top left hand corner of the frame. Duplicate and mirror,Duplicate again,flip and place on the bottom right corner. Duplicate once again , mirror and merge all the leaves layers. Add your drop shadow and move this merged layer below the frame.
Place element20 under the leaves layer to the top right hand corner of your canvas.
Resize element 25 by 25% and place over the moon.Apply Drop shadow twice.
 Resize element12 by 25% place on the top left hand corner of the frame. Duplicate and mirror.
Resize element32 by 50%,free rotate it 90 to the left and mirror. See tag for placement.
Open your tube and place in the center of the canvas.If you choose to animate the tube choose  different accessories for your second tube and lower you opacity to align the tube correctly. Then return to 100 opacity and close the layer.
 Add your drop shadow to both tube layers.I worked with the winged version open for placement of the elements.
Resize element24 by 40% place at the base of the tube then duplicate resize again at 80% and mirror.
Resize element27 by 35% twice and place in the center and the right side of the skulls.
Resize element31 by 65%,free rotate 90 to the left and place behind and below the  skulls on the left. Duplicate mirror and move up a little.
Resize element 23 by 35%,duplicate and mirror.
Resize element 11 by 35% and place to the left. Duplicate and move o the right. Duplicate again,resize by 80% and move it down to the bottom right.
 open element33 and place behind the tube layer to the right.Apply Eye Candy4 -chrome setting to platinum
 Using your warp tool set to push and sized 250 warp your web in three places to attach the tips to the frame on the top three and the bottom tip to the pumpkin.
Duplicate the web and add Eye Candy 5-perspective shadow with these setting:

( if animating continue with the following below if not just add your name and license info)
Duplicate the non-drop shadowed web three times. you should have 5 layers . Four without drop shadows and one with.
 Add Xenofex2 Constellations to the top four webbed layers with these settings:
Change the seed for each layer then close the top three layers for animating later.
Add you name and license info

To Animate
Duplicate your name three times there should be four layers.
Apply Mehdi filter-Weaver to the top font layer at  size30
Then repeat with the following layers decreasing the size by 5. Close the top three layers
Open you closed tube layer at 100 opacity.
Merge visible and copy/paste to your animating program as a new animation.
Then unmerge your tag in PSP, close the bottom duplicates open the third layer of duplicates
Lower the tube's Opacity to 75 then merge visible and copy/paste to AS behind current frame.
Repeat this function by closing each of the duplicate layers used and lowering the opacity  each time until all duplicates are pasted on to the animating program.
Working on the animation program select all .
Apply Image transition to fade at default.  for each originally pasted frame. When you come to the end. Copy the first frame and paste it behind the last frame. On the second to the last frame apply the fade transition again. Delete the last frame for smooth transition . 
Select all ,Change the speed to 18 and save as a GIF.
 Thanks so much for looking♥

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Goth Chicks Rock

Tube -Lix 
FTU Kit By Kittz called Emo Blue found here
Fonts-Evil Bunny here, Pappo's Blues band official font here and Franklin Gothic Demi Cord( came with my computer)
Eye Candy 4 Gradient glow

 Start your tag with a size of 600 by 250
 You need three tubes from the same artist. i used the Goth pack by Lix for this tut.
Place the smaller tube in the center and the two larger tubes on the side.
 Duplicate all tubes and change the blend to multiply on the top tubes.
Choose two colors from the kit. i chose the light blue and hot pink and added a thick gradient glow to the center tube bottom layer then drop shadowed all the bottom layer tubes.
4,-3,100,5,black is what i used for the entire tag.
place paper1 as the tag background. 
Resize eb50 by 25%,duplicate mirror and place behind the center tube on top of the paper layer.
 place eb49 over the top of the tube layers then place eb56 on the bottom as a border.
Resize eb53 by 25% and sharpen.
Type out Goth chicks in white with the Franklin font. Duplicate and apply Effects-3D effects-cutout
 Type out goth chicks rock with the evil bunny font sized 12. Duplicate and change the blend to the bottom to soft light the top to hard light and lower the opacity to 70. Duplicate them and move to the right. See tag for reference.
Activate the last layer and go to Selections- Modify-Selection Borders size3, add a new raster layer and flood fill it in black. Move this border to the top layer.
 Add your name,artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for lookuinbg

Sunday, July 15, 2012



Start out with a 600 by 300 workspace.
Place the closeup tube resized at 150 on the left duplicate it and mirror.
Merge them down duplicate again and change the blend on the top set to hardlight.
 Duplicate the bottom set and apply Adjust-Blur-Radial Blur at these settings:
 duplicate this layer then flip. move the flipped duplicate as the last layer.
 Crop your tag.
Change the blend to the bottom closeup to screen.
Add your main tube to the left duplicate and move to the right then merge down.
Duplicate and change the blend on the bottom set to screen and the top set to multiply.
Crop your tag, Activate the main tube layers-selections-float-defloat,hit delete on the closeup tube layers.
Then add drop shadows.
Place your closeup tube three times. Crop your tag,apply Eye Candy Gradient glow and add a thick gold outline to the bottom tube. Using your magic wand select the outline invert selections and hit delete. this should leave you with the gold outline then apply Adjust-Noise at 100 monochrome.
 on the top tube change the blend to hard light.Ass a drop shadow to the out line layer.
Merge visible your tag and apply AAA frames-foto frame at these settings:
 Freehand select the inside of your tag and promote the layer. Use the freehand selection tool set to rectangle for a cleaner edge. Then apply Effects-3D Effects-Cutout with these settings:

Add your name then add a gradient glow and drop shadow.
 Add your  artist URL and license number
thanks for looking

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Open a new work space sized 650 by 600 flood filled in white
Draw an oval shape using your pre set shapes tool with any color in the fore ground and null background thickness set to 5.
Do not convert to raster yet.
Using the font Impact set to size125 click the top node of the oval set your offset to -50 and start typing the Your name Or the artist Name. Duplicate this  and hide the bottom duplicate for a minute. Close the oval layer an covert to raster.
Open the duplicate now activate or click the oval layer in the layers list.
 Using your pen tool click the bottom node, right click and convert to path.
Clicking the bottom node again,right click and choose reverse contour then reset your offset to 0 on your text tool function and type the same wording as before. Close the oval layer and convert to raster.
Move each wording near the edges of the  canvas. place your main tub in the center then duplicate it. Apply -Adjust-Blur-Radial Blur at these settings:
zoom,elliptical check 52 strength, 0,0,0
Duplicate,mirror and merge down. Duplicate again and free rotate 90 to the left. merge down again.
Apply Mura Seamless Tile Rotate with these settings to all radial blurred layers:
On the top layer that was mirrored apply EDGE EFFECTS-enhance more.
Activate both wordart layers and apply a border by way of selections-select all-modify-selection borders-inside 3 then add a new raster layer and flood fill it with a pattern. The pattern i used was made from the closeup tube. i selected the bowl and added it ad a new images then place it in my materials palette and flood filled my outline with a rotation set to 270 and scale set to 50.
On the black text i used Eye Candy5 nature water drops settings: india ink
On the main tube I used Eye Candy Impact-perspective shadow setting:low drop shadow lower the opacity to 72
After you add your license number and artist URL grab your erasure tool and change the tip to soft fuz and clean up the sharp edges on the blurred layers.
that's it a simple filter tut.
 Thanks for looking

Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas IN July

Kit by Sweet Craving found here
Tube by Karina Dale called Red Kelley found at PTE
Font Porcelain
MASK -Laurie Made Me mask 118
Thanks for letting  us share these amazing masks(mask provided after the tut)
Eye Candy 5 Nature- Snow drift

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white
Resize frame 1 by 80% then again by 95%
Resize the wreath by 80%, click inside and expand by 20, add paper7 and snow. invert and delete the excess on both layers.
Place paper 10 and apply your mask. Because the mask is light to darken merge group and duplicate until it is to your liking.
Between the paper and snow layers place these resize elements.
Christmas tree 35% and snowy house at 50%Duplicate the snowy house move down until you see the rootop on the bottom. Rotate until it looks like a snow mound.
 Add Eye Candy 5 nature snowdrift at default to the Christmas tree. Repeat on the wreath as well.
Erase any overhang.
 Add christmas light above the snow layer,duplicate and free rotate 10 to the left, duplicate,mirror and shift up to change the light colors. Activate the frame background,invert and delete.
Resize bells and gift1 by 50%. Duplicate them both and change the blend to multiply.
Add your main tube your name and artist URL.
Thanks for looking

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Seafare

FUT Kit- under the sea by a taggers scraps found here
Tube by Anna Liwanag found at PTE
Mask by Laurie Made me 
Thanks Laurie for allowing us to share these awesome creations
Mask added below the tut
Sandflower-Pool Shadow
VM Natural Sparkle
Font- Script font of choice
Drop shadow for tag
2,3,50,7.25 black

 canvas flood filled white
Place frame13 then place frame 6 on top of it to the left. Erase the portion on the left side of  frame 13 and parts on the bottom of frame 13. You want to make it look like it is coming from behind and the ribbon is curled on top.
Click inside frame 13, expand by 6 , paste paper 6 invert and delete. Apply Pool shadow to this layer.
 Then place frame 12 behind this layer to the top right.
 Mirror wave4 and place  behind frame 12 to the top right and apply VM natural Sparkle size 12.
Place your tube on top the frames
Mirror seaweed2 and place to the left,duplicate mirror ,resize by 50% and place to the right.
Mirror bubbles2,resize by 80% and place to the right. Duplicate mirror resize by 50% and place to the left inside of the frame.
 Resize fish 8 by 80%,starfish by 65%, turtle by 50% free rotate him 20 to the right
 Free hand select the sand from fish 8, promote the layer then move to the right.
Resize the shell by 65% and place the crab to the right.
ADD paper 7 and apply your mask. merge group,duplicate mask layer add Gaussian blur5 apply the same pool shadow and VM sparkle,mirror it.
 Add your name, artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Funny Face Forum Set

Tube-Kestrell found at PTE
Fonts-LT Oksana and Reisling
Eye Candy 4Glass
Eye Candy 4Gradient Glow
Mura Meister Copies

Set your canvas to 600 by 250
Open your closeup tube and free hand select the lace portion of the dress. Promote the layer and apply Mura Miester Copies-Wallpaper rotate number set to 369.
Type Funny Face in the LT Oksana font in a color that is from your tube. I used #d99fa9, this color is used for the gradient glow too. Add Eye Candy4 Glass at default.
Place the main tube and free rotate it 30 to the right. move it down to show the tip of the umbrella,duplicate,mirror and duplicate again,move to the center and move it down. Merge them down and crop your tag. Duplicate and flip.
 Place your closeup tube between the triangle layers. Add a thick gradient glow to the triangle layers in white them repeat in the pink.
Crop your tag again. Add the main tube to the bottom large triangles, change the blend to luminance(L) and opacity to 28. Crop your tag again.
 Select the background layer-selections-select all-modify-selection borders size 6 , add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white. Add a thick gradient glow in pink. Add another border but size2 and flood fill it in black.

Add your name, license number and artist URL.

To make the avatar just merge visible all layers except the border layers and resize it by 505. Paste to a 150 by 150 canvas. then make your borders as we did before. Add your initial
your artist CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celestial Being 3 Piece set


First we will create the main tag .Set your canvas size to 650 by 650 and flood fill it in white.
 Place frame 3 on to the canvas, click inside with a magic wand, expand by 2, add a new raster layer copy/paste paper 1 into selection of the new raster layer.
Place the closeup tube to the right, change the blend to luminance(L) and opacity to 12, activate the background,invert and delete the excess tube. do not deselect. Paste the scatter2 on top of the tube layer change the blend to soft light and hit delete to erase the overhang.
Place the glitter wings to the top left hand corner of the frame. Free hand select the right wing promote the layer then delete it on the original paste. Move the right wing to the right corner of the frame. Merge down, duplicate flip, adjust, merge down again and move to  the last layer of the tag.
Place the lace heart under the winged layer, duplicate ,flip and merge down. Duplicate and free rotate it 90 to the left. Using your rectangular selection tool select the top curve of the heart just rotated and delete. then merge the all together. Add a drop shadow using the color pink from the kit.
Free rotate the feather by 90 degrees, duplicate and mirror. Resize them by 80% and add the same drop shadow as before then apply VM Natural Sparkle size 11.
Resize leaves by 80%,free rotate it 90 to the right,duplicate , mirror and merge.Duplicate and flip. Duplicate again ,Resize by 80% and move to the top under the first set.
Free rotate swirl 90 to the left and place at the bottom.
Place ribbon2 and heart2 on top of the swirl.
Resize water drop1 by 50% and apply Mura Meister Copies-Line at default.
Place this on top then duplicate resize by 50% and move to the bottom of the tag
Free rotate flowers 20 to the  right and place on top and bottom of the tag.
Resize flower2 and place on each side of the pink flowers.
 Resize flower3 by 15% and place around the top flowers.
Add your main tube to the tag.Freehand select the wings then promote the layer.Apply Gaussian Blur5 to it and Xenofex2 Constellations small stars. Then apply the same pink drop shadow  as we used before. move this layer under the tube.
 Add your name in a nice script then apply E ye Candy Chrome-liquid metal and the same Xenofex2 Constellations you used on the wings.
 Add a wispy drop shadow to all layers in a medium grey
 Place your license number and artist URL

 To make the Forum tag open a new canvas seized 600 by 250
Copy the frame from the tag above resize it by 50% and place to the right,duplicate and mirror.Erase the center of the frame. I know there is a space between the frame we will cover that with elements.
Head over to you tag above and merge the closeup tube, frame background paper and scatter layer then copy past to the forum tag. resize by 50% and move to the right. paste resize paper3 to the left. move it to match the coloring of the merged tag on the right.
 Then merge down together. Crop your tag and expand your canvas size by 600x350.
 place your tube on to the tag resize it by 80%,paste the glitter wings we made and resize that by 80%.
Copy and paste all the elements on the top portion of the original tag to the forum tag.
 Merge the heart and ribbon2 and paste under the tube layer.
Resize the glitter wings from the kit by 20%,sharpen and apply Mura Meister Copies-Line at default.
Then resize the diamond element by 25% twice, free rotate 90 to the left, sharpen and colorize to match the  stripe from her sock. Place at the center of each wing.
 Copy your name resize by 80% and sharpen.
 Place your license number and artist URL

To make the avatar set your canvas 150 by 100
Then copy the frame layer from the forum tag,resize by 50%,duplicate and flip.
Select the background from the forum tag and resize by 505 place under the frame layer twice to fill.
 Place the tube to the left and the glitter wing layer under it.
 Copy the lined winged layer and the gems to the avatar layer resize them all by 50%.
Copy the flower layer free rotate 90 to the left and resize it by 35%. place to the top  right on the frame.
Activate your background layer go to Selections-select all- modify- selection borders - size2, promote the layer, move layer to the top.Apply Noise at 100.
 Add your initial , license number and artist URL.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feathered Beaut

KIT-The Vintage Angel 
DESIGNER-CrazyCarita Scraps
TUBE-Jessica Dougherty tube found here( mine was from CILM)
FONT-Coneria Script Demo
Greg's Factory Output-Pool Shadow
Adjust Variations- More Cyan
Open a new work space sized 600 by 350
Place fr3sh on to the canvas.Free rotate it 90 to the left. using your pick tool setting to scale move the frame to the left matching the edge of the node to the edge of the canvas. Reduce the height by pulling the top node down and the bottom node up to match the canvas edge. Sharpen, duplicate and mirror.On your duplicate erase the left side of the frame then merge the two frames down, Duplicate and change the blend to the top frame to hard light.
Activate your background layer, Add a new raster layers and copy paste paper3 into selection.
Click the inside of your frame,invert and promote the layer of the paper we just pasted. Duplicate it three times. then apply Greg's Factory Output- Pool Shadow at default, then the next promoted layer increase all sliders by 10 except the bottom two sliders.
 Close the top three layers for animating later.
Resize all the elements by 50%.
Place element1 at the bottom,duplicate,mirror,merge down,duplicate again and change the blend to hard light.
Repeat with element9 but change the blend to multiply. Move these layers under the frame.
Place your tube between the feather and color swatch layer and apply Adjust More Cyan to the tube.
Lower the opacity to 87.
Place the cage right under the framer layer,duplicate and change the blend to hard light.
Place el8 on the left portion of the split bead on the frame,duplicate ,mirror and merge.
 place the wordart on top of the beads,duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
Place el12 on the top merged beads , duplicate and change the blend to hard light,then place el3 right under it.
 type your name,add a bevel to it and Xenofex2 small stars( to animate the name just duplicate it three times before adding the filter and change the seed for each layer)
 Crop your tag,add the artist URL and your license number.
 To animate just copy paste merged copies of each different animated layer to Animation Shop

Monday, June 25, 2012



Open your template and select the white area with your magic wand. Then delete and copy/paste to a new work space sized 600 by 600.
Duplicate the the template and apply Eye Candy4 Gradient glow setting set to fat. Move this to the bottom. Place your closeup tube on the bottom part of the letter C. Then duplicate , mirror and place another part on the top part of the letter C. Click the black portion of your template,invert selections and hit delete for each part.Once done then merge the two tubes down and apply Xero Radiance at default.
Duplicate the tube layer and apply Effects-3Deffects Cutout at default.
Place your main tube in the center portion of the letter C, Place the mirrored image of the close up on the bottom and duplicate it. Resize the duplicate by 150%,mirror and place at the top. Arrange so the tubes are filling the space without overlapping the facial features. Merge the tubes down then duplicate and close the duplicate layer for a minute.
Click the center portion of the letter C with your wand,invert and delete the excess. Duplicate apply the cutout effect and apply Radiance to the merged tube layer.
 Open the cloed merged tubed mirror and shift the tubes alittle to the left and up. Repeat the erasing, the cutout and radiance effects.
 Apply Eye Candy 4 shadowlab to the gradient glowed layer. At these settings:
354-offset direction
12.54-offset distance
all others at default.
 place your main tube on to the canvas and apply the shadowlab  effects but lower the opacity.
Add your wordart in the JD jessica font sized 350 free rotate it 90 to the left. use a color that compliments your tube. I used #bc0e40, convert to raster and duplicate it 5 times.
 on the 6th and bottom wording add a thin thick drop shadow.
I used -1,-1,100 2 black.
Apply Xenofex2-Constellations setting at small stars to the top 5 layers changing the seed for each one.
Copy paste your main tube again and apply Mura Meister Copies encircle change the shift Y to 0. Then resize it by 80% and apply Filter Factory Gallery H-Alias Blur at default and then Apply Toadies where are You at default.
 Add the word rocks in the Saginaw font then apply a gradient glow in the same color we used for the wordart before.
 Lower the opacity of the to laterals merged tubes on the letter C to 36 and merge visible. paste to As as a new animation.
 bring those two layers back to 100 then lower the center one and open the next wordart layer and close the one you just used.
 Repeat this until all wordart layers are pasted and the merged tube layers  are alternated.
 Change the frame properties in AS to 15-20 then save as a GIF.
 Remember to add the license number and artist URL.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dazzle Me Love


Open your template and resize the entire temp by 700 pixels wide
 Delete the CR and wordart layers.
Activate rectangle2,add paper4 as a new raster layer,invert and delete the paper excess and rectangle2.
Flip print2 and place behind the paper we just pasted. Move to the top right ,duplicate and move to the bottom left. merge and apply constellations to it small stars.
Add scatter 2 to the right,duplicate,mirror and flip. Merge them down  change the color to black by way of  brightness contrast and activate,selections-modify-contract by 10 and apply noise 45 random. then deselect and  drop shadow.
Place scatter1 above the merged scatter2 layer.
 Merge square1 and2 ,activate and paste paper 1 into selection. give a gradient glow in the pink color from the kit.
Copy and paste paper3 into selections of small circle 1 and 2.
Repeat with paper2 and rectangle.Add a thick black gradient glow and apply the3 same noise as before.
Copy and paste paper7 into the fame backs them merge them down.
Apply Eye candy Chrome to the frame layer setting to liquid metal. Then apply the thick dark pink gradient glow. Add the same noise as before then apply gradient glow setting to black halo at default.
Change the circle frame to the color black and apply the same noise as before.
Type dazzle me in the infinta free font size 24, align to center,convert to raster,apply Mura Mesiter copies tiling spaced at 2. Activate circle1 invert and delete. do not deselect. paste paper8 under the wording and hit delete.
Place the orb over circle2
Change the color of dotted circle2 to black and apply Eye Candy Chrome to dotted circle .
Place love1 on the bottom of the tag.Apply Greg's Factory output Pool shadow with these settings:150,150,150,110,150,50,118,121 Place your tube, mirror it and resize by 95% and place behind the wordart.
place flower2, resize flower1 by 50%. button by 25% and leaves by 50%. The bow by 80%
 Add a plain text wordart underlined. i use Bangal Light SSK add the same noise then apply a gradient glow setting to black halo but change the color to compliment your tag then apply constellations and drop shadow.
Add your name, artist URL and license  number.
 Thanks for looking

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 D/S 2,2,45,3 BLACK

Open a new workspace flood filled in white sized 600 by 600
Add frame5,click inside with your wand,expand by 11, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper7 into selection.
Resize frame2 by 95% twice , free rotate it 25 to the right and place behind the frame.
Resize frame3 by 110%, sharpen and apply Xenofex 2 Constellations
place leaf1 behind the frame5 on the bottom left, duplicate mirror and merge down.
 add paper8 as the last layer and apply your mask.Merge group, duplicate, apply Gaussian Blur 4 then apply Effects-texture effects- blinds at these settings:
4,20,horizontal black. Then apply Xenofex2 Constellations again.
Move under the original mask , change the blend to hard light. on the top mask and opacity to 77.
Place the palm tree to the left , sand at the bottom, net at the top of the frame and leaves to the right of the tag.
 place your main tube in the center.
 Resize the elements
leaf2, pineapple,cocktail2,drum and shell1 by 50%
flower 3 65%
flower8 75%
Place flower , duplicate mirror resize at 50%
Mirror the ukulele and free had select the portion of the tube covering the instrument. Then promote the layer , move above the ukulele layer. erase any portion not smooth.
 Add your name, gradient glow, artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2015 In the Wave

Eye Candy5 IMPACT-Perspective Shadow
Xero- Clarify

Start with a 650 by 650canvas flood filled in white
Open string1 and place on to the canvas. Click inside with the magic wand, expand by 3,add a new raster layer and copy paste paper3 into selection.
Resize sea floor by 65% and place over the paper. Duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to burn.
Place wave1 behind the layers on the left,duplicate mirror and merge down.
Add paper and apply your mask. Merge group and mirror.
Place wave3 on the bottom of the string frame .
 Resize the net by 50% and place to the top right.
Place sand on the bottom,duplicate,flip and bring it down to the bottom,duplicate again and mirror.
Resize sea floor1 by  95% and place on top. Duplicate it flip and resize by 65%
Resize button3 and dolphins by 25%
Resize shell 3 by 50% and place to the bottom right.
 place bubble to the right and left of the tag. Duplicate the right bubbles and resize by 50%. Move up  alittle.
Resize fish1 by 35% and mirror. place around the tag.
Resize message in a bottle by 40% and duplicate. Apply Eye Candy 5 Impact perspective shadow with these setting:

Resize your main tube by 125%,apply Xero Clarify then duplicate and apply the perspective shadow to the bottom tube.
 Add your name,artist URL and your license number.
Thanks for looking

Breakfast Anyone

FTU Kit found here
 D/S 1,2,38,5 BLACK

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
place ribbon 5 on to the canvas,resize paper2 by 505 and mirror. place under the ribbon layer. click inside the ribbon ,expand by 3,invert selection and delete the excess. Do not Deselect.
 Add your closeup tube twice. place one above the ribbon layer and the other below.
 Apply Xero Emphasis to the tube layers. Using your color pick tool in the filter. Choose the blues in the tube. Then Apply Adjust -Variations More blue to the tube layers. on the bottom tube hit delete, on the top tube use your erase tool to ears the bottom of the tube. then deselect and continue to erase what is covering the ribbon. Then apply Effects-Illumination effects-sunburst  at these settings:
Place paper 7 and apply a grunge mask( any one will do)
Place frame 2 above the mask layer. Then place your closeup tube again adding the emphasis filter to it .Using your freehand selection tool select the inside of the frame,invert selections and delete the excess. Then apply Filter factory gallery Q-Streamer twice and change the blend to multiply.
Place tag1,free rotate it 25 to the right and move to the top right above the masked layer. Activate the multiplied closeup tube then delete the part of the tag that is overlapping.
Resize utensil3 and2 by45% and flip them. Free rotate one 10 to the left and the other 5 to the right.
Resize the croissant by 50%, select the tip( top tip) of the bread and promote the layer. move this above the ribbon layer.
Place ribbon 2 just under the  ribbon 5 layer.
Resize the elements as following:
egg1 at 25% then apply Eye candy smoke at default
flower 3 35%
flower 5  and leaves at 45%
flower 4 25%
flower1 and utensil9 at 50%
Add your wording in the scrumptious font
 Add your name then add a thick gradient glow with two of the colors from the kit.
 Add your license number and artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Space Chick

Tube-Henning Ludvigsen called Space Chick 
FTU kit- called Imaginary Realms. Download here
 Masks By Tori and 20/20 mask
Fonts Infinta and fine Liner
Eye Candy5 Impact-Gradient Glow
VM Natural- Sparkle

Start with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Place paper 22  as a new image and add to your foreground on your materials palette. Add a new raster layer flood fill your layer with the angle set to 45 and apply your  20/20 mask( if you don't have this mask then any misted circular mask will do) Merge group and apply VM Natural- Sparkle size 13 to the layer.
Add another raster layers and flood fill again. Apply your second mask then merge group. Duplicate this layer 4 times. Starting from the top apply  Distort  setting at 999 then Adjust-Blur-Radial at default. Repeat the distort filter at the same setting for the next layer. Te third layer change the number to 436 and the next layer at 215. the last layer stays as is.Close the top four layers.
Place circle3 as the top layer then resize UFO1 by 25% Duplicate it resize at 35% and free rotate it 20 to the right.
Duplicate the smaller UFO. Using your Lighten/Darken Brush set to size 20.
 Starting from the top UFO layer lighten the lights alittle starting from the left.
 then duplicate again and continue to lighten alittle more.

 Do this until you have all the lights lit up .Then duplicate the all lit up UFO and lighten all the lights . You should have 5 layers. Close the top four layers
Resize the beam element by 50% and place under the larger UFO.
 Place your tube in the center
Add your wording in the Infinta font,apply a inner bevel,duplicate, change the blend to multiply and merge down. Apply Eye Candy5 Impact Gradient Glow at these settings:
Add your name and repeat the inner bevel and glow but lower the opacity on the glow slider to 50%.
 Add the artist URL and your license number
To animate this tag Copy a merged copy to Animation Shop.
Then close the bottom duplicates, open the next layers of duplicates and lower the opacity of the beam layer to 77. Merge the tag and copy to Animation shop. Repeat this function and lower the beam layer for each merged copy.
 Once in AS apply  the fade transition to each of the original frames. Select all and change the frame properties to 15.
 Save your tag as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


TUBE-Elias Chatzoudis  PURCHASED at PTE Now available at CDO
FONT-AS Shocard
MASK-Gems 202 dll it here

Start with a 700 by 700 workspace flood filled in white.
Place the wheel element in the center,Resize paper2 by 50% and place behind it in the center.
free rotate scatter 2 45 to the left and place on the tag. Duplicate,mirror and flip. Merge them down together then duplicate to darken.
Resize wire element by 95%
Place paper3, apply mask,merge group,duplicate, merge down, duplicate again  and flip.
Resize frame3,fuel meter, speedometer and steering wheel by 35%.
 place ribbon5 and button1 onto the tag.
Duplicate the frame and place around the tag. Resize paper9 by 50% and place as the frame's background.
Resize little car by 50% and place the traffic light to the right.
 Add your medium sized or closeup tube.
 Add your name with a thick outline in a silver gradient. Add Eye Candy 5 Impact glass at default to the inside of the lettering.
 ass your license number and artist URL.
 To animate this tag duplicate the wheel and free rotate it 90 to the left. Repeat this until toy have 180 degree rotation so you should have four layers. Close the top three layers.
 Duplicate the traffic light and using your darken/light brush sized 50 click the light bulb 7 times to lighten. then duplicate the original and work on the other light. You should have four layers . On the fourth layer lighten all the lights.
Duplicate the gas gauge and free hand select the red pointer. Promote this layer.Close the pointer layer and using your clone brush set to size 10 color in the red pointer until it is all gone.
Duplicate this layer then using your color changer tool flood fill the gas light in yellow. You will see other parts  turn yellow. erase all parts except the yellow gas symbol. Now duplicate your red pointer and using your pick tool rotate it alittle to the right. Repeat again and place the pointer showing a half tank. then duplicate that pointer and free rotate it 90 to the left. adjust your pointer so then the circle matches and u don't have a jumpy pointer.
Merge the yellow gas icon with one of the colored gauges as well as the rotated to the left pointer.
Close that layer and the pointer promoted layer as well as the duplicate. confused yet? LOL In other words you need the gas light lit layer. the original layer,a layer with the pointer colored in and the pointer layer that was promoted.You can chose to merge the half tank pointer with the colored gauge to make things easier. why I didn't? i was thinking to add more layers.
Animate this tag as we animate all tags by copying and pasting the merged tag to animation shop. As you have noticed you have three frames with the gas gauge layers. just repeat the  the second gas gauge layer to have the needle travel back.
Save as a GIF.
 TYSVM For looking